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What does a woman look like?

A. Western Science Sexologist View

Well, obviously, no woman is going to show a Sexologist her vagina.

So, the Sexologist takes a cow, pokes its eyes out so it cannot see what he is doing, feeds it sawdust
and then slits its throat, all in the name of SCIENCE

Then he lays the cow down on his dinner table, turns it upside down and has a look.

And then guess what he does?
He unzips his pants and puts it in.

B. What is the reality, the artistic view?

A woman has a hole and you put either your penis in or one or two fingers.

If you cannot find the hole, she will help you.

You can call the hole a fancy scientific name like 'clit' or 'labia minora' or 'George' but this will not help you find it.
Some sexologists consider that I made some women's holes too small for their man.
Such holes are the right size for one finger, which is all she needs, she does not deserve a baby.

Incidentally, clitoris stimulation is too much for a woman and also too much for cows.
Two seconds and they are done.
They need a hard one, penis or finger, on the back not front of the hole (the scientific terms are the part of the hole nearest the anus, perenium, labia Majora).
See Man woman fun

They need this bad and they need it for one hour or more.


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