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Typical Indian Woman

This is an example of what an average Indian woman looked like prior to British influence.

They were sexy and in love, obeyed their husbands, and retained their stunning looks
until death, typically at about age 90.

The Loving Heart Centre

"Dear Customer,

Greetings from ICICI Bank.

Cash Withdrawal of INR 10.03 has been made at an ATM using your Debit Card linked to Account XX0561. Info: NFS*Bal.Inq.Chg."
Plus other garbage like 'Sincerely'
I do not know whether you have ever tried to withdraw INR 10.03 from an icky ATM. It is not as easy as it sounds.
Minimum I have ever withdrawn is about $100 (Rs 6500), except in India and Ukraine where it is more usually Rs 0.00.
And last time I handled Rs 0.03 (3 paise, about $0.00000000001) was 30 or so years ago, maybe to throw into trash can.
Anyways I now have an investment of Rs 164 in uck bank. Are the directors going to instruct uck computer buffs to steal the final Rs 164 from Me?
Did you know that if uck-bank staff find 0.01 Rs missing they have to spend overnight looking for it in toilet, under toilet, in their arses, in the rubbish bin, etc.?
But that if a customer loses his entire savings it is just normal business practice?
One possibility is for you to try a British (i.e. Chinese) bank, HSBC, now that State Bank of India is closed and can no longer blackmail you.
HSBC, now there is honesty AND safety for you. Nothing could go wrong with your dishonestly acquired savings there, now could it?
Or you could try PAYPAL (also chink). A watchword in honesty and rue-this-dayability.
Now I have worked for quite a few American banks, and can swear by them

". .shopping is great shopping View Online PayPal PayPal We've made it easy for you. Now that you've got your PayPal account, it's time to discover just how simple it is.."

I cannot remember the last few words on this junk mail I got from Pay Pal. I think it was 'to steal your money'.
Shyam Mehta, remember, your account’s ready and waiting

to shyam
0 minutes ago
Shyam Mehta - Simple shopping is great shopping
View Online



We’ve made it easy for you.

Now that you’ve got your PayPal account, it’s time to discover just how simple it is to use us.

Basically, all you need at checkout is your email address and password. There’s no need to key in any card details (which also makes it safer for you) or fill up lengthy online forms. Plus, your eligible purchases are covered by Buyer Protection†.

Your new PayPal account allows you to:

Go shopping

Go shopping
Check out with PayPal at millions of online stores.

Shop safe

Shop safe
Enjoy Buyer Protection on eligible PayPal purchases† and never share your financial information.

Get refunds on your return shipping

Get refunds on your return shipping
Intend to return an item you purchased? Activate Refunded Returns service to enjoy a refund*.

Use your PayPal account at your favourite stores, and discover new places to shopdiscover new places to shop.

*Up to one refund per person to the value of US$15 each until 31 December 2016. Terms and conditions apply."

I think it a very good idea to take up their offer of a free refund until 31 12 2016.

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