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The Science of How To Upset Other People

A: Americans, Russians, Chinese, British, Muslim, Sri Lankan

It is so so easily done you cannot believe it.
Actually, there are many many ways.
Machine gun.
Pop corn.
Nuclear weapon.
Ice cream.
Opening your trousers.
Opening your legs.
Personally, I must admit, I prefer hand grenade.

Or, if you prefer, and it is male target, squeezing balls with a lawn mower.
And, of course if it is female target, you just go ahead and do it:
They adore just adore bullock, elephant, pig and also chicken.
Eating penis is another option if they are male.

B. Others

You just lay off off of them and let Me take a shot.

No messing with kangaroos, Italians, etc.

My attention is also particularly focussed on Greeks:

I mean that is divine, made in heaven. Only Me will upset her.
And that too only if she looks at this article or any article and does not immediately write to: and say 'I want you in me' plus phone number plus email address plus one sample of pubic hair for Me to treasure.

Now, it does not have to be her, it could be her:

or her:

or damn well anyone with a heart who will have Me.

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