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What is the purpose of a nose?

Obviously, a man's nose is sexy for a woman in love and vice versa.
But, I am really talking about the sense of smell.
Is this sense so a man can smell Christian Dior poison on a woman, keeping her other poisons inside her?
Of course yes.
Is it so a woman can smell whether a man wants to hide his personal smelly body?
Of course yes.
Is it so one can smell roses?
Well, a little.
In perfect health, a man, a woman do not smell.
So of course when you have a perfect sense of smell, you know the person is not too bad if nothing comes off them.
But, nowadays, many men and women do not have much sexual activity.
They are in concrete box jails, for example, and do not like to do it in public.
The effect of this is decay of sperm and egg.
And the effect of this is venereal disease, bacteria thrive on the dead material.
Now, inside you, VD is not good. But it takes time to get to you properly, years.
It is even worse than eating rotting flesh, dead meat.
A person with smell functionality more or less intact can smell his own penis, her vagina, or that of his partner.
From a normal distance of about 1 metre, can be more if the disease is very advanced.
The smell is more if the penis head is uncovered, or the vagina open.
The first step is to disinfect it with your urine: whenever you urinate, keep the penis head covered.<> For removing external layer VD, you need to run water for 5 minutes on the uncovered penis, rubbing off the bacteria every now and again.
Same for the vagina, but with the vagina, the VD is mostly inside where the penis will be.
In one of My other articles I explain how to put a syringe into the vagina to kill off the external disease:
(How to avoid having a baby)
You should not masturbate or make love with external VD.
Anyway, after the five minutes of water, you then need to clean your hand and penis/vagina with milk,
coconut milk if you do not have regular milk, or yoghurt.
VD bacteria are resistant these days. Clean your hand first, then pour onto vagina or uncovered penis,
rub off, do 2 or 3 times, then if you wish water, then milk to clean the hand. Rub with other hand.
You should not drink your urine, even if you are thirsty, for a day, and it is also not good as a disinfectant for one day also.
Then you should pour water on the bathroom floor or loo pan.
Germs travel at a typical speed of 1 metre every 2 minutes. So, if you wait two minutes,
then you should clean an area of 1 metre around.
However, germs drown in water, and then they move hither and thither and do not travel far.
They take about 30 minutes to die, so you should cover the floor with a little water for 30 minutes.
You may think, perhaps that having a little VD on the floor is not an issue.
It is not the case. Germs multiply, breed at a quite rapid rate, and as I mentioned, they also travel quite fast.
On the floor, in your food etc. they do not smell. In fact, a healthy VD creature does not smell at all.
But, they are harmed by your decaying sperm or eggs and then smell.
On a typical penis with VD there are about 1000 billion VD creatures. Inside you, oh dear.
They breed with food, they are not vegetarian, they need decaying sperm or eggs for example.
After about 2 weeks without food they die.
Unless a man or woman is perfectly healthy, you will have VD, and so you should not lick etc. a vagina or penis.
The semen itself of a not healthy man is infected and should not be eaten or put in a woman's mouth,
nor should her wetness.
Both semen and wetness should be cleaned off with water, but just a minute suffices.
Orgasm does not only impact the brain. It rejuvenates and heals the whole body, and decaying
eggs and sperm are then properly excreted through the sweat glands or the anus.
In the old days there was no poison around and excretion through the anus was all that was necessary.
Nowadays, if you are healthy, poisons including decaying eggs and sperm are also excreted
in sweat, just to keep your insides healthy.

VD exists in all 2 and 4 legged animals according to the shortfall in pleasure.
For example, if you make a dog unhealthy it will have VD, if you stop it having pleasure it will have more VD.
A healthy male or female person needs about 11 hours per day of orgasm to be completely free of VD.
Actually, one can define health in terms of how much VD there is in the person, or feeling animal.
These days VD and also other diseases are everywhere. On your table, on the chocolate wrapper,
even inside the wrapper because the factories where chocolate is made also employ ill people etc.
Inside chocolate there is decaying milk, which is food for most bacteria.
The only way to rid yourself of VD is to become 100% healthy which only happens through sufficuent sexual pleasure.
VD and other germs adhere to food sources. So, for example, if your floor is dirty, it is
difficult to flush them away; if it is clean it is easy to flush them away.
Living skin is not a food source for them, so they fall off easily when you shower,
maybe with only a little rubbing off because of your dead skin.
But, on your penis it is an enclosed surface so dead skin does not fall off quickly
and it gets a bit moist sometimes. The outside of a vagina is not so bad, but the inside
is a breeding ground. Under arms, between your legs, inside your navel, ears, under your nails.
In your mouth, you should every now and again, of course after food, take some water,
gargle and then spit it out 2 or 4 times. With the mouth, there is nothing much that can be
done, even if you are 100% healthy, the germs are there particularly if you eat meat.
If you do not clean the teeth, between the teeth they eventually die. Whenever you eat or drink,
a good proportion enter your body and then if you are healthy are sweated out or excreted out.
Sweat traps dead skin, so you should shower and rub off the sweat, which in any case is filled with Western poison.
I talk about the adverse implications of having VD on the home page, but you will find that
ALL diseases etc. nowadays are much more virulent than they used to be, as the healthiest
strongest bacteria have adjusted to Western poison.
Of course, if your time is not up, they will not kill you, but they can make your life
just as unpleasant as the Western poisons they had also consumed.

You may be thinking, but I have not had any disease in my life to date, neither have most of my friends.
Surely it is not too bad?
Well you would be surprised at how fast evil and therefore retribution is taking place.
Bugs die and struggle and struggle with poison for years and then suddenly it just takes
a few healthy ones to survive and then they breed incredibly rapidly, partly because they are so healthy.
And of course, it is the healthy bugs that are the ones that are the most bad for you.
The more of them that died because of the poison, the more potent are the healthy ones.
The time for disease has come, not necessarily today, but in the next year or so.
A little while ago, I only rinsed the chocolate paper wrappers before eating chocolate.
It is not possible to rinse the milk, but I rinse the milk packet and the bowl I use
and the scissors used to cut the packet, with a little rubbing.
Now, I also rinse, briefly, the chocolate itself. Most of the surface bugs fall away.
My health has not changed, the number of bugs has not changed, but their virulence has.
Actually, I have done very little evil in My life, it is not possible in this world to do nil.
So, I will not be badly affected by VD or other bugs. But, suppose I marry a woman who has done evil.
I do not wish to be the cause of giving her disease or pain. And, suppose I pass it to her.
She will smell. It is not possible for either person to have much pleasure with such smells.
So I would be depriving her of pleasure.
Also, after some years, the disease would spread into her vital organs and she would have pain.
This would be My fault, and then I would get pain.
I will give you another example of how quick is the pace of change. I have always been
pretty healthy, it fell off about 20% as a result of working 12 hours per day in London
for 30 years, but soon picked back up with exercise etc after retirement. With Western poison,
I needed typically one shower per day, occassionally two. Until 18 months ago, that was all I needed.
But for a while I needed 4 per day, poison just oozed out through My sweat glands.
You may say, why the change, what has happened. Mostly it is the food supply rather than the atmosphere.
Previously, for example, when a cow ate, most of the poison in the area remained in the ground.
Relatively little was actually consumed. But now the ground is so sodden it has to go into the food chain.
Also, with antibiotics etc., cows, like humans, are becoming less and less well.
The poison stays in them rather than being flushed out in sweat and faeces.
On another matter, I wish to talk about hair.
In the old days in India, a woman would never shave or cut her hair.
She knew that it was attractive to her husband, in terms of beauty and also pleasure function.
It is of course not that her scalp or underarm or arm or leg or pubic hair would grow too long.
It always remained at just the right length for her man.
Look at typical Western woman nowadays:

The Loving Heart Centre
Is that not ugly?
All women do this deliberately.
Obviously her price is quite a bit less, or her dowry that much greater,
in respect of the period until she surrenders to a man.
But, there is a small offsetting factor. With the sudden arrival of virulent VD, a shaved Western
woman needs less water to clean off the VD bugs.
In terms of a man, women clearly prefer less rather than more facial/scalp/chest hair...
And so, in the old days, men did not have beards etc., even when there were no electric or other shavers.
With Western pollution, male hair continues to grow and so nowadays one needs shavers.
But shavers collect VD and other bugs. So, you need a shaver a day to keep the bugs away.
Expensive. You should avoid non electric because most men need cream to go with it.

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