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Having Fun With a Woman

Life is not just about $$$, love or sex.

It should also be about fun.

In this article, I discuss how you can have fun with a woman when the two of you are alone
or only with your children.
Child is able to talk, else it can watch.

If you have fun with a woman, or child, it is only fair for you to let it/her have fun with you.

She/it can read this and change it if they so wish to their taste. But, no change is necessary.

The best is, if there are 4 in the family, say, to take it in turns, half hour each.

For example, boy, girl and mum and dad family:

1. Mum is in charge first and has fun on boy, girl and then dad.1.5 hours (30 min each)
2. Dad is in charge next and has fun on girl, boy and then mum. 1.5 hours.
3. Boy is in charge next and has fun on mum, dad and girl. 1.5 hours,
4. Girl in charge next and has fun on boy, mum and then dad. 1.5 hours.

It takes 6 hours. If there are 3 in family, it takes 3 hours.
If there is just 2, man and woman, 1 hour.

So, man in charge, having fun with woman.
1. She is fully clothed to start.
2. Take off your panties but do not touch your skirt/dress/sari ('skirt')
3. She cannot do it.
4. Ok then I give you 4 spankings for being disobedient. Take off your skirt within 10 seconds.
5. She cannot do it. Ok then I give you 4 spankings and you tell me what you want me to do also.
6. You give her 4 spankings, hard on her bottom.(It is not possible to hurt a woman with spanking the bottom, but a child you should go a little easy on)
7. She instructs you on what you should do. You do it/try and do it.
8. Next take off your skirt within 20 seconds or I will kiss you on your nose 20 times.
9. She manages, or not it does not matter.
10. Kiss her anyway, 20 times.
11. What do you want me to do.
12. You do it.
13. Now kiss the table and cry at same time.
14. She does not do it.
15. You have been naughty, while I think of punishment, tell me what you want me to do.
16. You do it or not.
16A. I want you to kiss me on the cheeks with both your nipples without removing your Tshirt.
16B. You grow a beard first within 12 seconds.
17. Ok while i think of puishment for you, what punishment do you have for me?
18. you do punishment.
19. Punishment for her. Come to bedroom and do 20 sit ups and wank at same time with your right hand.
(actually, you just need to place your hand properly on the penis or vagina without moving it,
the act of sitting or lying automatically stretches and unstretches the vagina or penis)
20. Obviously, until about 14 a boy or girl will not reach.
21. She cannot do situps or she can, it does not matter.
22. You did not do good, let me help you.
23. You lift her up while she keeps her two fingers on the anus side of her vagina and her thumb on the
front side.
24. Ok, I did good, what punishment have you in store for me?
25. you try and maybe do it, maybe not.
26. I did not do well, what further punishment do you have for me, please help me do it.
27. She/it helps you.
28. You did not do well. 108 sit ups but I will help you. You sit on her thighs, while she/it wanks,
and if she cannot lift from lying, you pull her up.(an adult should not sit on a child's thighs, sit to the side).
29. Ok you did well, please help me do 108 also.(for a woman/child, it is not quite as easy as all that to lift a man)
30. You lie on bed, relax, be determined, place your left fingers around the top of the penis, stretch out your right hand towards her/it and sit up and down 108 times. Now, you will be
surprised to know that EVEN USA military will struggle a little with 108. They need the
assistance of a child. Even with a child's helping hand it is not easy. I manage 26 (on my own).
But if you repeat in 3 days you can do quite a bit better, and after say 2 weeks, do 108.
31. Anyways you are damn wacked for 5 minutes. I need NEED NEED a nap. If you disturb me I will give you a good spanking.
32. Do not tickle my feet.
33. These days even babies are evil. They tickle you while you lie exhausted from such a mammoth undertaking.
34. Then 108 spankings on their bottom. It is ok for them, but actually you doing 108 spankings is not perfectly easy.
35. Ok now I deserve to be spanked but you are only allowed to spank me 3 times.
36. You get spanked God alone knows how many times. It is good for their arm muscles.
37. I am going to finish my 108 sit ups, please please please help me, I feel like I am 291 years old.
I manage another 24 with right. Did you know that if a woman is sitting on your legs while you
do sit ups it is not really easy. Only Russian military can do this if machine gun trained at them cock open.
And then these buggers are murdered, either way, commie bastards.
38. ok I fail, i am going to rest for next 23 years, you kiss me wherever you want except on nose.
39. How could you kiss me on nose, i will spank you with my left hand 108 times.
Not easy when you are about to die from simple act of sitting up.
40. Ok now you spank me a minimum of 108 times, using your left hand. I am going to count.
41. They fail.Such a simple instruction and they disobey.
42. Did you know that it is easier to sit up if you grunt like a Japanese person?
43. I am most disappointed that you did/did not spank me 108 times. I observe a vow of silence
while I finish my sit ups, you are not allowed to tickle me while I am in agony.
(you will want her but off your legs, probably)
44. left hand, mouth shut. I manage 13 My lucky number. (you should not try more than 3 times
and not do more than 108. Did you know that steel gets no pleasure? When your tummy no longer
aches,eg in 3 days, you can try again, unless you are family of 4 when you got it coming to you 3 more times).
Did you know that it is not real easy to sit up when being tickled?
45. Now, I am going to look at you and you are going to look at me and you are not going to laugh. Otherwise I will punish you.
46. Obviously you laugh first.
47. You try and do whatever punishment comes into their evil minds, but not sit ups.
48. Now I am going to lie down and rest, with my legs over my tummy. If you sit on me I will throw you off.
She/it sits on your shins. An adult should not sit on a child. It is not too easy to kick your
legs up when a child is sitting on them, let alone a woman. If you are very strong, you should
not let them fall off, but just practice lifting them up. Not so easy. Try hard to be relaxed at same time, throat,eyes,..
49. Next, to a woman, would you like me to sit on your legs; and if not and to a child, I am
going to press my hands down on your legs so you cannot lift them. Please be relaxed or I will kiss you to make you better.
50. And then you kiss her or it on the throat and eyes and temples and cheeks. Not on the lips if it is a child.
To do this, lie on top of her. Ask her to squeeze her legs together so there is no hanky panky.
You, spread your legs wide, with your penis stretched back and just above, NOT in her vagina. No sex.
She still has her panties on or does she?
Neither of you should lie on a child, but it can lie on top of you. When it is your turn with child, lie next to the child.
Then you do push ups.
First, you should not crush a woman, so to lie on her, go onto your elbows so your weight
is not on her chest. If at any time you cannot manage go to the side of her. Of course, a woman can lie on a man, no problem.
Then press your groins down onto hers, and then come up onto your hands, straighten your arms. Your legs are still wide apart.
Then bend your elbows and kiss her softly, cheek, throat, wherever, once. Then straighten your
arms, and bend them and another kiss, again pressing your groins hard down into her.
Keep going up and down.
When she says no more kisses you should go back onto your elbows or move to the side.

51. Then ask her, please kiss me. Same for her, push ups. But she does not need to go onto her elbows.
This time you are under her with your legs squeezed tight together. She spreads her legs
as wide as she can, and presses her pubis down towards you, her vagina above your penis.
And then she does what she wants as usual with women these days.
With children, they may be deficient in size to press their penis/vagina/pubis to where exactly it should be.
They cannot even cum. So they can come up and have their head near yours and kiss you.
But, they should NOT do press ups, nor spread legs wide, nor squeeze legs together. Just happily kissing you.

When you do exercise, Western poison will try and come out of you. You will feel scratch, you should scratch.
Your toes will tingle. KEEP them still. Your ankles and feet may tingle, lie on your back and exercise them.
Beige stuff will come out of your eyes. Every time it feels uncomfortable, bathe the eyes 3 times in a little water,
and then wipe softly with a wet little finger first from outside in, upper part of eye,
then lower, then from inside to out, first upper part of eyeball, then lower.
When eyes do not feel funny and no more stuff is there, stop.
Also, poison will come into your mouth. Preferably milk or coconut water, otherwise regular sewage water.
Take a scoop into your mouth, swirl it and then spit it out into toilet bowl.
You should clean your mouth at the same time as you clean your eyes, every 30 mins or so.
If you sweat, shower.

With sit ups, if you are Robocop or Arnold Scwarzenigger, with steel abdomen, and a permanent
supply of chewing gum, you can sit up and down about 1 million times. That is really wonderful.
But, if you want peace and relaxation and sex and enjoyment at the same time, you can still do it
1 million times if that is what turns you on. But, if you want peace then you need to practice with a peaceful mind.
If you want sex you need to practice while remaining hard/wet..By practising as above, you will be able
to do just as well as Robocop, except for an occassional pee/pooh break.
God made man perfect (women of course the opposite).
But, if you are busy 24/7 doing sit ups, when will you get time to love a woman? She needs you hard 22/7.
And Scwarzenigger cannot get hard even though his muscles used to be made of iron. He needs viagra. Why not buy him some?

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