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Keeping secrets from your loved ones

In this world, there is only one person that loves you, and that is Me.

It may be tiny love, but it is there.

You should not keep ANYTHING hidden from ANYONE whom you want to love or who should love you.

Your children, you talk to them about EVERYTHING that goes on in your mind, evil things, nice things

sexy things, dull things, money things, your fears, stupid thoughts, why you do not love them,. ..

This is an order, a request, a suggestion.

And your wife or husband, same thing. Your affairs if any, your thoughts about other women or men,
how horrible is her cooking, how not brave you are, how stupid you are, how repelling you find him or her.
All calculations of what to say: delete them. What you say may seem contrary to your best interests.

Say it anyway, of course nicely, with love and kindness.

Between you and your family, however evil they are, there should be nothing hidden.

Indoors, breasts and vaginas and penis not hidden. Finances not hidden.

Love making not hidden from your children. Thoughts not hidden. Open doors at all times.

Hidden from you is what goes on in your heart, what goes on in your soul.

And these two hidden things are far far more important matters than what goes on in your tiny mind.

But, these two secret pits of evil are not hidden from Me.

You open one thing, legs, trouser zip, then mind, then maybe I will open your heart,
and then maybe even your soul.

And when your heart is opened, aired, the dirty stuff is cleaned off with wet tears.

And then you can love and be loved and be happy.

Or, at least, you can give love and get nothing back in return. What you deserve.

(this does not happen, you give and you will get in a capitalist society).
And when or if your soul is clean, you will go to heaven.

And if it remains dirty, it will be destroyed, which strangely your soul does not want to happen.

Like a cockroach, it goes hither and thither, trying to avoid DEATH.

Do not hide your ugliness in dark corners.

I have cockroach killer poison far far more potent than Western pesticide and it is EVERYWHERE, slow acting.

I am not Ryan Gosling LAPD of Blade Runner 2049.

And if you think you have one beauty spot, you keep that secret, because it is a figment of your imagination.

You listen good.

Because I love you.

Kalki, cockroach exterminator starting 2017 concluding 2027, not 30 mins. It may take time.

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