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This article is about flooding, when buckets of water pour out of a man or woman's or a child's eyes.
It is NOT about the miniscule droplet that comes out once per year from between the legs of a woman, nor the flood of rubbish that comes out once per month from this same area, nor about the loose motions that come out of your anus from time to time.
Flooding or even a slight moisture has one of 2 (two) causes:
1. Bringing goodness to you.

These two causes can be broken down further:
1. your eyes are dirty and need to be cleaned of Western poison etc.
2. you are short or long sighted etc. and cannot clearly see the face/chest of your man or woman
3. your heart is broken and the resulting droplet is a signal to Lord Vishnu that He should give you another opportunity to have your heart broken, probably this time smashed into smithereens
4. they did not have yellow nail varnish in the shop
5. I only managed to steal $107, 500 today not $797,500.
6. the one you love was hurt
7. the one you love has in some way indicated that he or she may not love you.
8. your hand or $5 or some other possession of yours has gone missing.
9. your hand or some other possession of yours hurts.
10. there is a reasonably good prospect of one or more of the above hapenning
11. or the one you love says you are hurting him or her

I leave it to the reader to go through this list of tragedies and determine why a tear is good in respect of each one.
There is NO bad that ever happens in this (there are no other) world.

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