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How to build trust in a marriage

Why does a man in love obey his wife down to the minutest detail?
Why does a woman in love with her husband obey him absolutely?
Why does a son obey his father without question?
Why does a daughter completely always disobey her mother?

A. This is how it works.

B. Instructions to Lord Vishnu and ALL male human beings.

1. Prior to marriage you should tell the truth.

A woman will never believe you so trust is zero.
This is a very good start, trust can only build from here onwards.

2. If when you are married you tell her the truth, she will believe you and will trust you.
Therefore, trust cannot build.
She needs to try and try and try to trust you. It is important in a good marriage.
Her trusting her husband is not to do with how worthy or otherwise he is.
She needs to cry and be disappointed and resolve again and again to trust you.
As time goes by in a good wife, she gets better at trusting you.
When she is perfect, has 100% trust in you, that is the time to tell her the truth.
Actually, there are two definitions of truth for a couple, eg for the wife:
American truth, black is black, you are 5'7" if that is what the tape measure says.
Indian truth, which is that black is white if that is better for your wife to bring love into her heart.

So, a man should always tell Indian truth:

1. American truth prior to marriage.
2. The opposite during the initial phase of marriage, and
3. American truth once the woman has good love for you.

C. Instructions for your good to ALL women

You should always tell Indian truth to a prospective or actual husband.
Indian truth for a woman to tell is similar to American truth, except
1. told in such a devious lying way that only a woman can manage it, such that whatever you say
is for the good of your husband, and
2. if 1. is not possible, you keep your mouth shut.

You tell him the truth about yourself, but do not upset him about other matters unless it truly is for his benefit.

NB.Major error in line 2, starting with letter B. But otherwise perfect.

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