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Who do you really love?

Your mind is not an entity that gives nor receives love.

Your heart may be hard, it may be soft but is actually your soul.
You do not have a separate heart and soul.

You are your soul and if your soul is soft it can and therefore will both give and receive love in equal measure.

Your soul is an infinitessimal part of Me.

Everything in this, the only universe is a part of Me, and your soul is one such part.

I created souls to be independent living entities, but they are still a part of Me.

Living means that they have the characteristics of sexual function, as distinct from inanimate
objects such as stones which have no sexuality.

Not all living entities have souls, only those with feelings have souls.
Even Japanese people have souls you will be surprised to know.
Even a fetus has a soul and has a fully functional and active sexual functionality.
Although the bodily representation of sex may be a penis or vagina engaged with each other,
and something not totally dissimilar happens with ALL living entities including a fetus,
feeling sexuality occurs only with souls.
So, there is bodily sexuality and soul sexuality.
In addition, those living beings with souls have minds, which are given only to assist the soul
in giving and gaining orgasm. Of course, the mind in a human is a powerful instrument and can be used for evil too.
Bodily sexuality is both for procreation purposes and also to assist the soul in giving or receiving orgasm.
The mind of a soul receiving 24/7 orgasm is perfectly healthy and this health gives also
perfect bodily health.
A tiger in the wild receives 24/7 orgasm.
The soul of a fetus has 24/7 orgasm which is why it grows so perfectly.
This continues after birth with impetus for 24/7 coming from suckling the mother's breasts.
Then as the parents mistreat the child and do not give it sexual satisfaction,
the orgasms its soul experiences wear off.
Anyways, these orgasms soften the soul or keep it soft, and keep the mind pure and tranquil,
The soul is then in a position to give and receive love.
In the case of an animal in the wild, it loves Me.
A dog in captivity, loses its love for Me, quickly, and becomes fond of its owner until the owner starts mistreating it:
for example shouting or hitting it, keeping it on a lead in a park when it wants to run around,
and preventing it from making love, finally murdering it.
Love for it never happens because of it being an evil human soul in its previous birth.
It does not realize the full extent of the evil that the human does, feeding it poison,
injecting it with vaccines, ...
A woman gets to love a man, maybe, but the soul of a man is just a small part of Me,
so the reality is that she is loving Me.
And a man, if he marries gets to love that woman, until she destroys that love.
And all eventually get to love Me.
In this article, Me means My Lord, Lord Vishnu.

May He for ever be happy and happier and in love.

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