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Public Announcements and World Governance

You know, as God, for I am now part of Him, I am good. I am innocent. So, I cannot understand why you want to steal, put poison on plants you are going to eat, deny your husband pleasure when you
know that if you make him happy he will do the same for you.
You know, because I tell you, that every evil you do the same will befall you.
Well, I do not want evil to continue, so I am making some new rules.

I hope you all like them.They are for your good. Coming soon, there will be NO evil in world.

A. Reasonable businesses.

Coming shortly, if you want to do business you do it reasonably,and if you are or are searching for a business you may visit:
(see Reasonable Business Dealings)

B. Call girls.

1.Every woman x socialist (those who have accepted state salaries, teachers, policewomen..) is on call girl register
2. Every woman x business employee/director etc. is on call girl register.
3. Every daughter of x socialist man or woman,and of every business, up to age 14 is on register
4. Other women are given 6 months from when this website goes live to public to surrender to man,
after which they put on the call girl register, until such time as his/her debts are paid.
5. If they are not on register or not belonging to man, then they serve no purpose and they die
6. If you and or the husband you have surrendered to have paid off your debts, then the woman is taken off the call girl register.
7. She then has, if she has not already surrendered to a man, 6 months to date etc. and find a man to surrender to or she dies.
8. If she is willing, and has not surrendered to another man, then any of her clients can marry her, ie enter her and release into her.
I will then ensure that she surrenders to this man.
9. See Call Girls: rules, prices and register of women you can use

C. How much money have you stolen etc. and how much pain are you due, crimes to date?

See How much pain will you and your country's leaders endure?

D. If you are single, you should pleasure yourself, visit call girls and exercise as much as you can.

And date: Dating Service

E. Do you like 'roaches?

Which do you prefer, reasonableness or thievery and thuggery?
Pleasure or pain?
Did you know that soon ALL non-vegetarians not just chink will want to eat 'roaches?
Did you know that there are 2 types of 'roach:
1. those that come near a vegetarian person that are clean, and
2. those that come near or on a non-veg person that carry disease.
Did you know that there is no other insect, animal etc. that carries nearly as much disease?
And that disease consumed is even worse for you than on the outside?
And that the only things worse than 'roach disease are super powerful Western cleaning products, pesticides etc.
plus atom bombs etc.
And that nonveggie people, actually all people, prefer roaches to pain?
Well you now know what will be happening: roaches, disease, recovery, pain, or
just pain for veggie evil doers, or
just happiness for followers of Lord Vishnu,
and, even with pain, you can be happy if you choose good.
and, you can choose good any time you wish.

F. For married women, I make a special concession, if you are not with your first, ie. only husband:
1. you exercise, slim, rub, etc for up to 6 months as needed
2. you go back to him, if he still alive, and beg him to take you back, if he wishes
3. obviously you promise to be good and not harm any marital relationship he wishes to preserve
4. if he says no, I give you second husband opportunity or death if earlier.

For single women, similar
1. you exercise, slim, rub, etc. for up to 6 months as needed
2. you approach all single men whom you are attracted to.
3. you promise to be good.
4. you private date the first one who will have you
G. Every man, woman, in hotel or bank or on call girl register, you resolve to be good.

Considerable pain after every act of badness such that within very short space of time EVERY
living being on planet will be good.

Badness is disobeying Me.


When Lord Vishnu created man and woman over 500 million years ago, He did NOT ask one or more of them to:

steal money or anything from others, no taxes
impose rules and regulations and laws telling them what they could or could not do
distribute sewage water or harmful electricity or poisonous petro-fuel at the citizen's cost
have policemen to beat them up
school teachers to brainwash their children
hospitals to inject harmful substances into their bodies:

He is your boss and no one else.
His laws apply and no one elses.
You will have His water if He gives you some and not other
If you as a private citizen want to sell water to others, and they wish to buy it, there is nothing wrong.
This known as freedom, libertarianism, and Lord Vishnu gives you freedom to do good.
He does not give Modi and Trump and tax and bribe thieves freedom to steal from you and boss you around:

Therefore ALL evil socialism is DEAD.
All public hospital workers, school teachers, police, street cleaners, army, customs..have already been fired.

If you want water, you buy it privately, go to well, river, lake or wait for rain or cry.

Same with ALL socialist products and services.

Police are no longer allowed to beat you, detain you, bribe you.

Tax collectors are no longer allowed to tax you.

Customs officials no longer can even ask you for your passport.

But, hotels for example can if they wish ask you for 12% sales tax, and then get huge pain.
They as you are free to do what they wish.
If they send 12% sales tax to Mr Modi, it simply goes into a black hole, no one receives it.
Only hotels who have promised to be reasonable will exist in this world, see register and A, above.
But they are free to break their promise and suffer enormous pain.
That pain will be sufficient so that they never break a promise again.

I. Capitalism applies

1. All dishonest stolen etc. wealth is removed from you: wives, houses, bank accounts, watches, clothes..
2. If you want something, you pick it from a tree, take from river, etc. or buy it.

3. If you do not have money or you want to buy something from Me, you need to ask, nicely. I will say yes.

4. You will pay for such acquisitions, like water, food, house,.. with pain.

5. The price of pain is Rs 3700 lakhs per hour of crucifiction level pain.

6. For example, suppose you want 1 kg of apples at a market price of say Rs 100 per kilo.

7. If you ask Me, I will give you 1 kg of apples, at a cost to you of 100/(370,000,000) hours of crucifiction pain.
This is the same as 0.001 seconds worth of crucifiction pain.

8. In other words, the price of pain is 100 rupees (about $1.50) per 0.001 seconds of crucifiction pain.

.001 seconds of crucifiction pain is not very painful, eg like twisting an ankle. After a couple of days,
the ankle no longer hurts if you are healthy.
In other words, the price of pain is Rs 50 for one day (16 hours) of twisted ankle pain.

To survive, you need approximately Rs 960 per week to buy food, eg milk, about Rs 140 per day, per person,
pet, livestock member etc. in your family.
If you own a ranch with 1000 cattle, for example, you are in for a lot of pain in order to survive.
Similarly, if you are a policeman, politician etc. and have raped typically 1 woman per week, you are in for pain.

Everybody in the world wishes to survive.

For pain you will suffer for past wrong doing:
For a typical 50 yr old man this equates to
Rs 50 lakhs per day, ie the pain from 50,000 twisted ankles.
For a typical woman aged 50, it is about 550,000 twisted ankle pain levels per day.

For more details about your crimes etc. see C. above.

9. Obviously, if you have honestly acquired wealth, but have done wrong, you can sell Me some of your wealth
and in exchange suffer less pain. All you need to do is ask politely.

10. You are not permitted to steal or do other crime.

11. You are however, of course permitted to sell your labour time at market prices, eg Rs 30 per hour, typically.
12. Female prostitution services are the only ones that are often more expensive, see B. above.

13. The prices for which you can buy some standard goods from Me are set out in Cost of living around the World

J. Today, Friday 20 10 2017 is International Crime Punishment Commencement Day

1. Almost everybody in world has done crime in their life to date.
2. Suppose that the number of crucifiction-pain hours due to a person is Z up to this time.
(after deducting pain already suffered)
3. Suppose that the number of years left to live for this person is Y.
4. They will therefore suffer Z/Y/365.25 hours of crucifiction pain today.
5. Pain will start at 10.00 (Indian Time), and cease at 20.00 (Indian Time),
and then recommence the following day, etc. until you die.
6. To illustrate what this means:a typical 50 year old male has Z= 54 and Y=10.
7. He will therefore incur crucifiction level pain every hour for 10 hours of Z/Y/365.25/10
8. This is like being crucified on a cross for 0.09 minutes for each of the 10 hours today.
9. Equivalently, it is like having your throat slit for 0.62 minutes for each of these 10 hours
10. Equivalently, it is like getting 5300 ankles being twisted each hour today.
11. As an alternative to having this pain, the person can give up Rs 55 lakhs of honest wealth today.
12. In $ terms this is $84,000 for today's pain to be not suffered.
13. In practice, every person in the world will prefer to give up wealth rather than suffer pain.
14. Therefore, first, their wealth up to in this example $84000 will be deducted, and the balance
experienced as pain.
15. For example, suppose that the true value of this person's honestly acquired home, clothes, mobile, TV,cash..
is $1000.
16. Then he would give up these possessions, together with any dishonestly acquired wealth,and receive
17. 83/84 times the pain levels specified above, and then full pain on subsequent days.
18. However, many people have also been the victims of crime. Tax theft, beatings, rapes,..
19. They will be given exact compensation for such crimes.For example, a typical village
worker in India will have been forced to sell produce at below market prices and lost, over 30 years,
20. about Rs 14 lakhs. The amount of pain he suffers today and on future days is reduced to reflect this, or
21.if he has done little wrong,he will be given compensation of the appropriate amount.
22. The pain levels determined as above continue each day for the remaining life of the person.
23. In reality, all the calculations will be made EXACTLY and there will be no errors.
24. If you wish the timings to be changed, eg to a night shift, all you need do is ask politely.
25. Or you may prefer fewer hours of pain, with greater intensity, so you have more free hours
26. As you will see, each person as a starting point has 14 hours pain free (24 if they have done no wrong)
27. However, it does take time to recover from pain, and during this recovery time you are not able to do much.
28. The recovery time is more if the pain experienced is intense, and is less if you are healthy
29. For example, if you are 50 years old sleeping on average 7 hours per day, you will have about 20% of perfect health.
If you are due 50 hours of crucifiction level pain (typical male, roughly), your recovery time is about 12 minutes.
A similar typical woman with say 550 of crucifiction hours due will take 2 hours to recover.
30. If you want to date (see Dating Service India),
or you want to give or receive pleasure, for example by using a call girl (see B. above),
you will need to be painfree for the duration of giving or receiving pleasure,
you will need to have eaten, you will need to have showered and you may need internet
you will also need to prepare yourself, eg if you are a call girl, you need to be relaxed before meeting
you may need to travel to meet the person.
similarly, you will need to be not hungry, clean,relaxed if you are going to supply product, or serve someone
31. All these items can be purchased, see I.Capitalism applies,above.
32. In terms of relaxation,you need twice the recovery time to be able to serve customers properly
including taking a shower, but excluding travelling to meet them time.

33. If you want to receive pleasure, eg by being with a prostitute, you are also advised to purchase this relaxation time.

34. I am able to supply you with anything whatsoever you want, and will do so at reasonable cost
provided that you ask politely and the item required is not evil (beer, cigarettes,..)
35. In the above, I have excluded the effect of the newly enacted The Unfair Behaviour Act 19 Oct 2017

K.You know, I think it was in 1763, I cannot remember the exact date, I think the Brits under
the orders of the East India Company, SLAUGHTERED 2 Africans. Like just killed them perhaps!
It is just possibly amazing. Almost horrid. Virtually only two distressing to contemplate.
Of course, these 2 wogs must have been doing something really horrid like sitting in their
hotel room drinking tea. So they clearly deserved it.
Maybe there were other incidents too, I was not there I do not know for absolute sure.
I will ask Her Majesty to investigate this possible violation of human rights,
and if true or even if possibly true or even if untrue
punish the heirs to the attrocity culprits and all those who they reported to, and their heirs.
Did you know that, for example, 1100 hours on a cross is twice as undesirable as 550 hours?
For example, a woman who has been on a cross for 550 hours will be not happy about another 550 hours.
I am really determined to see that justice is not only done but seen to be done.
Even if I have to pay for 3 crosses Myself, I will do so. For example to speed matters up,
legs on one, body on another and head on third so it does not take ages for people to have to wait and watch.
Now you may think I am joking.
You shall see.
Is it a special rule or does it apply more generally, also eg to Lord and Lady My Forebears Dunits?
It is not a special rule.
I am not joking.
For example, in terms of murder, I can easily calculate, I already know, how many Africans were
murdered and how many British were likewise murdered. The first number is quite large, the second
is nil.45 million.
Every soul in the world, Myself included is subject to the same rules of fairness etc.
No one is singled out for special punishment, nor has special favours.
Of course there are also the people who did the actual murdering, their bosses, wives,..
Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, yanks, muslims.. ain't FELT nothing yet.
Red Indian souls, African souls, chink, Indian souls are relatively pain free. Their minds and bodies too.
All these and other evil is going to be wiped out, unless they switch to being good.
It shall happen, at 7.00 am Indian Time.

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