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What does a Man Want to See?

Well of course women have the exact same wants.

When you look at a picture of a woman or an actual man or woman, what brings on desire,
staying power, ability to please etc.?

*pleasant smiling honest direct sexy desire filled face
*beautiful face, symmetric
*kind eyes
*brown coloured body. It is a myth that sunshine causes cancer, obviously sun beds
are not good for you
*slim, athletic, toned firm body
*flexible body
*firm not floppy breasts which can get no pleasure, in the case of a woman,
not too small like a man's,
not too big like your grandmothers
*firm erect nipples, not too small, not too big
*an open available body, not covered with hands and clothes, etc.
Do you want war to get in?
*pubic hair
*long scalp hair, not to the feet but to the waist
*an open vagina or open penis
*open legs

Of course, you may not get all of these, and when love happens you look at
a man or a woman with less discerning eyes.

When you look at a picture of a woman (or an actual man or women),
how do you proceed to help you bring pleasure of course to yourself
but to your spouse or spouse to be?

*you need to build up staying power, in postures that tax you a little,
staying for 30 minutes etc.
And once you have in your mind had enough ache,
you need to settle in something comfortable
*you need to hold your urine, this helps bring firmness to the vagina or penis
*you need to keep your penis or vagina hard or at least functional semi hard for him or her.
If soft, you cannot get friction and so neither of you will get much pleasure.
*for firmness in the penis and vagina it is also very helpful to practice
squeezing the legs together, hard, and keeping them together
*to build up pleasure you need to contract your stomach muscles,
and also develop firm buttocks through gripping them together
* to receive much pleasure in coitus, you need your legs straight,
so you need flexibility, and soft strength in the legs
*the penis and vagina, and breast and nipple are basically muscle
so with use becomes stronger, firmer
*when you look at the picture you should look out for a love or sexy face and beautiful boobs,
a firm attractive body, availability etc. and pubic hair or open vagina, all as discussed above.
*if you are not hard you make yourself hard, not too too quickly,
just steady determined, relaxed.
*if it is not coming go to the next picture and if still not focus on your eg right nipple.
If not sensitive, pull it out, hard, twist etc. and after 30 seconds touch lightly
and keep on touching while you look
*if your penis or vagina is sore, a bit of pressure helps, so you can lie down on your front,
with the penis pointing away from you towards your feet and
every now and again press your pubis downwards.
*milk, butter, yoghurt, urine also help remove soreness as does holding in your hand and applying pressure.
To build up desire the penis or vagina should be open when pressed down like this.
*obviously when you cannot take more on right nipple
you do left and then later do vagina or penis again.
*every now and again, you can go quick, eg if your penis or vagina becomes soft,
but stop before you release
*before you finish, you should release.

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