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WW3 Begins


Ian Fleming's Goldfinger said, "Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action".

(Maybe you heard of James Bond movies? British.)

Today 3 enemy actions as at 4.46 am Indian Standard Time, and all I am doing is as usual
innocent friendly activities:

Horror#1: It Happened
Who done it to Me? Indian army?
A valuable possession of mine, a small piece of white paper on the floor that I was going to throw away DISAPPEARS.
Who came into My bedroom when for some reason I might have not have noticed and stole it?

Horror#2: Coincidence
Who done it to Me? Frogs?
SAME TIME. Coincidence.
Someone puts horrid evil smelly awful small Indian caterpillar in My hallway. How did they enter?
I am shocked. Afraid. Angry. Hard. But

Horror#3:Enemy shall die
Who done it to Me?Allah?
ONE MINUTE LATER. Enemy action.
Someone pus puts ANOTHER horrid evil smelly awful small Indian caterpillar in My bathroom.
I am ice cold. Livid. Petrified. Hot. Bothered.

I am going to hunt them down. Sock it to into them like BATMAN could not and oh My God you ain't seen nothing yet.

AND items 2 and 3 above DISAPPEAR.

My (countless, toeless, tit less, big, powerful) enemies will NOT be so lucky.

Frying like you would a potato, boiling like you woud a crab, burning like you would a witch, feeding to lions like you would a big christian and Rama's Sita, crucifying like you would a small Christian, amputating like you would a muslim,
and loving like you would a Hindu baby under 1 month,

Ho ho ho.

05.26 IST Update.

A small fly, about .03 cm (.08 inches) lands on My bed.

Cold sweat. Peace in My mind but: Immobility. Murderous hard hard thoughts. Revenge. Rape. Pillage.


Huge relief. Battle is being won. Enemy is being defeated. War is just just starting and I am happy again.

And I have not even had to disturb My right hand.

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