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What is the purpose of taste?

In the old days, not every taste was perfect, 100%.

There were things to eat, which had perfect taste, and there were things not to eat which had horrible taste.

There were no dogs, not being necessary, but there were cows for the last 50,000 years.

Cow shit, man shit etc. was not tasty.

Similarly, when you have a good sense of taste, rotting flesh is not tasty.

Your sense of taste was perfect and told you what you should with delight eat and also for absolute
sure what you should not eat.

In the old days, bacteria were not Western medicine resistant and so shit, rotting flesh did not have smell.

So, your nose did not tell you what to eat or not eat. It is the job of the taste buds.

And taste buds actually have a little magic in them.

A taste bud in a healthy male or female tells you from a distance whether or not you should eat something.

It is not scientifically possible, but saliva flows at just the right time in a healthy male or female
for him or her to buy, pick, milk, unwrap, even steal for him or her to know this is good and this is the time to eat.

Eating when the magic does not happen helps punish you for evil. This is the second purpose of taste buds.

It is however, not by any means the only mechanism available to punish you, but it is a very powerful method.

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