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What turns a man, a woman on?

A. Women, theoretical women, perverts and lesbians

A woman is one who is interested in having sex with her man.
Nowadays, with poor upbringing, many females are more interested in their career or in money or in nail varnish or in having sex with many men.
These females operate at a theoretical level, and if and when a sexual encounter arises, they are only aroused, if at all, by the thought of a large hard
penis giving them orgasm. Of course, mostly such females are too stressed to have regular orgasm, but see My article Sex and Marriage on how they can achieve this.
And then there are some female perverts, interested in receiving pain to their nipples or vagina.
And, finally, there are lesbians, those who are fond of the company of other women, still interested in orgasm.

And what of a woman? She is turned on (gets wet) when her man gets excited.

In reality, every female (perverts, lesbians, all) wants to be a woman. And the route to this is desire. The more she sees beautiful naked women, the more she will want
to look after herself (which comes only through exercise) and have a man, her man, to have sex with.

B. Men, car jacks, perverts and gays

What turns men and males on?
A man is one who is interested in pleasuring his woman, of course also in being pleasured.
He gets turned on by seeing the breasts of a woman, any woman, but different men have different tastes in breasts.
It may be a particular colour, shape, roundness or size that turns him on. Of course, this assumes that the woman keeps trim and fit.
No man is going to be turned on by a fat woman. So, every woman, every female, has the opportunity to attract a man.
In terms of males, as with women, there are regular males who are focussed on money, career, cars, football, etc.
These males are still turned on by breasts.
Then there are perverts, turned on by a woman's toes or handbag or panties or ear..
And then there are gay males, interested in the company of other males, not turned on by anything but still interested in orgasm.

Every male really wants to be a man, and the way to achieve this is through desire and exercise. All males and men need to see breasts,
according to their taste, which builds and develops the more breasts are seen.

C. Building Desire

The following files will specifically help men and women build desire:

Pictures of some beautiful women
Pictures of some beautiful women 2
Pictures of some beautiful women 3
Pictures of some beautiful women 4
Pictures of some beautiful women 5
Pictures of some beautiful women 6
Pictures of some 'ordinary' women
Pictures of some 'ordinary' women 2
Pictures of some 'ordinary' women 3

Typical Beautiful Western Woman
Typical Beautiful Western Woman2
Typical Indian Woman
It also helps build desire to look at naked women performing yoga:

Yoga Backbends
Yoga: Other Poses
Yoga: Other Poses2
Yoga Sitting Poses
Yoga Sitting Poses2

Well, if you are not done by now I am surprised.

There are no good movies, they are all Western rubbish, evil.
But I have included the best in the world for you to watch or download in the list of articles on the home page.

Here are the best videos in the world:

Best Videos in World 1

Best Videos in World 2

Best Videos in World 3

Best Videos in World 4

D. Who turns you on?

If you are a man who wants a happy married life, you need to cease wrong doing, but you also need to select a woman who turns you on.
It does not do to have to look at a picture of another woman to get and keep yourself hard. You can do this but love will not happen.
And, for a woman choosing a man, if she wants love to happen, she also needs to ensure that her man is attracted to her breasts.
He should get hard just looking at them. It is a mutually beneficial marriage when she gets wet when he gets hard looking at her.
For those interested not in happy marriage but in face cream or cricket, for example, and for perverts, it is still advisable to select a mate based on whether the man is turned on by the woman's breasts. It leaves open the possibility of happy marriage, and means that the couple will not have affairs,
and will have orgasm much more often. If the female is only aroused at the thought of a large hard penis entering her, this way she will have the hard part catered for.
Since with so much wrong doing, perfect sex and love does not happen, the two articles How to Choose a Man and How to Choose a Woman should also be used.

Of course, if you happen to be a kind person, most likely you will WANT a kind person.
And then, all the above is rubbish.
A kind person gets special favourable treatment from Lord Vishnu.
You choose or your parents choose or you do not choose all is irrelevant.
On the marriage front, the dating front, you do not need to worry at all.
Did you know it only takes one second for a person to be kind.

And of course if you happen to be a good person, then all the above is RUBBISH.

And of course if you happen to be an evil person, then it the hell does not matter what you do
Your evil plans will turn out for your good.

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