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How to touch a Wonan

How to touch a woman

If you are unmarried, you can do this to yourself also.

Obviously, the more sensitive your fingers the better, so you should be vegetarian to be sensitive
and she should be sensitive to receive.

As it happens this article could also be called 'How to touch a man or how to touch a boy (father)
or girl (mother).

Obviously, sometimes a person is not well and then may not like being touched.
Go to point 17 on My article The Chakra System and the next day
he or she or it will be ready.
And of course, you should never touch a man unless he so wishes, nor a woman unless she wishes
it or belongs to you. Your child is yours to do with whatever pleases you.

So, she lies down on bed, arms and legs a little apart and you ask her to close her eyes.

And then you very lightly with the tips of your fingers (pads if your nails are too long) touch her.
Wherever you want except anus. Random loving soft soft touches, glancing, not staying.

You do this as long as you want.
The most sensitive part of a man, woman or child is his or her nipples.
If they are not sensitive at the time of touching her, ask her to grip one nipple, and pull it
out as much as possible between her index finger and thumb, stay 2 minutes.
Then do not touch her there for 2 minutes, but afterwards you can.
Ask her not to move, not to even twitch her eyelids or mouth.
So after you have finished with rest of her body, for as long as you want very lightly glancing
touches to her nipples
The next most sensitive part is head of penis and vagina near the anus.
The nipple loses sensitivity after a while so again touch rest of her body.
Then touch vagina on, off for as long as you want.
Then repeat on nipples
And of course you can keep going, body, vagina, nipples as long as you want.
At some point she will cry or ask you to stop.
If she is married to you, you do what you want, but best even with children is to do what they say.

A 100% good man or woman or child can take 12 hours of touching before you move to the next stage.

If he, she, it can only take say 1 hour, he/she/it is only 8% good ie 92% evil. (1/12 = 8%).

You should not marry someone who is a lot more evil than you, you should kick them out of your
property and say you will have them back, if you want them, once they have resolved to be good.
Anyone at any time can switch, eg to being 100% good.


With two fingers of your right hand, softly stroke her, on her tummy, on her arm, on her thighs.
Real soft with love. And when you have had enough, lightly on her chin.
Actually, every woman, man, child has small hairs on their body. The best is not actually to
touch the skin, but just gently brush the hair. Even if she has 1 foot hair on her tummy, touch the hair, not her skin.
If you are very sensitive you can use 3 or even 4 fingers, and if still sensitive you can use
both hands simultaneously eg you can sit on her thighs.

The nose is the least sensitive part of a man, woman or child.
So, first, lightly touch her (him/it) on the bridge of the nose, between the eyes.
Go a little higher also and a few times on the forehead just above the bridge of the nose. Use the pads of your little finger or if you are sensitive, your thumb or index finger.
Then for 2 minutes, just touch all around her nose.Glancing light touches.
Now, ask her to lie perfectly still, not to move 0.1cm (0.04").
Now grip her nose between your index finger and thumb and close her nostrils so she cannot breathe.
About 30 seconds. Obviously unless you hate her not too too long. If she turns blue you know you over did it.
Pull the nose away from her face, it actually is difficult to pull off, so no damage will be done.

Next, with the nail of your finger, touch gently all around the underside of her nose, the part where the nostril holes are.
Then stop, do not touch her.
You will if you have eyes notice that she moves.
So with her permission, you repeat. But this time, when you get to touch the underside of her nose with your
nail, do not stop. Just keep going. If she belongs to you, or the child belongs to you,
keep going for as long as you want. Otherwise, stop when he or she or it says 'Please stop'.

If she is yours or it is yours, or otherwise with permission, you may want to try the same thing,
but ask the man or boy child to unpeel his penis, or a woman or girl child to separate the
vagina lips from side to side with his/her/its hands and keep it unpeeled and open
If you are on your own and touching yourself,it is a little slower. You need to repeat 3 times.

It may seem to you that nothing is happening. But you just might be wrong.
Just to be on safe side, use your little finger and twice touch your right nipple.
Well if you or her or it want a little more activity, unpeel the penis or vagina lips completely.

And then start again.
Now this time it does not really matter where you touch, you/he/she/it. If you want to hear
'please stop' soon you go for touching the nipple.
If you are happy to wait you touch anywhere. It also does now need to be a gentle touch. Any touch will do
If she is yours or it is yours you can use a knife, or whatever you like.

Let us suppose that you are in a hurry. Then best to just touch the nipple. Go for repeated touches every eg second.
You may get really disappointed that your/his/her/its nipple is getting soft. It is not perfectly
hard, erect like it should be.
Well wait a minute and then see if the other nipple looks nicer. This time press deep down into her/his etc.
breast or chest.Up and down. Then nearly give up on its/her/his poorly constructed nipples and
lightly touch the first nipple, a few times. Nothing much seems to be happening,
so just in case it/she/he says stop, quickly grip the right nipple between your index finger and
thumb and pull firmly away from the chest, and before you let go twist it either to left or right.
Then quicky do the other nipple, pull and twist.
Still not beautiful. Sit above her/him/it and see if he/she/it performs better if you do both nipples.
I will say it from now on because he/she is not really a man if after all this effort the nipples are not erect.
When you go for both nipples you can do what you want, but if you are in a hurry, just grip
firmly and keep twisting, left right left right.. Still not a man, so ask it to wank and really try and reach. Obviously with a child, it is too too
innocent to be able to reach. But surely a woman or man after all this effort of yours can manage?
The answer is NOT. They can try quick, rough, slow etc. and cannot come.

If she or he or it is or is not moaning you can continue or go for the nose or touching their skin hard or soft.


Of course now or another time you could start with a more sensitive part instead of nose,
like ankle, or ear or palm or knee...


You both are ready for love (if over puberty only, depending on what you think love is), maybe dancing or a kiss. It is not maybe about sex, it is certainly about love.

And before that, she does you.

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