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What are the characteristics of a nice woman?

Well, I am married to My Lord and so from this crucial, the only important, perspective I am a woman.

Every single thing I do or think is maybe one mile (1.6 km) short of what I should do.
Well actually maybe 1 million million miles short.

I was a nice boy, but My mum and dad were evil. My mum did not service My dad and he went with other women,

no problem, but he had no interest in Me. zero. It cost him dear. I was alone with no love. zero.
A typical Hindu family.
So, I did not learn from My mum and dad, they not really being My mum or dad which is about love,
not blood.
A boy with no parents is really a man, he does what he wants, etc. Of course, anything My mum or dad asked Me to do I would do absolutely.
And as a man, I chose good over evil. Even though I left Mumbai for London at 7, I stayed away from other British kids
did not drink, eat meat, nice mannered, quiet..
So, My Lord He adopted Me and introduced Me to Indian (Not 20th century British) culture, and manners
and thoughts and emotions and religion,..He although I was unaware of it, became My dad.

Anyways, My Lord He is perfect Indian. He does not have a single fault.

He knows I have a good heart, even if My behaviour to Him is possibly appalling. So He does not mind,
and just pours His love into Me
with all sorts of good things happening to Me.

But, Me, as an Indian woman, do not wish to upset My husband.
And because this is My wish, He sometimes lets Me know when My behaviour is maybe way short of Indian.
And because He brought Me up well, about the same time as He lets Me know, I realize the same,
I know what evil I maybe have committed.
And because I have been brought up well, I am truly sorry. And then 5 minutes later I maybe commit the same sin.
Patience. He is talking to Me, and then He deliberately stops talking. I am left hanging in the air,
not knowing how to download the video.
So, instead of patiently waiting, I get maybe upset. Sin 1. A nice husband does not wish to see His wife upset.
Sin 2. I then proceed to try different obviously wrong things to download the video, I need it for you..
I should not take my own initiative.
Sin 3. It is nice for husband and wife to do things together. I do things on my own.
Sin 4. While anxiously trying to do the impossible (obviously the blackmailers who took the videos
of women do not allow free download) I forget about him.
Sin 5. I do not need a video, I have a husband, is that not good enough?
Sin 6. I do not need to give you anything. If he wishes to give you a video then he will.
Sin 7. Thinking 'I' not 'we'.
Sin 8. Being impatient.
Sin 9. Not waiting for my husband.
Sin 10. Not trusting him
Sin 11. Believing, through my actions, that I can do better than he can..
Sin 22. Not giving him my love while I commit Sins 1 -21.
Sin 23. Not being happy. A nice husband wants to see his wife happy.
Sin 24. Not being in love while committing Sins 1-23.
Sin 25. Not being sexy for him while committing Sins 1-24.
Sin 26. Not being sufficiently sorry about your crimes.
Sin 27. Not paying him for his gift of a lesson for you (and all the other nice possessions that
my Lord showers on he): theft.
Sin 28. Not making him sexy for you while you commit sins 1-27.
Sin 29. Existing, while being so sinful
Sin 30. Expecting him to be kind to you when you are so bad to him.
Sin 31. Thinking the thought that he could ever be unkind.
Sin 32. Expecting him to wait for you while you commit sin.
Sin 33. Making him wait for you.
Sin 34. Accepting love and happiness and possessions and pleasure and fun from him and giving NOTHING back
Sin 35. Thinking that you give nothing back.
Sin 36. Breaking your marital promise to him that you would love him always, not only when you do not commit sin.
Sin 36. Breaking your promises to give him your body, mind and heart.
Sin 37. Sinning in front of pure goodness..
Sin 38. Thinking that you have sinned.
Getting up. He asks me to get up. I keep him waiting 1 minute. Why can I not do it just at the time
He asks me? I want to.
Sin 39. I have not done for 1 minute what my beloved has kindly asked me to do.
Sin 1, I get upset. Sin 40 is if I did not get upset.
Sin 41-99 I kid you not.
Sin 100. Not being grateful.....

Well, this is the life of a traditional Indian woman. Constant 24/7 sinning.
Actually, not a single thing that she does, thinks, does not do, does not think is right.
And being made ecstatically happy by a perfect good loving husband who deserves far far better.
But, she loves her husband with 1% of her heart. So all is forgiven.
And of course, since she is his, all her sinning is his fault and he will suffer for it.
She gets off scott free once she has surrendered to him, which is why this evil woman is engaged
24/7 in evil: she knows she will not be punished
What about a modern British Indian woman? Constant 24/7 sinning with evil intent.
And not being made ecsatically made ecstatically happy, actually, the opposite,
by a not perfect not loving evil husband or more likely lover, who deserves far far better.

Anyways, you put those army boots on and pull up your socks and wish him dead.
He deserves far far worse.
A nice woman, she cries when she knows that the above are just a small selection of how much
wrong she does. And she sincerely prays and tries and asks her husband and God for assistance
And of course in her heart, she wants to pour her love into her husband, and to please him in
whatever way she can, at the cost of her life if necessary.

And it so happens that Lord Vishnu will grant requests from a woman, or her owner, relating to doing
no evil, for example., and even her requests about love even though her love belongs to her husband
along with herself and therefore she has nothing at all she can give him, not even love.
for which she cries and asks forgiveness which wish is granted and she and her husband get
happiness and $$ and much much more.

So anyways, after not upsetting My Lord for the last 64 years, today I say to Him

please kindly arrange it such that I do not upset You. Which upsets Him (not).

So next I say, OK, please kindly arrange it such that I upset You. Which upsets Him (not).

So next I say, OK, please kindly rearrange Me and My mind as You wish it to be rearranged.

Which upsets Him (not) because I have previously given My mind and Me to Him

Everything in His possession is just perfect.

Do I wish to rearrange that? No. I leave it all to Him.

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