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You will not be surprised to know that 2 minutes of the sex act does not relax a person.
To relax, to enjoy sex and sexual activity, your mind needs to be blown so that it is not constantly thinking about work,
problems, cooking..
The only way to do this is through nipple orgasm.
With this, there is a constant short circuiting of the brain with tiny bursts of ceative sexual energy.
You can do all this yourself, you do not need a partner.

Nipple Sensitivity

First, you need to sensitise your nipples. Take a nipple between the tips of your thumb and index finger.
Pull out for about a half inch, and then let the nipple naturally come out of your grip.
Do this 3 times.
You should do this yourself, not let your partner do it on you.
Next, with the tips of your thumb and index finger, you should turn it clockwise and then anti-clockwise, pulling at the same time.
and keep going for 30 seconds.
Now, the nipple is ready to be pleasured.

Pleasuring a nipple

Lie down on the bed. Squeeze your legs together as hard as you can.
With the tips of your index fingers,flick your nipples to and fro continuously. Little flicks. Quickly.

Very small bursts of energy flood the brain, with each flick. This is nipple orgasm. Keep going.
Desire will build up, a man's penis will swell and a woman will start getting wet.
Disregard this and just keep going.

At the end of ten minutes you will be relaxed.
Obviously, the best thing is then to proceed towards masturbation or sex, and I set out the stages in My article
Sex and Marriage

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