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Public Announcements and World Governance




SPECIAL RULES FOR India, NOW CALLED 'Sexy India': Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana:

Report to Kalki from Lord Vishnu on His One Achievement

Dear Kalki
I managed it. All banks in world now closed.
I managed it all on My own.
Further, it was My idea, not yours.
This is My 17th success in 2853 years. The others were:
Sub-Sahara Africa
Ghenghis Khan
Brigitte Bardot
Pot Pol, Cambodia
If I think of any others I will report straight back to you and then kill you slowly
Lord Vishnu
Vaikuntha (heaven)

Report to Lord Vishnu from Kalki on Progress so far, 23/7/2017

1. Basically I mean nearly nearly I mean almost I mean lots of world in complete complete utter agony.[truth]
2. Is that not satisfying?[well]
3. Main job left is to torture 2 year-old American babies.[lies, their mums will do it:]
4. It is not really really necessary because their mothers are about to eat them anyway, but well it is one unfinished business.[well they will do this soon]
5. I will take your advice on this My Lord, do you want cigarettes poked in their eyes and also great great pain to their tiny vaginas and penis's?[they got so much pain coming to them, this is minor stuff].
6. There is no rush for a decision. Their mothers have just mostly eaten up their dadies [yank dads are nicer, tastier than their widows] and so
will not cut them to pieces for another day.[9 weeks, not 1 day. dads only partially to be eaten they will live a while]
7. Tough babes these yankee mums. [complete lie]. They just get fatter and fatter and uglier and uglier. [true]
I picked up one just to show you how ugly:

[kidding this pic is no way a yank, only Ukrainians are this beautiful]

8. Another success. As you said PAIN is the way to tame bitches. [true]
Can you believe it but Pooh-tin is almost sorry that he ordered the massacre, rape etc.of 16,017,005 Chechens,
43,007,513 Afghanis, 107 Ukrainians and 710,415,037 Russians, plus disturbing the sleep of 17 American spies.[numbers made up. But poohtin will never be sorry. He is evil, Christian. His pain continues for a long long time].
9. He is now kind of fed up. I say: fuck the Chechens, Afghanis and Russians but let us ask Pooh to donate his balls to the 107 Ukrainian widows
so they do not die of hunger with no Ukky hubby to eat, and donate his eyes for sale to a research lab to assist these poor yankee spies.
HE WILL DO IT.[true, he will if asked nicely, but widows can eat his hands instead. If done properly this does not mean death.]
10. It took pain level 10 to get the beaut Ukky women to heel. Poohtin actually only missing 1 foot, has level 30.[true]

Report to Lord Vishnu from Kalki on Progress so far, 22/7/2017

Dear Lord
1. I now have 6 women almost almost under control. Only 3,321,615,217 to go.
2. President Pooh-tim absolutely absolutely refused My command for him and all Ruskies to exit Crimea and Moscow and Russia.
3. Can you believe that? He just point blank refused. I mean he did not actually refuse, but he wet himself and was so wet that he drowned in sorrow before he could issue his royal command.
4. I mean yes he did wet himself but did not actually drown in his yuk, he is still alive but sore, very very very sore.
5. Anyways I desparately need the assistance of Ukrainian men and women to go to Crimea, horrible place and enjoy themselves with Rusky soldiers, girls, babes, dogs, whatever turns them on.
6. And these brave brave Ukrainian men AND women NEED to go to all Russia/Ukraine war zone interface territories and just mess around with Pooh-tinmen.
7. These Ukrainain men and women are so so stupid you cannot believe it.
8. So I give them some examples of what they can do now that the war is over and ALL Russians are not feeling very well.
9. Eg 1. Take a machine gun. Point it not at yourself, but at the Russian soldiers' toes, and then press the trigger! what could be more fun? So so simple.
10. But I absolutely forbid you to KILL Russians. You should behave courteously to them. Ask them where they want it. Ignore that.Then when you have finished with one toe, go for another one. And then you can have a ball game.
11. Now behind every Russian former male, there is a beautiful lovely Russian maid. Willing. Open legs. Nice breasts.Virgin.
12. These beauts are to be touched. They deserve as does every woman delight. Not just touched mind. Penetrated.
13. And then there are Russians in St Petersberg. Not very well Russians. Why not steal their art treasures?
14. Then there are Russians in Siberia. They are cold. To warm them up, you should cut off one limb, light a match and then you can really really enjoy yourselves in Siberia.
15. And then give you a clue there is Moscow. Undefended. Lots of gold. Lots of the most prettiest women in world, all willing. Nice houses. Nice brothels. I mean EVERY house in Russia is a brothel. Such nice places except outside Moscow.
15.1 Then there is Russian SS (FSR/KGB). All over the place. All available. All sick.
15.2 Russian diplomats.
15.3 Russian navy.
15.4 Russian air force
15.4 Russian oil
15.5 Sveta bank.
15.6 Olga bank.
15.7 Blue policemen, green policemen (covered in their own vomit, you need to hose them down first)
15.8 Polar bears.
16. To tell you the truth (all of 1-19 is true) I do not know much more about Russia. Maybe they have other villages, even cities. I have no idea. Maybe they have cats you can penetrate. Really really zero ideas.
17. But you will find that EVERY person with one or more Russian parents (and did you know these Russians they usually have 6 parents) they are all so not well that you can do ANYTHING you like to them. Except Russian pretty women who are well and who want you to do anything you like to them.
18. Oh sorry dear Lord, I forgot to mention, I have one other Ukrainian woman almost under control, soon it will be 7 not 6 definitely definitely almost almost fully under control. Which means that there are ONLY 3,321,615,216 to go NOT REPEAT NOT 3,321,615,217. [true].
18.1 I mean I cannot remember the exact exact number but more or less true.[true]
18.2 AND I also have 1 American Hindu almost almost perfectly under control. Now is that not amazing?
19. Message to all Chechens, Afghanis, rapists, murderers, other criminal types: please read 1-18 above and have pleasure.
20. I do want to be, I am scrupulously fair. I mean 100.00000000% fair. Just suppose you found a nice Rusky man, poohtin follower.
Suppose for example that he is 47% nice. Then you are only allowed to blow off 53% (100%-47%=53%) of his legs.
Similarly, I know it sounds incredible, you found a Russian woman who was 73% beautiful.You are only allowed to have 73% sex with her.
And likewise it is for Japs and Brits: you find a 1% nice Brit and you can give him 99% (100%-1%) pain, but not 100% pain.
About yellow slit eyed people though, no such mercy. Did you know that they actually went to war against India some years back?
And that 1 Hindu accidentally slipped and hurt his ankle as a direct result of the war? I WILL NEVER EVER forgive the chinks for this.
The DieLie Llama (Lama is a genus containing two South American camelids, the wild guanaco and the domesticated llama.
This genus is closely allied to the wild vicuna and domesticated alpaca of the genus Vicug) is asked here and now to bring
all her followers to a zoo and feed them to lions, but just at the moment when the lion has eaten more than 16% of a leg or arm
these buddhists are to go to Peeking and just do horrible horrible things to ALL chinks.
21. I retrospectively impose a '-1' child policy in chink land. As from year 1873, yellow slit eyed 'people' are
only allowed to have -1 children.
These negative children are to be fed WHITE chalk not NOT YELLOW milk in their formative years so that skin colour improves.
Those of you who studied mathematics at university will know that a '-1' child policy dramatically dramatically reduces the number of yellow skinned 'people' and that feeding them WHITE chalk makes them almost British. Hence, now:
22. The number of women I need to inspect and handle is reduced from 3,321,615, 216 to 2,073,518,917.
And further the beautifulness of these women is much much improved. The proportion with yellow skin disease is reduced from 32.7% to 1.03%.
23. NEXT NEXT PROBLEM. Japs. Horrid 'people'. You know (truth) a Jappy woman is singular in this world.
She does not mind chopping off her husband's penis and eating it if he does nice things to her. [TRUTH].
SO, I here and now INSTRUCT ALL Japs to do nice things to their women. Male Jap population reduced from 109,217,363 to 1.
Now you may say, Shyam you are so stupid, how does this help you tackle the woman problem? The 2,073, 58,917 that you have not personally handled? Now I am not so dumb as I look. Obviously, no one but chinks want a Jap woman. I do not. You do not. No one does.
So, I am going to feed them to the chinks. This way the chinks are kept alive in pain longer, and the number of women I have to look at is now 1,996,418, 213.
24. Now I must admit I have no idea where to find these 1,996,418,213 women. A few in North Korea, easily handled.
A couple left in USA. 17 in in Moscow. 19 not stoned to death in Saudi Arabia. 45 still alive in South Sudan.
11 not yet crucified by Pope Francis in Brazil. My ex wife in London. My 11,317 concubines in Quatar.
25. BUT not to worry. I am a desperate man. I do not wish to disappoint My boss. I will search for these roughly roughly 1,996,407,000 women
far and wide. I will enter them. I will find their weak spots and their G spots. It is all possible, but I am in a hurry.
26. IMPORTANT IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. For the next 3 days, any woman wanting Me to enter them is NOT going to have
EXTREME EXTREME EXTREME Pain FOR the sin of wanting Me. I enter her and the pain only starts then.
The quicker it is over the less pain she has. Obviously, ALL 1,996,407,000 women want Me to penetrate them.
If you do the maths this works out at 1996407000/3/24/60/60= 7702 women-orgasms per second. Easily easily handled by God.
I could do 8017 per second.
27. So really My Lord, I am making GOOD progress. ALL EVIL EXTERMINATED AND ALL LOVING COMPLETED BY 25/07/2017 IS MY DESIRE.
28. Then I can go to heaven and be happy and not so miserable. Did you know that in heaven, every man is allocated 17 Muslim virgins to handle?
And further that they remain virgins. And that they cannot be handled because they are spirits? Further, these spirits cannot be seen, heard, smelt? Even kisses are not allowed.

Shyam Kalki

Report to Lord Vishnu from Kalki on Progress so far, 21/7/2017

Dear Lord
I am very very very sorry,
1. progress on bringing love and happiness to world: Zip, nil, none.
2. progress on eliminating evil: minor, limited, very very very small progress.
Specificity of progress on eliminating naughtiness:
a. All those with Russian parents in world in so much agony just now and for the rest of their lives that they will never want to lie, steal, kill again. Chechens, Afghanis, to wack them.
b. All slit yellow eyed 'people', wrong colour i.e. yellow 'people' (also known as chinks) in so much agony just now and for the rest of their lives that they will never want to lie, steal, kill again.
c. British police not well.
d. British health service personnel not well.
e. British home office 'people' not well.
f. Facebook staff in agony and ceased to function
g. Google staff in agony and ceased to function.
h. Well, there are a few more odds and sods that are in agony, but I forget whom they are and they too have now forgotten who they are. About 30 million of these.
3. In progress, see below, but roughly these criminals are soon going to regret deeply being such:
3.1 Meat eaters (about 90% of the world's population), roughly 6,000 million ruffians
3.2 Rude people (about 99.9% of the world's population), roughly 6666 million of these
4. To do list:
4.1 Martians (planet #4 in Sun's solar system)
4.2 Egyptians, if any left (where these are I have no idea)
4.3 Venutians (planet #3 in Sun's solar system)
4.4 Those living on Pluto (planet #9 in Sun's solar system)
4.5 Remaining Americans to be sorted: 3
4.6 Remaining 'Allah' worshippers to be sorted: 6
4.7 Remaining 'Jesus' followers to be crucified: 4
4.8 Remaining Hindus to be flogged: 705 million or is it 11, I cannot remember
4.9 Remaining Jews to be sent to concentration camps: 4.5
4.10 Remaining 'women' to be raped: about 3,001,615,365. Maybe 3,001, 615,366 I am not sure exactly
4.11 Remaining Paks to suicide themselves: nil or is it all of them, not sure on this one
4.12 Remaining Japs to be nuked: 17.32
4.13 Remaining Vietnamese to be napalmed: let Me check on this one please My Lord
4.14 Look to cut a long story short, there are also many many undesirable types, Buddhists, Jains, Shiva worshippers, 4 year old girls, 9 year old boys, 'people' in Southern Sudan,...oh dear oh dear...such a long list of evil doers, all to be entirely TERMINATED TERMINATED..
4.15 Dear Lord, I will need to be on planet earth making love and enjoying Myself for at least the next 6 days. I am so sorry I cannot be with you sooner.
Thank you very much for letting Me live and giving Me the opportunity to mess with AMERICANS AND HINDUS AND UKRAINIAN WOMEN
Yours for ever
I blow you a kiss onto your left shoulder,
Shyam Kalki
21/7/2017 Kiev (Ukraine, Earth)


From 3/8/2017, I am permitting the use of all forms of transport (lorries, ships,bicycles..), but withdrawing permission for the use of private cars.
It will still be possible to use taxis, minicabs, etc., but not to hire or use a car otherwise.
Kalki 13/7/2017

Dating and death

Changes effective 3/8/2017. Before marriage (the man's semen entering the vagina, see below), there is a dating process.
I will talk here about the single woman's perspective.
A woman is one who can get wet. A single woman is one who is not living with a man who regularly enters her.
You will notice from this site that I want love to happen between man and woman.
Early in a single woman's life, I introduce to her a man who would be good for her, where love has a chance to develop.
I tell her this and she knows when this happens.
If she says 'yes' to the man, he enters her and they lead a happy married life, assuming that they give up wrong doing.
But, what happens if she does not say 'yes' and the man moves onto date another or other women?
Well, it does not really matter. The purpose of life is to do with love and happiness, and if she is not interested in fulfilling
her purpose what more is there to say?
If she is rude etc. she will be naked (see announcement below) and if I have made her attractive looking, she will be raped
so that at least one man can enjoy her.
Nowadays, many people are 'Christian' which I define as a person who eats meat and drinks alcohol.
Alcohol is present in Western medicines and most homeopathic medicines.
Obviously, Christians are due for an unpleasant death, and I have decided to extend Pope Francis' practice of crucifying African boys to all Christians.
I do appreciate strict Muslims who do not have any alcohol. Well, they eat meat and so will have a painful death, but such a person will come to love Me.
And I appreciate particularly Hindus, whom I define as those not having any meat and not having any alcohol.
Such a person will die peacefully in his or her sleep and on death if not before will be united with Me.

13/7/2017 Kalki Kiev, Ukraine

Marriage, Contracts and Fair Exchange

From 06.21 Indian Standard Time 3/8/2017, all marriage certificates and references thereto are null and void.

1. No one today is married.

1.1 What is marriage? It is nothing to do with a piece of paper.
It is when your penis enters your woman's vagina and your semen flows.
1.2 You should not allow your semen to flow into a woman until such time as you care for her and are prepared to look after her for the rest of your life.
Even then you should not allow semen to enter her until such time as you want a baby and are prepared to look after and care for the baby/child
1.3 Look after means ensuring that the family member is not hungry, thirsty or dirty.

1.4 Today, no man on earth can ensure that his baby or child will not go hungry, thirsty or dirty and therefore your semen should not flow into any woman.
Only I am able to look after a baby or child.
1.5 Consequently, no man or woman is married.

2. Promises and contracts and fair exchange

2.1 Of course, a man can promise a woman (or woman promise a man) this or that, but promises are these days worth about as much as the piece of paper they are written on.
I value a man's promise about as much as I value a piece of paper.
2.2 The same of course applies to all contracts: no one should rely on the future performance of a contract.
2.3 Consequently, you are best advised to ask to receive cash or other valuables (food, accomodation, water) at the time when you perform a service or give something.
2.4 For example, if a woman pleasures a man, she should receive food, accomodation or water, or cash in exchange, or she should receive pleaure from him in exchange.
If she does not give him pleasure or some other service that he values, he should not give her accomodation, food, water or cash or sexual pleasure.
Similarly, for a man pleasuring a woman: she should give him something in return, otherwise she is essentially stealing.

3. Family Unit

3.1 A family consists of a man, all women with whom he has had sex with (entered the vagina and released semen) who live with him,
and any children who live with them. It also includes all two or four legged animals (and their children, grandchildren..)
that these family members look after.

3.2 Consequently, if a woman has left a man, or he has booted her out, she is no longer a part of his family and he does not need to look after her.
3.3 As I mention in Commandment 11, the man and women family members shall not have sexual activity with another person while the woman lives with the man.
Let us look at two implications.
3.4 So, if a woman is living with a man, he should not and she should not have sexual activity with any person outside his or her family unit.
If the man wants to have sexual relations with a woman outside his family unit, he should ask the woman to leave, and then have such relations.
Similarly, if the woman wants to have sexual relations with someone other than her man, she should leave his home.
3.5 A man can live with two or more women, but should have sexual relations with only one of them. The other woman/women should of course provide some valuable service, namely finding food, otherwise she/they should leave.
She should lead a celibate life, only masturbating.
4. Property Rights

4.1 There are none.
4.2 If you live in a place and can keep it, then you do, if someone else stronger than you takes it over then you leave.

4.3 If you have a bank account and someone gets hold of your bank details and cleans you out, the money is now his.
4.4 If you have a gold watch or a piece of bread and have not already eaten the bread, if someone takes them, they are his.
4.5 But, violence and sexual crime is not permitted as set out in My Commandments.
4.6 It is I who determine whether you have a place to stay or not, whether you can keep the watch or not, whether and how much you should eat..
4.7 For example, suppose you are a bank official and decide to take client money. You are either listening to Me or you are listening to the devil.
4.8 If I have told you to take it, the normal case is that you would most likely then be able to keep the money, at least for some time.
4.9 If the devil told you to take it, I will ensure that some appropriate misfortune will happen to you.

4.10 Thus, ownership of leases, freeholds, life insurance contracts etc. have (as they always have had) whatever value I give you for them.
4.11 The difference is that there is no longer any police system, court system to seemingly enforce your 'rights'.
5. Value exchange

5.1 From My point of view, which is the only one that matters, I give every person time to use productively.
5.2 Every productive use of time has the same value.
5.3 The productive uses are sexual activity and finding food or water, accomodation, and items to give you warmth in cold weather.
5.4 For example, suppose a man and woman live together. If he pleasures her for 1 hour, she needs to pleasure him for one hour or spend one hour on one of the productive uses noted in 5.3, otherwise it is an unfair relationship.
If, for example, she spends 2 hours finding two apples, one for her and one for him, and she gives him the apple, then the value she has given him is the same as him pleasuring her for one hour.
5.5 Money too has a value. Executive jobs, professional services, secretarial services will disappear as being of no value. But, people will still be needed for the productive uses noted in 5.3. 5.6 For example, around the world it will cost about $2 for one hour to hire a person to find food for you or to give you sexual pleasure.
5.7 And shopkeepers and restaurants will need to factor in this hourly cost when determining how much to charge you for some fruit or for a meal.
5.8 Naturally they will want to charge you more than this and you will want to pay less than this and normal market forces will as usual apply.

Shyam Kalki

I rule this world, all worlds, with fairness

You are deeply mistaken if you think you can harm other living beings and get away with it with no consequences.
Almost everybody tries to escape from the pain I give them from wrong doing by having operations, going to the dentist etc.
The amount of pain they think they have avoided, I am/will give them from the current arsenic poisoning of the worlds water supply.
Once they have suffered from that, the next pain happens:
Some people kill fetuses, babies etc. They will get Type II Diabetes (leading to amputations..).
Some people have eaten pigs. I am going to transmit FMD ('foot and mouth disease') to such people.
Some people have eaten beef. I am going to transmit bovine ('mad cow disease') to such people.
Some people have eaten chicken. See My article Avian Flu
. The amount of pain they will receive will be equal to the pain inflicted in the course of their lives.
Suppose someone is 53 and has eaten half a chicken each day in his life for 50 years.
50*365*.5 is about 9000 chicken sufferings.
That is a lot of pain from Avian flu.
Some people have eaten meat other than cow, pork and chicken. See My article Natural Disasters
. Most people use Western medicines, vaccines, cosmetics tested on animals. See My article
Western medicine-no benefits, huge side effects
. For using these, I give chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS or ME) or Fibromyalgia which now impact 23% of the population of the world.
Animals on farms have mostly been poorly fed, kept hungry, thirsty, cold, dirty.
My article Food and rabies discusses what will be happening soon.
It should be noted that such pain, hunger etc. is the result of the child's or animal's own wrong doing.
This is the last age of this world and there will be no more rebirths.
In the past, when, for example, the land of a Red Indian was taken by the British, he might not receive justice in this life, but in the next.
Now, justice will happen in this lifetime itself.
My article: Bloodshed happens twice: Perfect Justice sets out examples of what happens to President Johnson (and all America presidents)
and all American soldiers and support staff when they napalm people and rain bombs down on them. These criminals are finding and will find
that the pain from 1000 napalmings etc. is not nice.
America will become hell on earth. Not just America of course.
If you want to find out more, please visit My home page where all My articles can be accessed, there is a list at the bottom of the page.
Shyam Kalki Mehta

Avian Flu>

12% of the world's population is now impacted by Avian flu, bird flu. See My article Avian Flu to find out why.
This proportion is steadily increasing. In 1968/1969, for example, it killed 5 million people across the world.
It is much more serious than people think. This time around, people are much much less healthy and it will kill 950 million.
It will infect 2,070 million people, one third of the world population.

Arsenic, food shortages and mad cow disease

Arsenic is now present in the world water supply. One half of the world population will fall ill from 17 July, and the other half six months later. See My article Dealing with arsenic, illness, etc. on how to deal with this.

As a result of the widespread practice of keeping many farm animals hungry, food shortages will start to occur, from 15 August 2017, see My article Food and rabies.

Mad cow disease and foot and mouth disease in humans will start in 15 months' time, see My home page.


One aspect of society nowadays is how rude people are. I wish to remedy this.
From 15 July 2017, you will be compensated for any loss you incur by someone or some organisation not replying to you.
This applies retrospectively, for example if you wrote to someone 20 years ago and they did not reply or replied rudely, they have until 15 July to pay you.
If they do not reply politely by 15 July they will lose their job or close down.
A reasonableness rule applies. If the person who has been rude, not replied, etc. has forgotten all about the incident from 20 years ago, he will not suffer any penalty, unless you remind him.
Everyone being impolite will suffer a penalty.
I am not here going to detail every circumstance, but for example, if a woman does not properly respond to an expression of interest by a man, I will assume she is not interested in any man.

Also, from 3/8/2017 everyone in the world (except Indirabai Mehta) who has been rude etc. (not answered emails..), has tried to upset people, tried to cheat or defraud them, killed people, locked people up, taken bribes, etc. should avoid wearing clothes except when the weather is cold.
No bras (except for men), panties, underpants, shorts, skirts, tops, shirts, T-shirts, bikinis, trousers, burkas, army boots, hats, etc.
Shoes and sandals permitted.
When it is cold, or if you are feeling cold, you can wear a jumper(s), coat, scarf, stockings. No bras (except for men), underpants, panties etc.
See photo below as example of what to wear, in case you do not understand because you are blonde or American or Jewish.
Tuesdays are now religious holidays and all Christians and Jews are free to visit a mosque wearing a bra, and all Muslims are free to go to church wearing panties or underpants.
Visits to mosques, churches, synagogues are not permitted on other days.
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are work days if you have work and all businesses who wish to remain open need to be open on these days, but not on Tuesdays.
Christians free to worship POPE Francis, Jesus, Mary etc. provided that they do it in a mosque whilst wanking (men) or rubbing (women).
All Catholic priests, the Pope etc. to relocate to predominantly Muslim population countries unless they wish to lock themselves up in the newly vacated prisons and starve to death.
Catholic priests not allowed to molest boys and Catholic nuns not allowed to torture girls except if they are Muslim boys and girls.
Muslims, Jews, Chrstians and Hindus free to do as they wish in other respects.
Except that peoples of all faiths or no faith on Tuesdays (religious day) have to do their very best to search out a nude woman (men) or naked man (women) and kiss and cuddle them and preferably more, if permission granted by recipient.
RE Trump and Pooh-tin, Lukashenko, Erdogan, Bainimarima, Kim Jong-un, Basher al-Assad, Ayatollah Khamenei, Raul Castro, Nicolas Maduro: all journalists encouraged to take it in turns to body-slam them, eg using a knife rather than their own body to avoid hurting themselves.
Of course, Mexicans, Vietnamese people, Muslims, Ukrainians, Chechnyans,..also to have a go if possible.
The best is if each group appoint a leader to make a list of volunteers and then give a 2-minute slot to each volunteer.
HOWEVER: These socialists should not to be killed, body-slamming should continue for preferably 40 years.
If you disobey above ordanances, you will get pain and permanent disfigurement as from 17 lashings.
If, for one year, you have avoided cheating, being rude etc. (see above list) you can go back to wearing clothes.
Implementation from 15.48 Indian Standard Time 3/8/2017
Shyam Kalki

Message to all Governments across the world.

All 200+ countries.
Pack up shop.
All govt offices closed.
All tax inspectors, clerks, etc. fired.
No central banks.
No army, navy, air force, police.
No visa checking, issuing. No home offices, no immigration/emigration clerks.
No parliaments. No politicians, presidents, prime ministers, kings, queens, all go home.
No govt bureaucrats, court officials. All to go home and pack their bags.
No health staff.
No social security staff.
No state, city, local government.
No government run or money backed schools - parents should teach their own children a language, general knowledge and how to give pleasure, to be nice, not rude, not steal, not kill etc.
No United Nations, WHO,..
All murderers, rapists, 'lunatics', all prisoners, hospital inmates to be freed so that they can do it again if they wish.
From now on a free, libertarian, free market, capitalist society where everyone has free choice and is no longer ruled by crooks. Socialism, national socialism, communism all banished.
For example, Muslims free to visit America or Israel and kill people off, similarly Jews free to go to Mecca and worship Allah.
But, there are consequences for you if you do wrong, like killing Israelis or worshipping Allah, as set out on My website.
All, go home, boil yourself in oil if you wish, it will be less painful for you than if you do not do above.
15.15 Indian Standard Time 3/8/2017 worse than DEAD Line.
Shyam Kalki

Message to Pooh-tin

Get out of Ukraine and Crimea. One hair damaged on any Ukrainian and one hair from your left hand pulled out...
Message to chinks
Get out of Tibet
Get some oil. Boil it up. Pour it all over you. Am I joking on this? NO. Send Me a pic when you have done it.
Get all CIA, Feds, army, navy, airforce,... out of world ex USA and ship them home.
Message to Pope
Stop molesting boys, close down the Vatican, vacate it, and put all Vatican assets in My bank account.
WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS BY 14.21 Indian Standard Time 3/8/2017?
You have deep deep pain.
If you think that boiled oil poured over you is very painful, you ain't felt nothin yet.
Feel free to email Me with any questions.
Shyam Kalki

Message to Google Employees

You may have seen My post about Google censorship, theft of My personal photos etc.
You may think that loss of 1% of your left ball/right breast is no big deal and will not hurt very much. This is not correct.
Actually, it does depend on how it is done (torn out, cut out, pulled out..there are quite a few possibilities), exactly where it is done etc.
but I will not bore you with the details.
Also because you are stupid, you may think think that loss of 1% of one eye is no big deal and will not hurt very much. This is not correct.
Suppose that Billy did not mind whether you lost these 1%s and you took a BIG kitchen knife and cut off 2% of one of his balls
and took a pair of scissors and cut out 2% of one of his eyes,
I would not really lose much sleep over this. None in fact. You go right ahead and do what you wanna do.
No Washington gay copper or Federal judge is going to mess with you for doing the right thing. Guarantee it.
Go on punks, go for him.
Shyam Kalki


One horrid aspect of Western society is how rude people generally have become. It is a sign of how badly parents bring up children.
I am putting in place significant penalties for being impolite, not answering the phone or emails etc.
Suffice it to say that any person not being courteous will greatly regret it.
Shyam Kalki

Family Life

The purpose of life is not to work and cook and watch TV.
It is to do only with love.
A man needs to have sex with his woman and in this way love builds.
Similarly, a woman needs to pleasure her man.
Further, the man needs to pleasure his son and the woman her daughter.
Love, happiness and pleasure are what is needed, not reality sports, not watching horrid American movies.
Exactly how to build desire and health and then a nice family are set out in My articles which can be easily accessed through
the home page of My website,
About family life, once your sexual desire has been built up through seeing the so-called pornographic images of naked women
and once you have built up your health through the exercises I set out, the following material is essential for you:
What turns a man, a woman on?
How to Choose a Man
How to Choose a Woman

Relaxation, sex and marriage:
What does a woman look like?
How to Relax (before you can give or receive pleasure)
Sex and Marriage
How to avoid having a baby
Tantra Yoga(for relaxation after sex)
How to pleasure a child

All of these can be readily accessed from My home page
Good wishes to all,
Shyam Kalki Mehta

Press Release

Noticed how every website in world now has some humorous content?
Recently you may have noticed quite a few changes to all websites in the world. These changes are not because all website owners
in the world suddenly decided to change their content in the same way. I changed all the websites.
There are very significant other developments which I am introducing into the world and this Press Release sets out what these are.
Have you noticed the web is not the same?
1. Noticed how all websites across the world now have some humorous content?
2. Noticed that when you do any search, using any search engine, My email address appears at the bottom of each page?
3. Noticed that there is now a lot of Indian content all over the web?
4. Noticed that search engine results no longer display for example 10-20 pages of results, but usually now just two?
I made all these changes.
As noted in My article Twelve Commandments, the term 'steal' is used in its widest sense
where there is some transaction or theft and one party gets less than his or her fair share. On 2 July 2017 there was an adjustment to bank accounts
or other adjustments so that that all theft up to 26 June 2017 was 100% compensated. After that date the adjustment takes place one week after the theft.
Arsenic is now present in the world water supply. One half of the world population fell ill on 2 July,
most of the other half will fall ill six months later. See My article Dealing with arsenic, illness, etc.
on how to deal with this.
Avian flu ('bird' flu) is continuing to spread rapidly, all across the world. It is much more serious than people think,
see My article Avian Flu. 10% of the world population now has this.
Mad cow disease and foot and mouth disease in humans will start in 15 months' time, see My home page,
Home page
Shyam Mehta
The Loving Heart Centre
London, England
Kovalam, Kerala, India
Home page
5 July 2017

Google censorship

Other censorship
Having stolen My photos from My personal files and lifted photos from My website, I notice that Google has
censored one of My photos from one of My posts.
Basically, I am not very happy about this.
To make Myself happy which only takes one millisecond,
1. Google have 24 hours from the time this post goes on the air to uncensor any photos they have censored.
2. They have 24 hours to write to Me saying 'sorry'
If 1. does not happen, then every Google employee loses 1% of his left ball starting in 25 hours' time, and
continues to lose 1% of his balls every 3 weeks until all My material is decensored.
Further, every Google woman loses 1% of her right breast etc.
Google may be stupid enough to not realize how painful losing 1% of a ball or breast is. I do not mind in the least about this.
Anyway I have now made Myself happy again!
Oh I forgot about 2 (well not really, I never forget anything). Ho ho. Let Me keep it a secret what will happen
to Google director and employee eyes if I do not get an abject apology in the time scales set out above.
Other censorship. I could not care less what idiotic ideas Christians, Hindus and Muslims have about what part of a man or a woman
should be seen or not. Fuck them. Which is code for saying, they will be fucked and not by a man.
Shyam Kalki Mehta

Health, Exercise, Fitness, Gym, Sports, Yoga

I have several articles on My website about exercise, what exactly you should do to keep yourself flexible, healthy, fit and strong,
not just to attract members of the opposite sex and have a good love life, but also to maintain your health into old age.
All sports and gym is bad for you: I discuss why in My first article Exercise: Principles
The specific other articles you should study and follow the exercises given are:
Exercises for Health
Exercises for Sex
Tantra and Sex
They are all listed clearly on the home page Home page
Shyam Kalki Mehta

Christian thinking on nudity is evil

Both men and women need to see pictures of naked women, their breasts and vaginas in order to build their desire
so that they can have a great sex life.
When a man and a woman pleasure each other their love for each other grows.
You do not need to visit porn websites with their Western perversions.
All the pictures you will ever need to build up your libido is on My website - just visit the home page
and you will be able to view whatever you need.
Shyam Kalki Mehta


I did a search on google for the word 'sex'. Pages and pages of complete rubbish search results, about robots and pigs and who knows what.
The very purpose of marriage is sex leading to love.
It is not to do with having a stable income or home, I give these to people if I wish, no man or woman can overturn My wishes.
A man sees a woman, is attracted to her and if she is willing penetrates her and releases his semen into her. That is marriage,
it is not to do with a pervert Christian priest saying 'I marry you', nor to do with a piece of paper from a registry office.
For a man, it does not matter whether he releases his semen inside or outside a woman. He should as much as possible do it outside.
He should pleasure his woman until she screams for more, and then stop. Then start again. She will after about 1 hour want him to enter her so badly
that her mind ceases to think of other important things like nail varnish or the colour of her shoes. Her mind will start to think of nothing but sex.
She will want to please him. She will with this approach dream of him entering her.
As and when the couple have a stable nice relationship, and want children, the woman should be given what she wants, just once.
She will then be tamed, no more arguments, divorce, etc. etc.
Marriage will be happy.
But, nowadays, there is much misfortune coming to the world. A couple should not have children and the man should preferably not enter
the woman or at least not release his fluid into her. She will be constantly thinking of sex and not getting it and will please her man.
I grant love to a couple who do no wrong and who please each other.
Full details of how to pleasure a man and a woman, how not to have babies, what are the best sex positions (do not believe the garbage
you get from Western 'experts') etc., everything you need to know can be accessed easiy from the home page of My website
Incidentally, google has ilegally lifted photos from My website and also from personal files of Mine which they store without letting you know.
But, I do not mind. I have no secrets. There are plenty of better photos available easily from the home page of My website and so at present
I just break Google's stupid censorship rules with the photos they stole. Although I show pictures of vaginas, it is really most important for men,
women and children to see pictures (or actual) breasts.
Nowadays I give women worse and worse looking breasts, because men do so much wrong they do not deserve a woman with beautiful breasts.
And, particularly after child birth a woman's breasts turn ugly, because babies these days are unwanted and uncared for:
what man deserves a woman with nice breasts if he allows his woman to not care for her daughter and he does not care for his son,
being more interested in flash cars or football?
The only nice looking breasts nowadays can be found in countries like India and Ukraine and this is going to change too.
On My website I have several pages full of pictures of women's breasts, both ugly and beautiful ones:
And of course there are many many pictures of nude women on My pages:
Pictures of some beautiful women
Pictures of some beautiful women 2
Pictures of some beautiful women 3
Pictures of some beautiful women 4
Pictures of some beautiful women 5
Pictures of some beautiful women 6
and also pictures of naked women who are just ordinary looking, not super model types:
Pictures of some 'ordinary' women
Pictures of some 'ordinary' women 2
Pictures of some 'ordinary' women 3

It is surprising to see how ordinary looking women can (or at least until ten years ago or so) did have nice looking breasts,
suitable to make her man hard.
It is also exciting and desire building for men and women and children to see women doing nude yoga, and on My home page
I have several pages of this.
Find a beaut woman!
Get fit!
Get hard and wet (I mean her)!
Do not fuck her!
Have orgasm!
Every day!
Shyam Kalki Mehta

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