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Sex and Marriage

This sex thing: when to start

Babies are complete idiots and their only enjoyment is sucking.
From age 18 months, their nipples become sensitive and a father should flick etc. the boy's nipples,
a mother should flick etc. a girl's nipples, so that these youngsters have at least some pleasure in their lives.
My article How to pleasure a child
sets out how to make kids lives enjoyable.
From about age 30 months to age 5 and a half, the parents should ALSO teach their darlings language and general knowledge,
see My article How to Teach a Child Language and General Knowledge
Unfortunately for these people, Lord Vishnu created them without an ability to get hard or wet until age puberty about age 14 or so.
So what should 5.5 - 14 year olds do to waste time until they can enjoy themselves?
School? No. Maths? No. Work? No. Reading? NO. Cooking? No. Horror movies? No. Shopping? No.
Yakking on mobiles? NO.
Strangely, Lord Vishnu ordered the world such that boys like girls company and girls like boys company, even though they cannot get wet or hard.
So, the girl's family should, when the girl reaches (yes she can but no wetness) age 5.5, send her to a suitable boys family and get rid of her.
Suitable means a boy whose parents have machine guns etc. and therefore a home to bring up the girl.
As discussed in My article The Capitalist Fair Exchange Act 22/07/2017
, girls are a huge expense for the boy's
family (food, accomodation, clothes) and so the girl's family should pay a dowry of about $100,000.
Now, you may say, where will I get $100,000 to give to the boy's family?
Well, Lord Vishnu is all powerful. It may be that parents who have brought up a girl well will by magic be given $100,000
The girl and boy mess around enjoying themselves, grow fond of each other, adjust to each other's peculiar habits, flick nipples, strip, explore holes etc.
And then, strangely, naturally, a very little while after puberty, they do it:

Happy Marriage

What is marriage? It is nothing to do with a piece of paper.
It is when your penis enters your woman's vagina and your semen flows.
The keys to a happy marriage are:

  • To care for each other
  • To look after each other tenderly
  • To have a highly sexual relationship so that the two of you develop love
  • To avoid arguments.

  • Exercise

    For a successful marriage also, sexual desire between the two of you needs to build up.
    For sexual desire to build, you need to exercise, see the home page for articles about this.

    Love Making

    It is a man's duty to sexually satisfy the woman he marries, if she wants this.
    It is her duty to do the same.

    You do not need to have common interests, sex is enough.

    Love happens gradually between two people when they have orgasm.
    Love means you hold her hand and never want to let go. Or, you touch her hair or she yours and you are at peace.

    Before that they may think they love the other person, but it is not true.
    Orgasm for both men and women is the same.

    There is a flood of Kundalini energy into the brain, flushing and re-energizing the brain for its creative purposes.

    Orgasm 1

    This occurs throughout the sensitive pleasuring of the man or woman's nipples.

    Nipple Sensitivity

    To sensitise your nipples, you should take a nipple between the tips of your thumb and index finger.
    Pull out for about a half inch, and then let the nipple naturally come out of your grip.
    Do this 3 times.
    You should do this yourself, not let the partner do it on you.
    Next, with the tips of your thumb and index finger, you should turn it clockwise and then anti-clockwise, pulling at the same time.
    and keep going for 30 seconds.
    Now, the nipple is ready to be pleasured.

    Pleasuring a nipple

    Lie down on the bed. Squeeze your legs together as hard as you can.
    With the tips of your index fingers, flick them to and fro continuously. Little flicks. Quickly.

    You will find that very small bursts of energy flood the brain, with each flick. This is orgasm.
    The person will blink, ask to stop, etc. but you should just keep going.
    The man and woman both will have enough pleasuring of their nipples after about 10 minutes,
    the nipple area will become sore.
    Desire will build up, and the man's penis will swell and the woman will start getting wet.
    Disregard this and just keep going.

    The only thing he or she will want is full release and major orgasm.
    Do not give that but proceed to:

    Orgasm 2

    Now squeeze your buttocks together hard, trying to keep your legs relaxed.
    For the penis, place three fingers of her left hand at the man's penis head, and quickly peel and unpeel his (soft or hard) penis,
    moving her hand right down to his groin and then peeling completely.
    These multiple orgasms are very important for your soul, but after a while of having them, you want to reach and have the third type of orgasm.
    A few seconds before that happens, the person being pleasured should say 'stop' so final release does not happen.
    Wait one minute and start again, but this time the woman should go slowly.
    Using the hand, the man's penis will hurt after 5 minutes, and you should discontinue until he has recovered.

    Keep going, being pleasured and stopping before final release, for as long as you can.
    At some point you will not be able to tolerate further pleasuring and will be desparate for 'ordinary' orgasm (Orgasm 3).
    Then you can stop for a while, if you want desire to build in your partner, or proceed to Orgasm 3.
    If you are stressed, tired, ill there will be no flooding of the brain and these multiple orgasms will not happen.

    Orgasm 3

    Now squeeze your buttocks together hard, trying to keep your legs relaxed.
    Here there is a large flooding of the brain with Kundalini energy a moment before the man's semen flows
    and there is a rush of wetness from the woman.
    If the man is in the woman there is no pain, one will be able to repeat this orgasm every 15 minutes.

    Sex Positions

    It is not advisable to try out lots of different positions, you should aim for maximum effectiveness.
    The man should be on top sometimes and the woman at other times.
    Here are the eight best positions, with the man on top, both of you legs stretched back, first:

    2 Man on top, woman with legs up

    3 Man on top, over woman's legs also

    4 Man on top, woman on elbows

    5 Woman sitting on man, legs bent up and to front

    6 Woman sitting on man, legs bent back

    7 Woman on height, with legs bent up and apart

    8 Woman on height with legs apart

    See how, for example, the woman does not enjoy sex because of a different positioning of the penis into the vagina:

    Woman sitting on man, knees forward, feet back

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