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The Unavailability Act 23 October 2017

Sometimes your soul over the last 580 million years has been in unavailability mode to someone
who rightfully has rights to availability.
For example, after marriage, a couple are due to service each others needs.
The man or woman might be with another lover, or gone to work or watching football.
Or a hotel receptionist is not there or does not answer calls.
Or a service provider or manufacturer does not answer the telephone within 20 seconds
or does not answer emails at all or properly.
The victim may suffer loss of pleasure time or pleasure itself, loss of tranquility, financial loss, or
actual physical pain from your unreasonable unavailability.
The word 'unreasonability' applies. If you have gone to the toilet and are back in 5 minutes,
then often, it is not unreasonable unavailability.
Similarly if you are asleep between 9 am and 9 pm.

Sometimes, the aggressor party makes a habit of being unavailable, not just once.
The victim then does not need to on each occassion of needing assistance etc. have to make a phone call.
He can reasonably make an assumption that you are unreasonably unavailable.
Usually, he or she can expect 24/7 availability from you, unless you have specifically agreed a
reduced price for lesser availability.
All losses on account of unavailability shall be paid for, usually in terms of pain.

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