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When Life Gets TOO Much for you

Notice that in the title it does not say 'if', it says ' when'.

This article applies to everyone on planet earth.
For example, it includes:

*murderers, hairdressers
*Mr Gates

What you do is you lie down naked on your front with your arms folded so your head rests on your arms.
And then you say in a determined fashion, quietly to yourself:

"I am going to be good."

You can say it to yourself as many times as you wish.
And then you wait, in this position, until you feel better, that is you feel that

Life is NOT too much for you.

Now this waiting it may be 10 seconds or it may be 1 year, in which case you will have starved yourself to death, and

Life is then NOT too much for you.

And then if able, you get up and you think to yourself

What is good?

And you of course know the answers, for example:

*Not lying
*Not killing babies
*Being vegetarian
*Not cheating
*Giving back your Swiss Bank account assets to those you have cheated, tortured etc.
*Not worshipping mother fucking Mary, Jesus, Allah, $$, Krishna, Durgaa,..
*Being polite
*Being kind
*Taking steps to bring sex back into your life
*Getting rid of ALL hindrances to achieving that: like current wives if appropriate,
face cream, contact lenses, TV, excess possessions..
*If you are a woman, taking steps to make yourself beautiful and healthy and strong
and resolving to be good to the first man who comes or came to you
*If you are a man, taking steps to make yourself beautiful with 2 nipple rings, 1 ear-ring,
and smelling good with Christian Dior perfume
*Stopping ALL unnecessary American activities like jogging, hairdressers, football,
working if possible, gym, cleaning cars, gossipping..
*Reading articles on this website that will help you

Your purpose in life is to do with pleasuring a man (if you are a woman) or pleasuring a woman (if you are a man).

Until you do this pressure, pain etc. will build and build until either

Lord Vishnu gives up on you and you are exterminated, or
You become good.

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