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The Twelve Commandments

  1. You shall not give pain to any feeling beings.
  2. You shall not harm yourself.
  3. You shall not steal.
  4. You shall not deprive any feeling being of their liberty, except for two or four legged animals
    in zoos, farms etc. and who would now struggle on their own.
    They (and their children, grandchildren,..) should be looked after.
  5. You shall not have sexual activity with anyone who does not want it.
  6. You shall not have sexual activity with any child below the age of puberty, except as below.
  7. You shall not use any device (threats, drugs,..) to inflict pain, theft, loss of liberty or undesired sexual activity.
  8. The man and women shall look after all members of the family.
  9. You shall give sexual pleasure to the man or woman in your family who wants it.
  10. The women shall give pleasure to her girls and the man to his boys, if they want it.
  11. The man and women family members shall not have sexual activity with another person while the woman lives with the man.
  12. The parents of a child shall care for it.
A family consists of a man, all women with whom he has had sex with (entered the vagina and released semen) who live with him,
and any children who live with them. It also includes all two or four legged animals (and their children, grandchildren..)
that these family members look after.

A child is one who is under the age of puberty, where semen and wetness does not come.

A feeling being is any two or four legged living being.

Pain includes causing future pain, for example by having cooked food.

Look after means ensuring that the family member is not hungry, thirsty or dirty.

Caring for a child (including a baby) includes being friends and patient with it, not hurting its feelings,
giving it happiness, tenderness and physical contact, not sending it away to school etc.
but getting it to do useful things (if appropriate).

Harm yourself consists of giving pain and also drinking alcohol and doing other things to damage your body and mind.

Steal is used in its widest sense where there is some transaction or theft and one party gets less than his or her fair share.

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