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Recovering from Marital Preparations

Indian marriage preps are a long drawn out affair and sometimes take it out on a man.

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Although I am pretty fit, two days later I am still not perfect.
The aches have gone but I am
lackadaisical, sweating still a bit, lethargic, resting quite a lot.

It is because of poison coming out.

Since then I have scratched My scalp 4 times and still dead layer of skin was there.
My nape of neck was warm and really appreciated cool water;
a sign of surface poison is the body part becomes warm, so I scratched Myself there.
A little blotches on My arms, legs, small pimples on My back.Mostly all gone now.

But, there was a bit of dead skin on My chest, and that is the cause of feeling a little unwell.
Your physical heart is built for a nice peaceful existence, it does not appreciate
Swedish fashions of being dunked in freezing cold water when you go for a swim or the
American current fashion of super stars chucking ice cold water on each other.
For example when I shower, if the water is cool, I go for the extremeties first and
when it comes to chest time, I wait a moment, take a breath in and shower on the
outbreath when the body relaxes.

When you did marital preparations, you got excited, blood went to the heart and poison
was drawn out.

The poison is hot and so when it comes out, the average temperature of the heart declines.

The body recovers at a nice slow pace, it is not in a rush.
So, it takes about 3 days if you are healthy, as I am for the heart to recover.
If you are unhealthy, it takes longer, eg 2 or 3 weeks, for a typical person in the world today.

If you are from Iceland or Russia and always are putting yourself in ice cold water because
your intelligence level is sub zero, you are always unwell,
but you do not notice it because you are always unwell.

But, if you are American your intelligence is so high, you will notice it.

So, the answer to the question of what to do is
lock the door on your Mrs with you on the outside so you can crawl to the shops to
survive another day
and she can rest in bed and starve herself to death
which is less painful than the alternatives for her.

Because you are sweating small amounts out, even if too little for you to notice most of the time,
it is food time for eg little ants if you rest on your bed, and the minute or more sweat rubs off for them to eat.

So, in My case, last 2 days, there have been maybe 10 small small ants in total,
real small so they do not disturb Me at all, on My bed.

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