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Tantra, Exercise and more and more Pleasure

This article is a continuation of How to exercise and have pleasure when you are not well

Well, this person is ready.
To make him or her even more ready, sleep.
Note: no loo, no food, no major orgasm, no desires, peaceful, quiet and then peaceful sleep.
Each of the 7 major chakras orgasmed, about 2 hours.
All from one tantric exercise.
NEXT Day, after sleep. You do not feel unwell.
TANTRA Toe Exercise
As for previous day, lie on back, and stretch legs up, a little apart.
Tighten knees, open back of legs.
Orgasm continuing from previous day., you go up and down in abdomen, just 1 or 2 times.
Put fan on if you like
First, legs will feel scratchy. Scratch away. After some time urge to scratch goes.
The poison has drained away towards the anus, etc. as legs are up in the air. Legs feel good,
still a bit of blotchiness. Soft, sensitive skin.
Now work the toes. Half hour, one hour as long as you like.
Keep the legs vertical.Mostly knees tight, sometimes keep straight but relaxed so you can stay long.
See how much easier it is to stay and keep legs straight after just a few hours..
Toes 1. Do everything you can think of to them. Scrunch hard, stretch away, stretch down,
Wiggle, wriggle. One toe at a time. Turn inwards, outwards.
For as long as possible, legs straight up
Toes 2. With poison, they will itch. Scratch and scratch. Keep going.
Toes 3. Now if you can reach, use your hand/fingers to manipulate your toes. All directions.
Squeezing, pulling, ironing out the bent knuckles, one finger and thumb at a time,
4 fingers and thumb, bend all 4 small toes upwards, then downwards, then big toe, use hand to scrunch the toes hard, to pull them towards shin, to move them apart, to move little toe away and big toe, each toe separate working, all directions. Half an hour, one hour, as long as you can.
Itching reduces as poison is shifted.
Toes which have been cramped for 10 or 40 years become freer, straighter, longer, flexible.
Calcification in knuckles is broken. Mobility and beauty coming.
If you cannot reach with straight legs keep legs bent a little, and try straight legs the next day.
TANTRA Finger Exercise
Lie on back with legs up, perpendicular, dead straight when you can manage,
relaxed straight to have rest.
No loo. No food.
Legs may start to itch again as poison from feet and toes draws downwards. Scratch.
Then fingers. One hand or fingers to manipulate the other. Stretch each finger, pull it out.
Iron out knuckles using first finger and thumb.Bend fingers backwards. Anything you can think of.
But just 2 minutes, fingers are delicate, not like toes.
Rest 2 minutes then repeat. A little more rough, but obviously do not break them. Bend each towards palm of hand, then opposite way. Decalcify them, Cracking is good, it shows calcification is breaking.
Rest after 2 minutes.
TANTRA Leg Waving Exercise
Lie on back, stretch legs up and then separate them.Legs straight but relaxed.
Perpendicular to ground. Legs wide apart.
Now, wave them:Move both legs forward to near your head, keeping them apart and straight.
Then move them back towards the opposite end of the bed, so that the legs almost descend to the bed.
Then up and past perpendicular, and again towards head. All the time, legs relaxed straight and apart.
Abdomen, head relaxed.Breathing short. 2 minutes.
Relax legs on bed, 2 minutes.
Repeat. This time when legs go towards head, lift bottom up slightly so legs go further
eg almost to level with ears.
This time, see whether you can almost touch the bed with the heels,
when the legs are away from you, but still keep them apart.
Do quickly, up and over head, then back fsr back and down then quick up again.
2 minutes, 2 minutes rest.
TANTRA Groin Opening Exercise.
Still no loo. no food.
Lie on back, lift legs and spread them wide.
Place hands on top of ankle or if you cannot reach ankle, on top of shin.
Then press down, then release, press down, and keep going. So legs are always wide apart but when you press down they go even wider so toes nearly reach the bed. Legs straight but relaxed.
When your groins have had enough suffering, stop. Lie down and relax.
Two orgasms, this time from today. Abdomen up and down.
TANTRA Different Groin Opening
Lie down and bend legs and separate knees. Catch hold of outer soles of your feet with 4 fingers and thumb.
Press down hard so your knees reach or nearly reach the bed beside your chest.
Do this 10 times. Quickly down to bed, then down again..
Then relax with legs bent as they are, near either side of bed.
Then, keeping knees down, slowly straighten both legs until completely straight,
still holding soles of feet.
Lie on back and stretch legs up. Keep arms, hands, face, abdomen completely relaxed.
Stay as long as possible, until legs shake too much.
To come down, keep legs straight and together, and slowly bring them down towards bed away from your head.
Lie down and relax.
Several several orgasms, abdomen mainly.
TANTRA Legs Up 2
Lie on back and stretch legs up. Relax hands and arms and fingers on either side of you.
Relax face.
Squeeze legs together hard. Press inner fronts of thighs together continuously. Every
now and again the pressure of keeping them squeexed together releases. Try keeping up continuous squeezing together. Stay as long as you can.
If you cannot keep your fingers relaxed or your face relaxed, come down, but keep trying to relax fingers and face.
To come down, squeeze legs together and slowly bring down to bed, keeping them straight.
Several several several orgasms including chest area.
No loo.
TANTRA Getting Ready Position.
Lie on back legs up. Squeeze legs together.Inner front thighs squeezed hard together.
Then lower legs 30 degrees to floor., still straight and squeezed together.
Now peel/unpeel, open vagina lips and close them slow. Continue until you cannot keep
your legs at that angle.
Then spread legs wide, and lower them almost to floor. Then rub etc quick, do not reach.
When you can no longer keep your legs wide and nearly reaching bed, relax onto bed.
Multiple multiple orgasms, right up to head.
Do this twice.
Then video and pleasure as stated at the beginning of How to exercise and have pleasure when you are not well

Apply some milk or yoghurt to the penis/vagina and it will be less sore, also if you leave urine on them for a minute.
Do you feel better?
How did you manage not going to the loo for so long?
Why were you not feeling hungry?
Why did no semen come out when you released today, but it did yesterday?
How did You know I would see a fallopian tube?
Did you feel more pleasure today than yesterday?
Manage to see more videos?
Do your toes feel alive, good?
The answer to these questions is yes and the reason is that this is My world. If I want you to see a fallopian tube, you will see it. If I want semen to be released it shall.
I have arranged world affairs with a certain norm, eg semen to be released when you cum, but if I am writing an article and decide something different then it will be different.

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