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Stress and tension

A. Introducton

The Western life style 'culture' is all about stress, tension for the last 2800 years.
Underlying it all, you know you have done evil and are therefore worried, stressed, tense.

B. Tension

Tension is to do with your body and is a mild form of pain.
It is not possible to do no evil. For example, I lie on a wooden bed, use a stone floor, have a cotton bag.
What pollution was caused when the stone was excavated, were any deer displaced when the tree was cut?
But, if you have surrendered your body and mind to God or to a good husband, one who is 40% to 100% good
then of course you do no evil from that time if your surrender is perfect, see below.
Anything your body or mind that is done, good or bad are attributed to Him/him.
The effect of doing evil is tension to your body and there is nothing that you can do about it.

C. Stress

Stress is also a symptom of evil, but to do with the mind, not body.
Yesterday, one of Vishnu's pets, a dog, who never even barks, suddenly jumped up at the man
I was walking past in the street. You can look up in My article about 'Pets' about how well behaved
are these dogs. Anyways, I do not like seeing blood, so I said 'stop' and nothing else happened.
Why would a nice dog, a street dog, never been maltreated by humans, suddenly jump up at a man?
People do evil, they become stressed, and the next step en route to love, is to bring fear into their lives.
There are actually many ways to do this, but rabies for example is a good one.
Well, if you have read this website, you will probably have noticed other examples of fearful things about to happen.
Relaxation, tranquility, acceptance, goodness are at one end of a scale far distant from the other end,
which is stress, unhappiness, evil, pain, etc.
No rabies, avian flu, cyanide poisoning etc. is going to trouble a 100% relaxed, tranquil, good person.
But, the trouble is that nowadays, there are few 100% good people. But there are 40% etc. good people.
and people who wish to stop evil.
Stress for a good person is voluntary and entirely avoidable, through the act of surrender:


The ultimate act of perfect surrender to a good husband or to Lord Vishnu relieves you of all stress.
You are now His/his property for Him/him to do with as He/he pleases.
Of course, with a Western trained mind, you will worry with imperfect surrender that He/he will misuse you
or ask you to do things you would rather not.
Only good things happen when you surrender, even if a woman surrenders to a complete madman. So, with for example 70% perfect surrender, 70% of your stress, worry go away. Your body is no longer yours
so why worry about whether you will have enough to eat, it is His/his property to worry about.
Such is traditional thinking in India.

It is perfectly possible if you are good to do a perfect surrender, what counts is not your view but that of the recipient.
Many in Tamil Nadu have done this.
For example in My case, I thought I had done imperfect surrender, as for example, I become sad
on thinking that I will not cut off My arm for Him.
But, it is not My opinion that counts, it is His, and He knows that He has not built a man or woman to be able
to do such an evil thing. So, from His point of view Mine was a perfect surrender.

Or, you lie down on your bed and offer yourself to Him/him. But before He/he accepts a spider comes along.
A good person will say 'OK' thanks, I accept your well intentioned offer.
The situaton is a little different for some women nowadays.
This is the case if their soul mate is 60% to 100% evil.
She will not, for example cut off her hand for him, but from his point of view, he knows that if he gets hungry
he will easily ask her to do this for him, or do it himself.
Hence, from his point of view, the surrender is not perfect, and therefore the woman cannot lose all stress.

Once you have surendered you cannot surrender again, it is His/his body and mind, not yours to offer again.
But, many people, potentially good people are not yet at the stage of wishing to surrender.
They mostly need to experience pain first:

E. This website

This website is mostly for these people, to give them advice as to how to move towards the stress free, tranquil good
end of the scale far away from fear etc.
In terms of stress, people are rightly worried about money. Worry and stress are foolish things, obviously Lord Vushnu
will give or take away whatever is good for that person on his/her love journey.
But, to reduce your stress on the question of money, banks will soon close.
You could therefore if you wish, withdraw as much of your money as you can.
Or you could take out a loan.
Other sources of worry and stress are about poor health, mental, physical, and pain.
About pain, well it is going to happen, and you have a limited timeframe to move some of the pain you
will endure towards remorse in heaven.
It is foolish to worry and be stressed about what is going to happen.

The third source of stress is worry about your health, eg in old age or teeth falling out..There are numerous
variants of worry. Through exercise you can reduce this stress, for example. It is again foolish to worry about it.
The fourth source of stress is worry or fear at losing a loved one. At present this does not happen, no one
has a loved one. But it will happen, but also you will never lose a good man except through your own fault.
It is also to do with not finding such a loved one. Again, this website is there to help you.

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