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1 First, you need to say
'Please Lord Vishnu, guide me every step of the way'

2 Next you need to say 'I do not want to listen to the devil.'

3 Next, say to Me, if you mean it:
'I will do exactly exactly whatever you say, to the extent I possibly can' (see below)

4 Then you need to lie down and say:
'I give my body, mind and heart to you, Lord Vishnu.'

What does it mean to do exactly what I say?
It means that if you want to scratch your eyebrow you do not do it unless I tell you to.
If I ask you to do something and you are not well, it means perhaps doing it not immediately, but one minute later when you have
gathered up your strength.
If I ask you to run under a bus or pick up a cockroach, and you physically cannot, these are exceptions.
Similarly, if I ask you to wash your right arm and you by mistake wash your left, or if you automatically catch hold
of something in order not to faint, these are exceptions.
If you are a married woman, and your husband asks you to do something, you do not do it unless I say you should.
Of course, nobody is perfect, and I accept that.

Everything in this world is a miracle. TV is a miracle, a pen is a miracle. It is just that we do not realize it.
As you spend time with Me, you will find miracles which you recognize as miracles. Internet working when you have not
paid or there is no power..Or a beetle appearing or disappearing.
This is all so that you become more comfortable with Me, get to know Me.

At some point, after surrender, I may accept a man or single woman in marriage.
After that point, your soul will merge into Mine.
This may happen to a married woman after she dies.

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