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True Love or Love

A. Love ranges from 0 units to infinite units, where 100 units is how much you love your self.

When you give love to someone, it is rather easy to find out how much love you have given.

B.You ask Lord Vishnu and He will tell you. Why should He keep this important data secret
from one He loves?
So, you lie down on your bed, naked, and relax, and be in listening mode.
You have been to loo, you have watched as many horror movies as you want and after finishing all more important activities, you want to listen.
And you make a noise like
"Dear Lord Vishnu I am sorry to trouble you, but I respectfully ask you, how much love do I have for Donald Trump"

Now, this is a very very difficult question and it may take Lord Vishnu some years or decades to calculate the precise number.
Also He might get confused as to which Donald Trump you mean,
maybe there are two of them in the world and Lord Vishnu does not understand which of them you mean.
And of course Lord Vishnu only really is familiar with Sanskrit language so you should ask it in Sanskrit in case He misunderstands you.
Anyways you will get a number obviously -40173. Even I could have told you that.
You are so evil Lord Vishnu has to grit His teeth just to get one number delivered to you with difficulty when the answer is obvious.
Actually there are two possible numbers that are possible 1. about 0 and 2. he is rich so -40173 but I will grin and bare it.

C. What does Love really mean?

What does 5 units of love mean?

*It means that you love your loved one in the amount of 5% of how much you love yourself.

5% is mathematically the same as 1 in 20.
So as an example, suppose you love Mr X 5%.

Roughly speaking if you are given a choice between
*him losing all his fingers and toes, or
*you losing one finger or toe, you will say
*please kindly do me, not him.

So really you should think of love in terms of finger losses.

Which is what you will do to him or her if you are hungry unless kind etc.

If Lord Vishnu utters 10, you are happy to lose 2 fingers or toes for every 20 of his/hers.

20 means 4 fingers etc.

But the reality is that you are evil.

If he gets to eat your fingers first, your love for him will drop a touch.

Eg to -40173.

So really you need to exercise and become strong, buy a machette,

so that you can eat his fingers first and maintain your love for him.

D. True Love

Suppose that Lord Vishnu tries to fool you and says 100.00001.

This means you have true love for one who will eat your fingers.

It means even if he eats your fingers, your love for him will not drop



Even in heaven, even a long long time into the future, even if he hates you, you will have slightly more love for him than for yourself.

Women particularly are evil.

Before marriage you might lie down and ask Lord Vishnu the question:

Dear..(whatever bull shit you want to say) and

please let Me know 'should I enter her' or better how much do I love her.'

You do not need to worry about how much she loves you, that is her job.

Your job is to love her before sexual relations, and even more before marriage which is entry and semen release.

E. Recommendation

Before you get a woman to remove her panties, you should love her

at least

30 units, ie 30% of how much you love yourself.

Similarly, before you remove your panties for a man,

you should love him at least 30 units.

Unless you pay her appropriately the call girl fee set out elsewhere on this website for whatever nice thing you want from her,

when her removing her panties should be free, ie part of the overall package of using her.

If a man forces you to remove your panties with emotional blackmail,

he will pay appropriately, unless he loves you at least 30 units.

But no man who loves you eg 30 units will emotionally blackmail you.

Before you allow a man to enter you,

or before you give in to a woman's requests to enter her,

you should love him or her at least this amount but you should realize that
nowadays men have little self control and so this is marriage with attendant life long commitment.
You then have a reasonable 'chance' of controlling the woman

so that love builds between you both to true love

(100 units to infinite units),

rather than you having to find another woman.

But, true love does not go with being evil, killing babies etc.

So if you regularly enter the woman, kill fetuses, etc,

true love will not build and you will need another woman..

F. Goodness, niceness

In the old days, men and women were nude and there was

no payment of love or anything required for both to receive pleasure. Similarly for a horse or whatever.

But these days people are not good. They are not like horses.

It does not cost much to go to a strip club and pay a woman to take her panties off.

But it is soul destroying for her and she receives appropriate compensation, just as she will if you cut off her hand.

But it is not nice, is it even if you pay appropriately and she also is appropriately rewarded.

Similarly, most men and women have debts and so may need to work

these off eg as a 'call girl or hard man'.

Or you do not yet have a partner, eg because you did not look

after yourself and are fat (like E, possibly) and so you need to use

a brothel.

Well you pay, he/she is reasonably rewarded, but it is not nice, just necessary.

If a woman wants a good marriage,

she is advised to let the person she is thinking about to see her breasts.

She should do this for free, it is in her interests and it is nice for him.

It is a mutually beneficial transaction.

Obviously if she is not considering him then she should ask for payment. For example $3.

It is not an hourly rate because if she is attractive to him,

he will think of marriage, good for her,

and a man nowadays does not have much desire in him after a little while.

If he wants to touch her, it is again good for her,

he is interested and she gets whatever little, nowadays nil,

pleasure that she deserves. So this does not warrant love nor payment.

But if she takes her panties off, these days mens minds are dirty,

and a little love is a good thing to start off to make the whole thing good.

If he is half a man he will ensure she takes off her bra and interesting things may easily happen even if the man is from Iceland.

Men these days do not have much desire,

but it builds if there is a reasonable prospect.

If you give out signs that you aim to be a virgin and dress always like virgin mary,

his desire already basically miniscule drops off sharpish even if out of habit

he gives you a rose every Sunday tea time.

If he believes that there is a reasonable prospect of seeing something

he will want to stick around until dinner.

But if nothing happens at dinner time, not all is lost.

He dreams about seeing them or it, depending on how dirty and shabby

he is.

So his desire builds up.

But his desire does not stick up for a couple of years.

About 6 weeks is optimal for cockroaches.

And then it is complicated, each marital possibility is different,

he may find that you are not blonde or that your shoes are not pink or whatever.

Anyway at t= 6 weeks you can get $3.

More is theft and will be deducted from you in pain etc..

Or you might just do things the Indian way.

Mama whom should I marry.

I got no idea, I have zero interest in you.

Mama please tell me.

ok. Go ask your dad.

Sure honey, I love the look of your tits, why not marry Me.

But pa I am a lesbian.

No worries dear, if you do not want your tities it is no problem for me but also introduce me to your lover.

Sure pop I will be obedient as I always have been since age 3.

This is Indian.

What about Muslim?


Men are...

If you do what your parents say, you got good chances.

By the way, tit, breast, bosom, bust, boob mean all the same thing.

Tities is sort of plural but only rude people use that term.

In men these are known as chest, I mean actually chest is a broader geographical range, entire upper front torso,

but when a woman says to you please show me your chest it means

she is a medical doctor and is going to cut off your nipples unless $1 million changes hands.

This is what she means by (ex)changing hands.

Nipples are small 0.2 cm or so small pimples on men's breasts, and typically about 0.0 cm on girlie breasts nowadays.

Male nipple size has not changed over last 580 million years.

Its senstivities have.

I am happy to show you my tities for $3 payment.(Rs 200). This is

G. True Love*

For a woman, true love is when she is prepared to show any man her bosom,

it is quite different from men.

Also true love from a woman has cost a touch more than $3 in the past.

Times are changing.

Things are becoming cheaper for some.

*On review I think this is rubbish.

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