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What is the definition of a nice person?
It is a person, including a child, who is sorry when he or she has made a mistake.
And what does it mean to 'be sorry'?
It means that you will give the Rs appropriate recompense for the mistake you have made.

It covers mistakes, not when you have made deliberate errors. You are not nice if you have deliberately
cut someone's throat, even if you regret it afterwards.

Let Me give you two examples of Rs appropriate recompense:

1. A customer asks for salt lassi and your mind being elsewhere, you order sweet lassi for him.
Appropriate recompense is for the waiter to give the customer a replacement salt lassi, free of charge
or to not charge for the salt lassi, and to ensure that his wages are reduced to reflect the cost to the restaurant
owner of his mistake.

2. Your Lord asks you to work on an article called 'Sorry' when you are in the middle of working on an article
'Music'. Without thinking you say 'shall I just finish Music.' When you realize your mistake, your
tears, however many they may be, are exact Rs appropriate recompense.

I think these are all the examples you need.

But, these two cases encompass two different cases:

In example 1., the customer does not need to feel grateful, all that has happened is that his reasonable
expectations have been met. No tip or tears or anything else is required.

But, in example 2, your Lord lost nothing by your innocent if stupid question. You have a human mind and brain
and He/he knows that it was not your fault.
You have given him your tears and unless He/he is a thief, He/he owes you the exact Rs appropriate recompense.

For example He/he could give you pleasure, or He/he could take on for himself some of the pain you are otherwise due.
And of course, the result of that is that tears of gratitude or unhappiness come to you, and then He/he owes you some more

And in terms of Him/him taking on some of the pain you are due, you would be gutted, so that is not an option
for Him/him.
So His/his only option is to give you pleasure ie. orgasm, which means for that period He/he is not receiving it
from you.

That is the real reason why a nice man or nice woman in marriage try their hardest not to make mistakes.
Your partner will not be upset with you for making a mistake, but will owe you when He/he sees your tears.

And because you love Him/him, that is the last thing you want to happen. You owe Him/him your life, your being
and there is nothing more you have to give.
Except love, which has no monetary value.

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