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1. The first thing to note is that Lord Vishnu did not create you for you to be sleeping.
2. If you are 100% healthy then you do not need sleep.
3. The amount of sleep you have indicates first that you are not healthy, and
second that you are wasting your time with wrongful activities such that it is better for you to sleep.
4. And being healthy is the same as your ability to perform in bed, which is a good not wrong activity.
5. However, when you ingest poisons, they attack your internal systems, and you then need
resting time, with no activity, to have your energetic forces fully focussed on recovery.
Since you are resting, Lord Vishnu gives you sleep instead as otherwise your mind would
become dull which is not good for you.
6. Older people generally need less sleep than younger people because they are fundamentally
healthier, having in their formative years been exposed to and consumed fewer Western poisons.
7. Strangely, the less you sleep the less food you need. For example, a person who sleeps 8
hours per day typically needs 3.5 litres of milk per day plus 250 grams of chocolate.
A person who does not sleep only needs about 2.5 litres of milk plus 150 grams of chocolate
or chikki. This smaller amount is also true if you are healthy but have been attacked by poisons.
8. The reason for less food being needed if you are fit is so that you do not need to spend
too much time searching for food but can devote yourself more fully to love making.
9. Obviously, if you do not take advantage of being fit to engage in pleasure,
then you become unfit and need more sleep and food.
10. It is self correcting. This is because if you are unhealthy and need more food,
you need to spend more time walking, searching for food.
11. This makes you regain your health, and again you do not need sleep.
12. Once you have regained your health, you again feel sexy.

13. Clearly, you should not under any circumstances disturb a person when he or she is sleeping.
So, for example, you should not knock or phone after 9pm or before 9 am.


Before going to sleep, you should limber up.
Similarly, if you wake up, you should do these, and when you awake in the morning.
These movements have powerful effects, not just the obvious increase in flexibility and strength.
They, for example, awaken your kundalini energy, sexual energy at the base of the spine
in readiness for it to travel upwards along the spine, when or if you have orgasm.
When your chakras are clean, and kundalini meets them, then only do you enjoy orgasm,
and to clean your chakras, you need to give pleasure to your partner or child, or client, if you are a prostitute.
When vigorously extending your legs, for example wide apart,..your groins and
inner thighs will ache.
So, the next day, choose what you can do.

In terms of positions where you start from being on your back, do as much as you like, be creative.
But here are some:


(this is Me!)
It looks simple, which it is, but if you stay even for only 12 hours in this position,
your groins and inner thighs may ache a little.
This is a good thing as you will then have a little less horrible pain another time.
If you really cannot put up with such a minor ache, put 2 cushions under each knee.
Next, relax your legs on the bed, with your legs straight but as far apart as possible.

Next raise the legs to perpendicular, and squeeze them together, stay as long as possible.

Next, keep the legs straight, and allow them to go to either side.

In the first few attempts, bring your legs towards your head so you do not tear your hamstrings.
If you clench your buttocks together hard you will not hurt yourself.

Then bring them back up again.

For postures where you start from lying on your front, you can look at some of My other articles.
But, they will not help you go to sleep, so you can do them in the morning.

Another thing. You should avoid sitting on Western chairs during the day.
As much as possible sit on the ground at meal times, and at other times, sit on your bed.
But you should not just sit anyhow. You should do the leg movements in the above articles.
For example, as much as possible, sit and spread your legs wide.
Then if reading or talking or watching a video, for example, bend forward, keeping your knees tight. After a while, spread the legs wider. Then turn to right side and bend over right leg to read or talk.
Then bend over left leg. Again, your groins and inner thighs will ache. Stay as long as possible.
When you get tired of this straight leg pose do bent leg poses, and then do straight leg poses again.
Other times, do baddha konasana: bring your feet near to your penis/vagina and spread the knees apart:

(this is Me!)
Then bend forward to read etc. Then turn to right and bend over right leg; later your left leg.
Another time, do virasana, sit with your legs bent back and knees to front, feet by your sides.
Then spread the knees wide and bend forward inbetween the legs:

(this is not Me)
Of course there are other sitting poses you can do, see My articles, but these 3 will get you a long way.

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