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There is actually a reason why Lord Vishnu came up with the daft evil idea of
Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Me, Judaism, etc. etc.

I would never have done such a stupid thing unless it was My idea in one of My former births.

One possible explanation is
*when kid you study carefully, read etc. the 'sacred' text.
*when some years later you develop a brain, you start thinking, eg
Koran says (as does bible) I should be vegetarian, does this mean I should be vegetarian?
*or bible says Moses was 1507 years old when he died, in one place and 2 lines down it says
he was 2057 years old (example). Does that mean bible, koran is 100% truth?
*and you THINK 'is it nice to be crucified', 'should I do right or should I do wrong?'
ALL 'religious' texts give people plenty of clues as to what is right and wrong.
EG Koran: kill all non believers. That is what mussel men proceed to do. Quite right too.
All muslims should be killed for obeying or disobeying Koran.
Reading them, you get ideas, of what to do specific for you.

And if you are drawn to evil, they will help you on your way.
And if you are drawn to good, they will help you on your way too.

You happen to open a page and it says muslim barbarians should rape women, say.
Obviously that is what throughout history muslim men have done.

And then when they get to heaven for obeying their God's commands they obviously will be given another 17 virgins this time to rape.

So all is right with the world when you follow your religion, and if you do not.

Use your BRAIN.


God is NOT evil.

He gave African boys the pope so that these boys would very quickly learn, within a few hours
of being on a cross, whether they want to be good.

Religions are carefully crafted by a genius to help you get to heaven fast.

But now their purpose is over.

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