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Sex Positions

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No woman wants to have sexual relations with a man she does not love, unless there is some
hidden blackmail involved 'if you do not do this, I will not give you cash/marriage/ a job,..
And similarly, if you do not love her, you should not use her.

For both of you, the punishment is HIGH, depending on who is at fault, but usually the man.

You do not want to mess with Me.

Clearly, you should not enter a woman unless you are prepared for the long term commitment
of marriage which happens if your semen enters her.
Nowadays, few men have the self control, if they can get hard, to withdraw before semen flows.

It is not advisable to try out lots of different positions, you should aim for maximum effectiveness.
The man should be on top sometimes and the woman at other times.
The man should see the woman, her face and breasts and the woman should see the man's face.
If he cannot get hard or she wet, the man should exercise and build desire,
become vegetarian and instruct his wife to do same.
9 Then relax, see above.
When in her, you should (and she should) relax and go slow and easy, or fast sometimes,
whatever you like, but keep on going.
When the man becomes soft, he or she should manipulate his nipples.
When you are about to reach, you should stop, but remain inside her, start again in about 1 minute.
At some point you cannot take it and then you release inside or outside her, eg into toilet bowl.
At some point she cannot take it and will be about to cry (because she is not wet enough).
You should then stop and release into or outside of her (best is outside).
After this, lie with her, your hand on her crotch (pubic/vagina area).
If she is fit, she will become wet again.
And then, guess what? You can start all over again.

Here are the eight best positions:

1 Man on top, both of you legs stretched back, first:


2 Man on top, woman with legs up:


3 Man on top, over woman's legs also:


4 Man on top, woman on elbows:


5 Woman sitting on man, legs bent up and to front:


6 Woman sitting on man, legs bent back:


7 Woman on height, with legs bent up and apart:


8 Woman on height with legs apart:


See how, for example, the woman does not enjoy sex because of a different positioning of the penis into the vagina:

Woman sitting on man, knees forward, feet back:


Man and woman not looking at each other:


Uncomfortable for woman:


A quickie, man cannot keep this up with weight on arms:


Fiction. It is not possible to have sex with man standing and woman sitting on him:


Not comfortable for man and he cannot see her breasts:


They cannot see each other:


She cannot keep up leaning forward like this, and his eyes are closed because he cannot see her as a result:


Woman would not throw head back like this in real life, she covering her breasts, man therefore not interested:


Not bad, but man not interested in she-devil who covers her breasts:


Ugly breasts, so man not interested in her, she not attracted to him:


Not possible to have sex in this position, maybe resting after sex:


Maybe she is praying for film shoot to stop:


His penis in obviously not in her, maybe cuddling after quickie?:


She not interested in him, he practising push-ups:


Yes, but not ideal positioning of penis in her:


Cannot keep this up and are they enjoying it?:


Nice for a man to see a woman like this, but she obviously cannot enjoy with head tilted back,
she is just being an exhibitionist:


She obviously not interested in him and not enjoying, neither is he:


For man, it is much more pleasurable to do it outside woman, so only reason to waste time is if she enjoys it:


Standing, kneeling, it does not matter, wrong position for her:


Actual facial expression while she was doing this dog position:


Because slanting forward, not too bad position for penis, but he cannot see her, it could be any woman:


Her going forward means penis does not penetrate far, so little enjoyment for either person:


He closing his eyes means he cannot keep it up:


Hopeless for building love, eg his penis does not penetratefar:


Not even good for the anus:


You need to be symmetrically placed, centred, for love making:


Man cannot enjoy seeing woman, and:


Look at her face while she was being 'loved':


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