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World Beautiful Women's Day 4 11 2017

A. Why do such horrible people deserve a special day with exercise, pleasure etc.?

All over the world except in the UK, ex socialists have day after day
controlled certain women
forced them to do horrible acts
obscene acts
blackmail and theft
destroyed their family life..
Every country.
Every beautiful woman.
Whether married or unmarried.
For these women there was
heart break
mind shattered
soul destruction.
In India alone 43 million women.
Today, implementation from today:
1. Each woman gets full $$/Rs recompense for ALL crimes against her by her socialist controller.
2. She is free from him.
3. He is wiped out, no assets, no home, clothes etc.

The above postage stamp is Me doing yoga, when the Indian government postal service
held a competition for best yoga picture.All Rs 5 postage stamps in India.

In Sanskrit, dhanu is the bow from which arrows are shot.

B. Exercise

And how should such a woman heal her soul, her heart, her mind?

Lie down on your bed. Bend your legs and bring your feet as close as you can towards your bottom.
Then spread your knees to either side:

Then raise your bottom. If this is difficult, place your hands by your sides and then lift up.

If even this is difficult, do the same thing, but place 2 pillows under your bottom instead of lifting up.

Stay there, lifted, for as long as you can.
Do not think about the past, about retribution etc.
Think nice thoughts about how you can please your husband or your boyfriend or a future husband.
Then come down with a bump. No resistance, just fall onto the bed, after you cannot stay up any longer.
Then lift up again, stay again as long as you can, and then another bump as you fall down.
Bring your feet even closer to your bottom. Up. Bump to come down.Three more times.
If you have 2 pillows under you, remove them and try lifting up without them. Keep going each day until
you too can fall down with a bump.

This posture will even heal a torn hymen, if from rape.

Strangely, a woman is created beautiful not so that she can become a fabulously rich porn star or actress.
She is made beautiful so that she can please her husband, not also her second or 14th man.
Mostly it is the man her mother selected for her.
And actually, most women are made beautiful for this same reason.
And, strangely, a man is also created beautiful for his woman, if the first turns out bad, the second and so forth.
So the following postures can be done, not for you, but to help that first man, or to help your current or prospective wife.
For example, if you have abandoned your first man, by doing these postures, you can help him receive pleasure,
maybe from you, maybe from a nicer woman, whatever is good for him.
And if you are with your first husband, doing these postures will help him find the very best woman for him,
maybe you, maybe another.
And if you are still a virgin, they will be enormously helpful to the man you will meet.
And for a man, these postures are good, very good to the first woman whom you have or had or will have who is or was or will be good to you.

Stangely, in a good marriage, desire and fulfilment increase with the years.
Both the man and woman become more beautiful. C. Pleasure

And strange things happen at the top of the legs
when you do this:

and later keep your leg bent forward and lie down on your front.

When you are rested, prepare yourself for 10 or 20 or 40 videos, or whatever you think you can manage.
Now, keep your legs as they are. Place your hands by your chest and lift your body up until your arms are straight.
In what follows, I will assume you have your left leg bent forward and your right leg straight back.
But, after 5 or 10 or 20 videos, you should do the other side.
Next bend your right leg up so the foot is pointing up to the ceiling, if you can manage.
Next lie down and relax.
Then, raise your trunk and place your right elbow on the bed so your trunk is half way up and you are
Then turn on the video and with your left hand, take it back and rub or wank.
Keep going, slow when you see nipples, fast when you see both vagina and nipple.
If you struggle a little to rub, lift your bottom up slightly.
Do not reach, stop before you do and wait 5 seconds, then slow.
This posture strengthens your left arm.
When you have finished the 20 videos, bring your right leg forward and rest between your two legs, both bent.
Be on both elbows, your trunk a little up.
This strengthens your back.
Wait about 3 hours in this position. Think of how much pain you want to inflict on your husband or wife.
Well, no less than 10 minutes.
Now do the other side, straighten your left leg back.
Another 20 videos of rubbing and wanking to go, this time on your left elbow and right hand doing it.
This posture strengthens the left upper arm, the one you are not doing it with.

Anyways, after watching these 20 more videos and definitely definitely not cuming, bring your left leg forward
and relax again between your legs.
Wait another 3 hours.
Then you should be ready for a man (woman).

D. What do women really want?

Of course nowadays it is fashionable for women to get huge pleasure from
sticks: you should wet it first.
vibrators: you should insert in anus first
other women: first remove their US army boots, then unzip their trousers, then suck their penis
After 3 more hours in the company of sticks, you will then be NOT ready for a man.

Wait until next day, and see whether you want a woman or whether you want a man.

Strangely, every woman in world if alive will be happy to do this programme, maybe not perfectly
for a few days or more.

Anyways, if you are able, come up and if you are able have a nude shower or if you are able lie on your front
relax, slowly stretch out your legs and resolve to be good.

Then have 100 grams of chikki/chocolate.

Your health, stamina, sexiness..all will improve dramatically even with 1 day.

It is possible for a 100kg 220 lb man or woman with a heart condition to regain 100% health and 100% sex-ability.
Not necessarily super model looks, but good enough for one woman or man to get wet or hard.
Otherwise you would not exist.

E. Recovery

To recover further, bend your legs so your knees are together and near your waist, and lie down on your front.
Can you see anything nice?
It is what you will get if you are good and will amongst other things regret not getting if you decide not to be good.

When your back is fully recovered, after both sides, lie on your back and relax.

Your sense of smell will have improved and you will smell something not nice, that you should give up eating.

Anyways, you fall asleep. And obviously because you still have potential you wake up.
You do not feel exactly perfect. Arms, legs, tummy, face..You still smell is it fish you were going to give up.
Even though you had a shower, your body is still slightly damp, poisons still coming out.
The only position that makes you feel slightly better is sitting with legs bent, knees apart and bending forward in between them.
And then your groins and thighs ache a little.
But when you touch your legs or arms somehow the skin is smoother, younger looking...
Anyway, stand up. It is a little difficult to straighten your legs. Your back hurts.
Your eyes and mouth feel funny. You damp your little finger and wipe the inner eye, and a little beige stuff is on your finger.
Poison coming out. So you rinse your eyes and mouth. Then your feet start itching. Poison moving.
F. Surya Namaskar: greeting the sun god yoga sequence

Surya namaskar, sun salutation yoga sequence. The sun is not evil.
So, you stand up. With some determination, you manage to stand straight.
Arms up. A little difficult. Bend forwards to reach down and touch your toes.
Difficult to reach your waist. Back hurts.
So, today, cheating. First, reach down and touch your knees. Then swing up.. Do the best you can.
A few times.
Now feet really tingling with the poison that wants to come out. So, lie on bed and visit web page below
to see how to make your feet and toes feel much better.
Sun salutation aim: arms up, then down to feet then up to sky 30 times, legs straight, no pain, no difficulty.
Shower off the poison.

Now, if you had not been evil, and only did say 20 videos, or 1 minute instead of 3 hours etc. in the above, you would now be dead.
Missed opportunuty. The more Western poison there is inside you, the longer your death.
Also the more there is in you, the more evil you are. Just coincidence perhaps. NOT.
When you can manage this programme more or less, (not necessarily the 3 hours waiting), with 40 two minute videos
and 30 sun salutations, every other day, pooh not smell, you are 100% healthy.
Now, you may be saying, look Shyam, all I wanted was to be able to look in the mirror and admire myself.
It was very very naughty of you to give me a back ache. Yes.
It is very very simple. You want to be nice to your husband or wife etc. and the back ache goes.
You want to be selfish and it stays. And you have all the free choice you want to decide.

As I mention elsewhere, there is good pain and not good pain.
Back ache pain is not good pain, but is temporary, everyone wants to be nice to their partner.
Now perhaps you think that there is not much difference between 100 and 100.000001 hours on a cross
and therefore there is little point in suffering the pleasurable pain you get from this page. You are dead wrong.
You wanna avoid that additional .0000000001 hours.

Even world criminal #6, this man:

whom I love .0000000000000000001%, and tears come to My eyes when I think of him,
wants to avoid .0000000000001 additional cross pain.

Maybe you want to stay the 3 hours? It is also good for you.
G. Music

Finally, forget about all that Bollywood rubbish. I am British. The best music is British. And the best
British music is:

The Beatles - The Ballad of John and Yoko

The Beatles - She Loves you

You can download other music for when you are exercising, including the Beatles,here:

Best Devotional Singers

Best Indian Singers

Best Western Romantic Songs and Artists

The Only Good Instrumental Music

H. How important is it for me to learn the art of striptease?

You know there are important things in life and other things.
Important things are only good things.
It is possible, perfectly possible to achieve perfection in important things.
It is not possible to achieve perfection in other things; you are not meant to have clothes
so you cannot become a perfect striptease artist for your husband.
The best thing to do is to sit down one day and ask yourself, what is really important for me?
Or, even better, what is important for Him/him.
And Lord Vishnu will tell you. And, if you want this, you will become perfect for it or at it.
You cannot fail. The how, the timing, everything He will sort out, exactly as is good for you.
Because He loves you.
It is what you the soul wants that matters.
Your mind may be dirty, your heart may be black.

I. Resting Exercises

When sitting on the bed, you can after recovering and relaxing, do different activities by
bending the left leg backwards so the foot is near your bottom, and stretching your
right leg as much as you can to the right:

Then you can sit up, bend over your right leg, bend forward to read in between your legs,
sometimes turn towards the left leg.With practice you can even lie back.
Then do the right leg bent back. At first, the bent leg knee will hurt a little.
You can adjust by turning the calf upwards, or by bending towards the other leg.

` It is a little easier with the right leg bent forward, foot near the pubis:

The left leg is still bent back, with the left foot near your bottom at the back.

After some time, just bring your legs forward naturally and let them relax.
Then repeat when the knees etc. have recovered.

Have you noticed after doing the above programme, how much poison has come out of your eyes?
Every one hour or so if you wet your fingers, and brush softly under the lids, there is
beige gooey stuff on your fingers. Do you think it a good thing for poison to come out of your eyes?
Actually it comes out of your whole body and you should shower to get rid of it.
Have you noticed how after doing the foot/toe exercises below, your feet and toes no longer tingle?

And then they do a little some hours later as more poison comes to surface?

Do you feel, a few hours later, relaxed, younger, with softer skin,..?

And, sorry to disappoint you, how a few hours later the skin has little little blotches
as the poison comes to the surface.
And how you want to scratch, to open up the pores and remove dead skin?

After enough scratching, the scratchiness eases off; if there is a lot of poison, apply milk or youghurt.

If you could walk, say 2 km before, you will find that now you can walk 7 km.

I do not look very young here, but I had a huge lot of poison dumped into Me, last 3 months.

7 batches. It makes you strong. But, for example, 10 grams of rat poison will make a healthy man
or woman age 4 years (kill one with less than 40% health). It is fully reversible.
Nowadays, people consume the equivalent of about 2.5 grams of rat poison each year.
Even 20 years ago it was nothing like this. It does not sound much,
2.5 grams, but Western poison is powerful stuff.

Notice how several hours after pleasure, which was not very pleasurable was it,
you still do not feel sexy, all because of how bad you are and how much poison there is in you.

Of course, there are other evil things that cause ageing too, not just poison.

Do something else tomorrow, eg leg lifts, push ups, lying on back, lying on front things,
and then if you wish repeat the above the following day.

Then go to Tantra, Exercise and more and more Pleasure

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