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There are two types of people.
Nice and not nice.
Nice people should marry nice people and not nice people should marry not nice people.
It will always happen, if you are not sure, that you or your prospective partner will cry prior to marriage.
Of course, if you and your prospective know that you both are nice then nothing is needed.
But, if you are not sure, and who knows what evil goes on in another's mind these days, one of you will cry.
And then both of you will cry.
And then you know that he or she is nice.
Before they die, everyone is going to become nice.

Actually, when a nice man or a nice woman see a nice woman or man, they instantaneously know he or she is
nice and therefore if not married good for them.

They will see the person and instantaneously look away, and a little moisture will come to both people's eyes.
And they might say damn, if it seems unlikely that marriage will happen, eg wedding ring, or in a photo
with no telephone no..
And that moisture if damn happens may last a year unless they find someone else beforehand.
It is not that this person is necessarily the only one, but they are reminded that:
They want to give love.
They also want to know that the person whom they give love to is benefitting from their love.

Anyways, today I saw a photo, no name, no phone obviously. Damn.

And then just to cheer Me up, outside, the Gayatri Mantra is being played.

People have forgotten perhaps, but Goddess Gayatri is the Goddess of the Morning, sunshine.

She is not the wife of Brahma who does not exist, but the daughter of Lord Vishnu.

Her other name is Goddess Laxshmi, satan.

I worshipped and gave all My love to Goddess Gayatri from 1980.

She lit up My heart, and of course I will always love Her.

When the eyes of 2 not nice people meet and they KNOW, they do not look away, and moisture does

not come to their eyes.They also do not say damn. And a few hours or less they have forgotten.

In the old days in India, boys and girls did not look at each other except after marriage,
or after marriage arrangements had been made.

Indeed, a man or woman would not look at each other except when they were in private.

A man might pass a woman in the street and would make sure to look away, except for one glance at her eyes.

And of course, the same for a woman. But, this was just upbringing. Thoughts of sex arose in them.

But, in Tamil Nadu, the same thing, but moisture would come into their eyes, all single girls and boys

were suitable for one another.

And thoughts of sex or sexual activity would not enter a man or woman's mind, except only with their wife or husband,

and that after marriage arrangements had been made.

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