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The Right to Steal, Rape, Murder etc. Act 24 October 2017

I love all My creation, feeling beings, including yourself.
Just as I have freedom to do what I want, I give all feeling beings freedom to do what they want.
Of course, each feeling being has different abilities, etc. and their freedom is essentially
to do what they want if they are capable of it.
If they are not capable in regard to any matter, I give each feeling being the ability to ask for capability,
and I grant such requests, subject to levying a reasonable fair price on them.
So, you are free to do good, to do bad, to obey Me, to not obey Me, whatever you wish.
But, I am fair. If you do good you shall be rewarded reasonably, if you do bad you will be penalised fairly.
You may have noticed two seeming exceptions to this freedom. They are not exceptions.

1. I have required all those desirous of doing crime to locate to the capital city or second city of each country.
All land belongs to Me, and therefore I am at liberty to say who shall live where on My land.
You are able to DO what you want, but not necessarily BE where you want.
Similarly, when I grant you private space, you are free to deny access to anyone you do not wish to be on this private space.

2. I have also terminated all socialist activities.You are free to DO what you want,
but you are not free to ORDER someone else to do what you want, unless he, she, it belongs to you.
They are free to do what they want, just as you or I am.
If they want to give you money in taxes they are free to do so, if they do not they are also
free to do so. You are free to threaten or kill someone if they do not give you tax money,
but you are not free to ask someone else to do it for you.
In other words, you are free to DO whatever you want but not necessarily to BE what you want,
where you want, not necessarily to ASK OR ORDER what you want.
The rule is that you can ALSO BE what you want, BE where you want, ASK or ORDER what you want,
subject to reasonable conditions, if such is for good not evil.

Everything in this world is for good, not evil.

From now onwards, I shall be granting reasonable wishes, and also in appropriate circumstances, not unreasonable wishes.
If there is a fair price to be paid, I will also specify thus before the wish is granted.

For example, if you ask Me for assistance in raping a woman, I will not grant your request, but will let you do it if you wish.
If the woman says, please cut off this man's penis in retaliation, I will grant her her request, provided it is not unreasonable.
There will be no cost to her of granting her her retaliation wish, but of course she will be given compensation, for example
if you disturb her tranquility, or penetrate her or cause her financial or other loss.
In fact, when being raped or even being threatened with rape or a beating, you may not
necessarily say 'please'. You might just scream. It does not matter, I am able to interpret all sounds accurately.

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