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Sexy Tantric Health

 When you have a couple of months spare time, here is a programme you could try.
A couple of months because it is a little taxing and maybe you will get tired afterwards.
You do not need a man or woman, videos or anything for this.
But of course, if you have a man or woman, it is nice to do it together or to watch your partner.
You should not help each other, that is the way for injury to happen.
1. First, lie on your back and relax, arms, legs relaxed. Offer yourself to your husband or Lord Vishnu.
"I apologize to you. Please forgive me, please forgive me, please forgive me".
2. Bend your legs so your feet are near your bottom, use your hands to bring them closer in.
Then lower the knees to either side. Stay, relaxing your legs, everything completely.
3. Then, stay in this position and flatten your tummy, bring it down towards the bed, towards your spine, by exhaling and then keep it down.Breathe shallowly in order to keep your abdomen down.
See how tense the legs become. So, rock your knees from side to side, first one knee touching the bed
then the other. Keep going and gradually your legs will relax and also your tummy. When relaxed,
4. Slowly straighten the legs, away from you, keep the abdomen down still, and squeeze the legs together. The front tops of the thighs need to press closer and closer together.
Try and completely relax in this posture, lie quietly, only more and more squeezing the top front thighs together. Your abdomen should be like a peaceful tranquil valley. Stay as long as you can.
5. Then, relax your legs, tummy, everything and just lie still. If you are sensitive you will notice orgasms in the lowest 3 chakras. 5 minutes.
6. Now take a two minute break, if your eyes feel funny, wash out the poison as I explain elsewhere.
Have 25 grams of chikki or chocolate.
7. Next, take two pillows, with total height when you squash them by sitting on them of 4 inches, 10 cm. When you repeat on other occassions, take 3 then 4, whatever height you can manage.
Sit on these pillows, bend your legs, feet close to your pubis and spread the knees.
Then lie back onto the bed.
8. Then repeat steps 2 to 5 above, flattening your tummy, relaxing, then rocking knees down
to the bed
one at a time, then stretching legs and squeezing them together, then completely relaxing.
9. Now sit up, spread your legs wide wide apart, use your hands to bring them further.
Then turn your trunk to the right then to the left and keep going quickly right left right left..
vigorously.10 times.
10. Then do the same thing, but when you turn to the right, also lower your trunk, quickly, to your right outstretched leg. Then quickly up and turn and lower to the left. Do 10 times.
11. Now keep your legs wide, sit facing forward, and do foot movements.
Feet turned outwards, then quickly inwards, then toes pointing away from you then toes pointing towards you. 3 minutes.
12. Then, instead of foot movement do toe movements. Crunch toes, pointing feet away from you,
then stretch toes towards you, crunch again, all the time also working the ankles.
Wriggle your big ties to and fro, bring your little toe towards you, move all the toes this way and that. 3 minutes.
13. Now, rock your trunk forward and back. Try and touch your forehead to the bed infront of you,
then quickly come up. To go back quickly, place the hands besides your hips and rock back
onto your elbows. Then quickly come up and rock forward again, to eventually touch your chest to the bed.10 times.
14. Then come up and sit with your legs together, hands besides your hips, and squeeze the legs together, hard. Bring the front tops of the thighs closer and closer together.
And, relax everything else.Breathing normal, tummy relaxed, head relaxed, just the inner groins will ache.
The longer you stay, try and intensify the squeezing together, moment to moment. Throat relaxed.
Nice quiet breathing.
Try and stay at least 2 minutes.
15. Then lie back and relax for 2 minutes.
16.Now, lie back, and bend your legs so that the feet are about 2 feet or 60 cm away from your bottom (not closer).
Allow the knees to fall to either side. Then, you are going to massage your upper legs
(to where you can reach) up to 2 inches 5 cm above where the pubic bone finishes,
that is up to about 2 inches or 5 cm below the navel. You do not need to touch the vagina or penis,
nor the anus, but everywhere else, deep finger massage. So use the first 3 fingers
(not thumb, not little finger) of each hand and use the pads of these fingers in circular movements
to press down deep into the flesh. If you get ticklish eg at the groins go quickly and get
the ticklish sensation over and done with in a flash. Do more masage on any area which is painful or
aching after the exercises so far. When you finger massage just above the pubis you may want
to go to the loo. Try not to. 5 minutes.
17. Now straighten the legs, turn over and lie on your front. Spread the feet 3 feet 90 cm apart.
Now do the same 3 finger circular movement massage of your bottom, backs of the legs up to
where you can reach, and the sides of your legs, both inner
(but you can only reach a small part of this) and outer, and the hips on either side of your
bottom. Do not touch the anus. Try and reach into the bone everywhere.
18. Have a 2 minute break, wash your eyes, have another 25 gm of chocolate or chikki.
If you are hungry, have 250 ml of milk or yoghurt, unless you are on a diet when have another 50 gms of chocolate or chikki.
19. Now lie on your back. Bend your right leg so that the knee is near your chest, foot over your
bottom. The left leg is straight back, relaxed. Then kick your right leg up until
it becomes straight, quickly bend it again, and keep going up to ceiling, down to your trunk. 10 times right leg. Then left.
Get momentum so that your leg stretches well and also the foot hits your bottom when it comes down.
20. Relax. Then, bend your right leg to side so that your foot is near the anus.
Kick your right leg straight, trying to bring the foot to shoulder level, and then swiftly
vigorously bend it back so that the foot hits your left inner thigh near the anus. 10 times right, then left.
21.Then relax and straighten your legs back onto the bed. Now bend both legs so that the knees
are together and the feet are near your bottom. Use the hands to bring them closer.
Squeeze the legs hard together, and lower the abdomen towards the spine.
Scoop the tummy down and down with small breaths. Squeeze the knees closer and closer.
Everything aside from legs relaxed.Stay long.
22.Now, same as 21. but raise your bottom as high as you can, keep the legs relaxed not
squeezed, press the shoulder blades in, lift higher and higher. One breath lift, next breath
lift higher, then higher..Do not bother about abdomen descending. Stay until you really drop.
If you cannot manage to lift your bottom up, try by pressing your hands down by your hips.
If still not put 4 cushions
under your bottom, stay lifted and keep trying to lift up away from the cushions.
23. Now, lie down and straighten the legs. Then bend your right leg and bring the foot close
in to your bottom, knee facing the ceiling. Then lift the bottom up as high as possible,
using the strength of just your right leg. Stay. Use cushions etc. as in 22. if really necessary.
24. Now, bend your legs over your tummy and rest for 1 minute with your arms wrapped
around your legs, hands clasped.
25. Then, same thing, but arms under your shins and over the thighs, ie. thighs resting
on top of the arms. Now squeeze the legs together hard and stay. Knees closer and closer together,
head and throat relaxed, breathing relaxed.
26. Now, keep the arms as they are in 25., under the thighs, and kick the right leg completely
straight. When straight, hold it there and try and straighten further, tighten at the knee.
Hold the leg poker straight for as long as possible. Then, stay and stretch the right heel
away from you, toes towards you.
Then do left leg. Then repeat right leg again, then left leg again.

27. Now, lie on your back and bend your legs so feet are by your bottom and knees are facing the ceiling.Then raise the right foot, and place it on left thigh near the knee.
Let the right knee relax to the side. Then kick the right foot to the right side, 5 times. On the fifth try,
keep it to the side and completely syraighten it, press the right heel away from you and toes towards you. Then do left leg.
28. Now, bend legs so feet are on bed and knees pointing to ceiling. Bend your
right leg over your trunk and wrap your right arm around the thigh, so that the leg is hugged towards
your body. Then swing the bent right leg to the side still keeping it hugged towards your body because of the arm which is wrapped around it. Do 6 times. On the sixth attempt, try and straighten the right leg to the right side, keeping the right arm wrapped around it. Tighten the right knee, stretch the heel away from you, stretch the toes towards you. Keep the leg poker straight for as long as possible.
Then do left. Then, repeat on right, but relax. Keep the right leg more or less straight, but relaxed,
let go of the left arm and just keep the right leg in place with your right arm. Stay for 5 minutes.
Then do left.
29. Do as 28. Keep the right leg stretched to the right side with the arms wrapped around the thigh and the heel pointing away, toes stretched towards you. Then, kick the left leg straight back until it almost reaches down to the bed. Do this 5 times. Then do the opposite side.
30. Now, bend the legs over your tummy. Place the right hand on the back of the right thigh, the left hand on the back of the left thigh. Spread the knees as far apart as you can, towards the bed on either side. Have your feet near together. Then, keeping your knees apart, swing your feet towards the bed near your bottom, and then back up again over your bottom. Keep going up and down with your feet 10 times. Still, avoud going to loo.
31. Now, bend your legs over your tummy. Then straighten them upwards towards the ceiling.
Then, relax them to either side, keeping them not dead straight but more or less straight.
Relax completely and stay for as long as possible. To intensify the action, you can rest your hands on the inner thighs near the knees and if you wish press downwards. eg, stay 30 minutes.
Every 1 minute, completely straighten your legs, by tightening the knees and opening at the back of the legs and stretching your heels away from you. Again relax, at the new wider distance.
Keep the legs straight and do foot and ankle and toe movements. Away, towards, turning out, in, scrunching toes,..After you cannot manage anymore relax legs again, eg remove hands from knees.
32. Relax for 1 minute with legs resting on bed.
33. Then bend legs over tummy, again lift your legs up and spread your feet apart.
Catch hold of your inner thighs with your hands. Then swing your legs first as much
towards the head side as possible
(keeping the feet wide apart), and then down towards the bed away from you. 10 times.

34. Next, lie down with your legs on the bed. Spread your legs wide. Now try and sit up.
35.If you cannot manage, or in any case, touch your nipples with the little finger of each hand.
Keep touching lightly. Then try and sit up. If cannot, pinch your nipples firmly between your thumb
and index finger and pull hard up to ceiling. Before you let go of your nipples, turn them left and right 3 times, Then try and come up. If not still, again lightly touch nipples for 1 minute and then try
and come up. If still cannot, place your hands by your sides on the bed and then use your hands to help you sit up.
36. When you are sitting, now lie back. Scrunch your tummy to help you keep control as you lie back. As soon as you lie down again try and sit up, keep going up and down 5 times. If you cannot sit up, repeat the actions in 35. above to help you. Sitting up is not easy, you may find that you automatically lift your legs a little and as bring them closer as you struggle to come up. Then spread them again,
and lie back until 5 times is over.
37. A little more difficult is this. Try it even if you struggle. Lie back on the bed and bend your legs so your feet are close to your bottom and your knees are apart. Use your hands to bring your feet
in closer to you. Then sit up. Press your feet together, take a deep inhalation and try and lift.
If cannot, touch your nipples and keep lightly rotating your fingers. Practice lowering your abdomen at same time.
When you cannot manage to keep your fingers on your nipples, again press your feet together,
inhale and swiftly try and come up. If cannot, grip nipples between thumb and index finger and rotate and then pull hard up and again rotate. Then try sitting up. If not, just touch your nipples,
lightly rotating your fingers and scoop your tummy down. Do not smile. Try sitting up again.
Then go onto your elbows and somehow sit up. Then move your feet a little away from you,
scrunch your tummy, and lie back, keeping under control, trying not to use your hands.
The faster you lie back the easier it is to sit up again, if you immediately come up.
To make it easier to sit up, stretch your hands forwards towards your feet.Try 4 times somehow sitting up, even if you use your elbows etc. Go quick.
38. Lie back and relax. Maybe your groins will ache a little, and your inner thighs.
Be happy it is not yet crucifiction.
39. Then, squeeze your legs together hard and lower your abdomen towards your spine.
Then touch your nipples.Focus on keeping your knees completely straight and keeping your front inner thighs drawn towards each other, hard, constant. Keep moving your fingers keeping them on your nipples. Stay as long as you can. Do not hold your breath. Keep squeezing your legs together harder and harder.
40. Next lie back and completely relax, legs, tummy, breathing, mind, face. Touch your nipples,
press down and smooth regular circular movement with now your index finger. Relax. Relax.
Keep going.Relax your mouth, keep it still.Then when you have had enough, wank: see

Man woman fun
Keep one finger on your left nipple and use your right hand index and middle finger and thumb.
Make sure you stretch your skin to maximum, slow for 5 minutes. Then as fast as you can.
When your right hand gets tired swap hands. Do not reach, stop before, and wait 20 seconds then slow again. Keep going until you cannot.
41. Next do exactly the same thing, but squeezing your legs together hard, harder and hardest.
First, make yourself hard/wet again, by relaxing your legs etc, and moving your index and middle finger in a rhythm to pubic bone to stretch skin, then to over head of penis/back end of vagina, on and on
and on.
When hard/oozing wet, scoop your abdomen down, tighten your legs, fingers in circular motion on nipples. Stay hard/oozing for as long as you can, relax legs and wank etc. if you become soft etc.
42. You will find that you do not need release, your mind is contented just remaining with
hard/oozing and with hard nipples. Next time see if you can do 11 not 10 movements etc, and
stay hard/oozing and hard nipples for longer. Of course when you want a baby then it so
happens you will want to release.

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