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The Reasonableness Act 21 October 2017

A. Introduction

 In My article Reasonable Business Dealings AND List of Businesses selling products and services you want
I set out examples of unreasonable behaviour and also some suggestions for reasonable behaviour.
This Act governs instances where you suffer financial or other loss from unreasonable business or other behaviour.

B. Main Categories of Cost for Unreasonableness

Aside from actual harm, by selling Western cleaning product or Western food, or cutting someone's eye out,
the main categories of cost you will bear in cash or pain equivalent are as follows:
1. financial cost to you if you have charged an unreasonable price and he has not had opportunity to get a reasonsble price elsewhere eg because of socialist rules..
2. loss of tranquility if he/she has to sort out your nonsense, deal with your unpleasant staff on the phone or email, try and correct for your unreasonable behaviour..He has every right to expect reasonable dealings, so he could, for example, spend 20 years with loss of tranquility and you would pay Rs 25,000 for every hour of causing untranquil mind.
3. loss of pleasure time at Rs 7000 per hour. Your product may result in your client having to spend time on phoning you, buying alternatives, searching for fixes, correcting errors,..

C. Examples of Unreasonableness

For example a rickshaw driver in India, with the backing of the police, charges you an unreasonable price and takes you to a more expensive restaurant or hotel than you asked for and there demands Rs 100 plus for the introduction, with more if it is an expensive hotel/restaurant.
Obviously, the hotel charges you for the blackmail.. Unreasonable behaviour of the rickshaw driver and the restaurant.
Or a hotel may report you to the police..
Or the police may beat you up or rape or blackmail you.
Or a tax official may tax you.
Or you may be required to fill in a visa form.
Or the bank may refuse you a bank account
Or the bank may keep closed ATM machines.
Or you may be timed out when you are working on your computer and the program shuts down..
Any situation where you suffer one of the above losses and harm etc. the perpetrator pays for.
The person knows what is reasonable, to spend perhaps only a small amount of extra time or resource on delivering you a better product, not deliberately selling you an inferior product eg where he knows some of his customers will be inconvenienced or worse.
If you decide to sell unreasonably, it is your decision, and it is not relevant whether someone else asked you to do it.
Other examples of unreasonable behaviour are:
sending junk or threatening mail
sending stupid messages by sms onto a person's phone
calling someone after 9 pm or before 9 am, or knocking on door then, unless requested..
talking rubbish to your partner after he/she has asked you to stop
saying the same thing twice or more.
refusing to carry someone on your rickshaw because the police have told you..
not taking someone to the airport because the socialists have made it 'illegal'
putting 2 plastic wrappers on chocolate bars
selling contact lenses
selling face cream
calling mother Theresa a saint
worshipping Allah or Krishna
blackmailing all pretty Indian women
injecting cows with antibiotics
employing women
not cutting the eyes out of all meat eaters
preferring pain to pleasure

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