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You know My darklings, I am a very vain man or woman.

All My life I have electric shaved. It is rather dear to My heart,
because of course I like to attract women, particularly now that I am married.
Do you like being shaved? Where do you like being shaved?
In My case a few months ago I was in Ukraine like maybe desperate to attract women and so
I thought, oh I know what, I will shave
(Me not them although of course that would have been highly desirable too)
So, My darling(s) He makes My shaver to NOT work.
Well I think, this is an easily soluble matter.
In Ukraine I do not know why, but the shops do not have clear signs on them of what they sell.
Anyways, I was desperate, I went to maybe 15 shops
(flower shops, pharmaceutical shops, notary ie legal shops, food shops..)
I spent maybe Rs 30 or so going on their metro system trying to find a shaver
that Lord Vishnu did not want Me to have.
And I walked about 20 km trying to find an electric shaver.
In London, Tokyo, anywhere else in the world, it is easy to get a shaver.
NOT in Kiev, Ukraine.
And then finally last throw attempt My Lord finally relented and took Me to a poky
minute kiosk in Maidan metro station and there was an Indian vendor and bless him,
he sold Me the only electric shaver in Kiev.
I was so so happy at having thwarted My Lord's throbbing desire for Me not to shave.
And, real luck, the shaver worked. No women, aside of course from Lord Vishnu, jealous type,
but I then shaved.

So next I go to Kerala and soon My shaver does not work. Real rubbish these Ukrainian shavers.
So next I have a plan. I think why do I not buy another shaver.
My Lord gave Me a brain and I thought why not use it for a shaver, the one thing possibly on My mind.
So after it has to be said quite a lot of searching I found Indian shaver or
probably forgery of Taiwanese shaver or something.
Phew what a relief, I can again make Myself beautiful for women.
I mean no women, but at least I was pretty for them.

Next I get a different type of shaver because you will be perhaps surprised to know that
first shaver was not quite up to British shaver standards.
Basically although it sometimes hurt My skin, it took virtually NONE of My hair off.
Next, power chord of My new shaver goes missing.
Now trust Me I did not throw it away, I did not eat it, etc.
Anyway, at least I can shave for a few days.

Next, I go in search of power chord for the new shaver, the one Lord Vishnu stole from Me.
I am slowly becoming resigned to the fact that He wants Me all to Himself
because of course I am no longer pretty enough for Hindu woman.
But I do not give up completely. Until today.

My one shaver that works, the one that takes virtually none of My hair off, does not charge up.
I use it until the last juice of electricity is gone, I am now eg half shaved, and
really really almost miserable about it.
I may tomorrow gather up My forces and ask Lord Vishnu whether He or is it She wants Me to shave.

This wo man is rather persistent and diligent about giving you omens about
is it whether or not you should marry another wo man.
To tell you possibly truth, I have been shaving like for 50 years.
It makes absolutely no difference what you do, shave or not, half cut or not.

On this very very important matter She decides about exact length of her men's hair and
Her husband decides on exact length of a woman's hair.
I think for 49 years I was under Her control and last year
under His or possibly the other way around I am not sure about it.
Anyway there seems to be some differences of opinion amongst the Lord Vishnu family about
whether or not I should have a (nother) woman.
Persistance is the key to success.

If you want something real important to you, like woman, no hair, shaver or whatever,
you should definitely search in flower shops in Ukraine as a minimum starting point
and soon your innermost desire in search of true love it shall be granted.
Also walking is good exercise unless you are in a real hurry to find anything that you are looking for.

Proper understanding of what your husband wants and full obedience is very important.
You know Indian women such as Myself are very very quick to obey their husbands (plural)
but compared with British women are maybe not so good on the intelligence and understanding side.
It takes a few months possibly years for husbands desires to penetrate into their tiny minds.
But finally she gets it and is happy to be faithful to their wants.

You know the way I wrote it up above, obviously I am a bit upset.
But I never actually once disobeyed My husband.
Like a honey bee I take each moment as it comes, not thinking of past or future.
So I do not really analyze and think oh, My shaver is not working,
obviously My Lord does not want Me to have one.

I have a peaceful mind unless disturbed by some evil or other that needs sorting.
So I listen to His commands and because as with everybody I am impatient,
I sometimes ask Him questions.
Not too too many because as an Indian boy I never wanted to disturb anybody and the habit
carried over after marriage too.

But My shaver is not working and so I ask Him, shall I go out and get another.
It just never crossed My little mind to think oh, it is not working because
He does not want it to work.

When you do wrong, there is always some inkling that you are doing wrong.
But of course even though you know perfectly well that your husband is a complete scoundrel
never tells the truth except possibly to his other women and that never ever,
when My husband says yes, all other considerations are put to one side.

I sinned in some sense perhaps presumably because Lord Vishnu wanted Me to write to you about
it. Obviously, no Indian husband is going to say no to His wife when she nags him
about such silly matters, (only on important matters will he say no...).
Having sinned possibly, or more accurately My husband having sinned,
it is only appropriate for Me to request Him to punish Me for My error.
And of course which husband will not say yes to such a minor request.

Anyway, when you get a headache and are feeling down, lie down on your back,
and place your left arm dropped over your forehead. Keep it relaxed.
Rest your right elbow on the bed beside your hip.
Then quietly gently stroke your pubic hair from down up towards the navel, and
gradually the tears go and the headache eases off and you feel better.
The stroking disturbs your disturbed mind and the disturbance, evil, goes.
And peace comes back.
And then rest your palm on your abdomen, keeping the elbow on the bed so there is no weight
on the tummy, apologize to your Lord and rest or sleep.

I will write later to see whether the headache disappears.It did.
In My case obviously He knows that I did not mean to nag or disobey or anything,
so in no way is He upset.

A human husband though might be.
By experiencing this matter I was able to write to you about what to do,
so clearly some good will come from it.

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