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Suppose you marry an ugly woman

Here, by ugly, I mean physical looks.

You look at her and you say to yourself, 'oh my God, this is not what I want to see'.
It is a very natural thought.
For example it covers ALL French, Hungarian, Romanian and Fijian women.
Now what do you do?
Tears? No.
Wee wee? No.
Fuck? Yes.
This situation cannot be helped.

You went to a brothel and in a moment of regret you entered her.
You are now committed for life to pleasure her, and she you.
Or you needed money and she kindly offered to pay you.
Or you were drunk at the time or high on ecstasy.
Or your mama insisted you enter her.
Or no one else wanted you.
Or her dad held a gun to your head and said 'enter'
Or you were desperate.
Or you wanted a French passport.
Or she said please.
Or you like making nice women happy. Any will do but by mistake you entered this one.
Actually, for example, there are about 25 million French women and about 25 million
reasons why one may want to enter them.
Mostly, it is pure stupidity.

You know pretty much everything is lost, your whole world is crumbling down in unhapiness.

To make yourself even unhappier, you buy a small 'tablet' computer type thingggy.
And load it up with all the vids and pictures from this website by pressing 'download'.
Then you make yourself happy.
And you wait.
A French woman really prefers a man in them or assisting them because they are not very good at doing it themselves.
So, as I say elsewhere, for about 27 years she will put up doing it to herself every other day.
And every day she will search the porn dating sites in the hope that she will find a
better man to enter her.
And of course, that is impossible, you are by far and away the best man (available).
Anyway, you just enjoy yourself for those 27 years.

1. Men are better at doing themselves than are their womenfolk doing it to them
2. A man gets MORE satisaction by doing his own nipples etc. and then ultimately (soon) when
desire gets the better of him, doing it himself, than putting it in a woman.
3. And, he gets MORE satisfaction by looking at pics or vids of beaut women than looking at an ugly face to breast one.
4. There are no other considerations.

Anyway, this woman whom in error you married, day by day gets desperate.
She has no options. No one, not even her dad wants her, let alone her mama.
She puts on face mascara to hide, then glasses or contacts, wears a hat in vain hope she will be hidden.
Actually, she will start exercising and dieting, unless you penetrate her.
You just wait, happy, much happier than if you were in her (truth), or find another woman.
French women really are absolutely hopeless at making themselves happy.
So one day, actually before 27 years, natural urges will get the better of her, and she will
say 'please'. Astonishing, such a normal word, and the first time in her life she has used it.
In French, they do not actually say 'please' because they like to pretend that there is a
French word equivalent almost as good. Of course there is not.
So she will actually on that first occassion say 'mercy'.
You should pretend that you do not understand what 'mercy' means, it is a technical English term
which is no longer understood.
So, you just wait until she says the ENGLISH words 'please, please, please, I beg of you, enter me'.
This precise combination and NO other.
And then it is your choice.
To give in to emotional blackmail and be miserable or to continue being happy.
If you decide to show her 'mercy', take the tablet, sit on her and enter 1 minute maximum,
whilst looking at a video.
Then get out fast, wank whilst holding the tablet in your weaker usually left hand, and cum
onto the floor or bed beside her, or if the bedlinen belong to you, rush to the toilet
and do it into the bowl before you get soft.
Then wait another 27 years (actually, typically about 4 days, so good were you compared with her astonishing abilities) before she says:
please, please, please, I beg of you, enter me'.
And then your terms:
"Fat ugly woman get out of my sight, or on your hands and knees and then never
or lose 40 kg first plus exercise.., and then I will think about it and say NO"
so, 27 years later (actually maybe 6 months), she is on her hands and knees and
has lost 40 kg and has exercised (or thereabouts) and has turned herself almost pretty, unless
you show more mercy and enter her first.
Actually, it is not just French women who are ugly.
And then there is ugliness of their minds, ..

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