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The Unfair Behaviour Act 19 Oct 2017

1. This Act applies all over the world and has retroactive effect.
2. Everybody is expected to treat every other human being fairly.
3. Fairness is measured by financial or other loss.
4. The base for how you measure such loss is the most favourable treatment you give or have given to others.
5. The amount of financial or other loss is calculated by subtracting the base from the terms actually given.
6. Other loss is first converted to financial loss equivalent for all calculations governed by this act.
7. The amount of such loss, if any, is credited to the victim of unfairness, and debited from the aggressor.


1. X, the person making an offer of employment, pays a lower salary to a coloured/English/Tamil..
person Y, than to others of similar qualifications or suitability for the job.
Obviously, women are not suited except in regard to sexual services, like actress, model,..
2. Y gets credited with lost salary or other benefits in respect of the number of years for which the unfairness impacts him.
3. X as hotel receptionist charges Y more than he is aware others have been charged.
4. X denies Y use of internet, when it is given to police or government.
5. X hires unqualified woman in preference to man who is unable to get similar paid job elsewhere.
6. Manager Z of hotel receptionist X hides charging policy from X so that X not knowingly charges excess.
Z is being unfair.


1. A manager instructs receptionist to charge more to Westerners than Indians. This is not nice, but is NOT an act of unfairness. But, if he fires the receptionist for disobeying his orders, this is unfair.

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