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How to touch a Woman 2

Well if you have been touched by a man, see
How to touch a Woman

it is just possible that you want to see what it is like to be touched by a woman, yourself.
It is not very satisfying at all, and so you may decide you do not want to read this article.
Very wise.
A man, a woman they are all the same, evil and do not deserve to be satisfied.
But, a child now he or she should be satisfied and so while it can read this by all means, this article
is not really for children.
Anyways here is how to be not satisfied.

Doing it yourself.

Lie down and relax, legs and arms relaxed by your side. Wish sincerely to be sexy.
Pretend that you are Chinese.
After 5 minutes of relaxation, touch your nipples with your little finger, and brush lighty like you
would brush your shoes, the finger should touch the nipple and then just move off it,
then go the other way, again touch and just move off. Like tick tock tick tock on a Swiss clock,
it never stops it never goes fast , nor slow just regular. Light touch.
And at the same time you relax. Eyes, mouth, everything, just perfectly still relaxed.
And you keep going until you are damn hard or damn wet, but you do not care all you want to do is
lie still and be relaxed.
One concession. No wee wee, but poison will be coming out of you, so when your eyes feel funny,
wash off the poison as I have explained elsewhere.
Anyway, after this you go again until you are as wet as can be.
Strange you are like a baby, you cannot even get wet.
What you should do now is let the water come out at the other end, through your eyes when you
realize that you have permanently been made younger.
You are now 13 years old. Happy?
You should ask your mummy for some toys.
So you go and wash the poison out of your eyes again, and keep your fingers or is it legs crossed.
By now hopefully you are a very very worried person. What mischief is Kalki up to this time?
I know he has granted me my wish of being permanently young and of course a million million
thanks for this, but I wanna be old.
And Kalki's answer to you is: NO.
Particularly if you are a woman, I prefer them young.
Anyways, this is the end of this article.
You are welcome to experiment with squeezing your legs together, wanking, going fast, going slow, crying some more, praying to Goddess Durga.
Or maybe you want to wait say 5 years to see whether your treasured manhood or womanhood miraculously reappear?
Ho ho.
By the way, children are welcome to try this if they wish but it will have no effect on their ageing
until they reach puberty. And then if they try it they will become young again.

PS. You will be pleased to know girls that there is no change in what your boy can do:

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How to touch a Woman Video

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How to touch a Woman Video

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