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Reasonable Business Dealing AND List of businesses

In the future all businesses worldwide will be reasonable, see A to E below if you want to know
what is reasonable and unreasonable.

If you are searching for any product or service, go to section F below and select the category of business you are looking for, eg 'airline' or 'bank' or whatever.

Click on that link and you will find a list of all reasonable businesses operating in your city or nearby.

At present there are none.


A1. makers of tablets, eg Samsung.
It is an absolute nightmare to use standard programs, to find out where things are, to delete stupid programmes they load as standard,
programmes designed for android do not have the required functionality....

A2. Have you noticed how nowadays much junk mail is a little threatening?

Chink sense of humour.
Have you noticed how often your emails nowadays have not so nice additions, or when there are no emails
you see an unhappy rather than either no or a smiling emoticon?
It says 'You have no emails. Please enjoy your day!', then the sick emoticon
Chinks control how many emails, which emails you get, and believe they control whether you will enjoy your day.
1 chink per 1000 email users.
In India, there are about 550 million email users. 570,000 chinks oversee them.
Do you ever find that wankers open up unwanted pages on your browser, or close down pages you are working on...?

Yup, Toshiba have given chinks full control over your pc/tablet.
Did you know that ICici bank stole, deducted about Rs 20 lakhs from My bank account obviously without My permission.

Do I mind? No. Have they ever done such a horrid thing to your account? Or are you afraid to complain?

Do you know that even if you did complain, they would completely ignore your emails?

I am not exaggerating,
Are you scared of yellow slit eyes secret service?
Did you know that 100% of theft profit to Modi, Icici bank, airtel,... go to 5 commie party officials with secret service in hong kong.
Did you know there are 17000 commmie chink ss in India, but that some are brown, not yellow?
Did you know that Icici bank knows about thefts from their bank accounts but will do nothing about it,
and that the hotel groups will not bother to answer emails of complaint?

Did you know that if you sue icici bank or airtel in courts, their political connections are such
that they would win, and that you would go to jail.

A3. What are just a few crimes of the icici bank?

1.If you enter the wrong password by mistake 3 times they close your account and keep your money.

2.For example, in my case they have deducted £24,000 from My account and do not respond to emails.

Yes, I transferred that amount from My UK HSBC account (HSBC is also controlled by Chinks, as you would expect)

£24,000 is about Rs 20 lakhs in case any Indians save at Icici bank.

3. Today, they CLOSE one of My accounts. Money DISAPPEARS!

4. On 7 occassions in last 5 months they decline My debit card.

5. Why do banks near the most popular tourist resort in India, Kovalam, decline debit cards, and

have ALL their ATM cash dispensing machines out of order or out of cash?

6. It is so that foreigners get desparate for cash and then have to turn to local shop keepers who give the banks 12% 'gst' local sales tax.The effective FX rate in India at airport or anywhere

is NOT nice.

7. Of course it is ILLEGAL for foreigner not to use regular channels.Are you worried about Indian police?

I am not, even though they have interviewed Me on 3 separate occassions. On average 7 of them v Me.

Absolute thugs are Indian wog police. They are now history.

Did you know that icici and other wog banks did a nice thing today?
They disappeared ALL wog police bank accounts.

8.Did you know that British jail keepers in India are also abominable? Also history.

9. The ONLY working ATM at Cochin airport takes My card details and deducts...

10. 3 good hotels continue to deduct money from My debit card long after I have left.

11. Icici bank refuses to do anything about unauthorised these and other debits from My (remaining) account

12. How much money do you think icici bank earns in year from blackmailing local Indians?

13. How much money do you think icici bank earns from blackmailing foreigners?

They know where I am. Do you think they will blackmail Me? 

Do you think that 13 is their lucky number?

A4. Do you think google makes $5 billion per year from blackmail from stealing your private data?

Did you know google is owned by chinks?

Did you know that ALL large worldwide technology companies have sold themselves to chinks?
Eg just search the internet 'google china' etc.

Many times you may have received email from google etc.with garbage that someone from Timbuktoo
at 17.01 jangaroo time on (recent date) tried to sign into your account and knew your password.
then an order 'REVIEW YOUR DEVICES NOW'. It is never advisable to follow facebook.. orders,
even though chinks are now disabled.

A5. Did you know that chinks ask for your sim to be deactivated every about 3 months,
so you spend another Rs 500 on new sim, with 700 million users in India? All profit to chinks.
And that when Samsung happily gives your details to Indian secret service, they happily send your data
files to chink ss headquarters in Hong Kong.
Did you know that NO Indian likes his data being with Indian SS?
And that Chink Ss is not nicer than Indian ss.
And that they do not mind poisoning water supply or milk supply in India?

A6. Do you know why chinks have yellow slit eyes?
It is to light up the room at night so they do not get (yellow) shit scared.
What would happen if I slit out 2200 million yellow slit eyes?
Do you know they control EVERY country in world except UK?
Arabic countries are controlled by USA which is yellow controlled.
Anyways, of course I am happy with the way the world is and was and will be.
Your choice is between good and evil.
Pleasure and pain.
Do you know that chinks at Airtel offices have disabled My internet connection so
I am not able to write anything about chinks and that you are therefore imagining all what I have written about them?
Do you know that I am staying at yellow slit hotel and chink ss is all over the place here?
How many commies are vegetarian?
Do you remember a few years back many drank chalk, not realizing it was not milk?
Do you know why yellow is the colour associated with being shit scared?

A7. In one week from when this website goes live for the world population, there will be 2 groups of people in world
1. gold lovers, with yellow stuff coming out of slitted eyes, and yellow skin, yellow shit
and (yellow) chalk-(yellow) cockroach diet AND (what) bulging out of their (yellow) pockets, and yell-ow out of (yellow) mouths
2. brown Indian lovers, some with some pain, some not, but happy.
See My article Best Movies
and what happened at the end to (pale) yellow man in movie 'Pleasure or Pain'.
Only in reality, for gold lovers, they ain't seen nothing yet.
It is a disgusting movie, evil, about pale yellow people, but beautiful points making it very enjoyable to watch.
So it is with the world.
When Modi rips you off under yellow threat, I am merciful.
When Jiang rips you off with yellow threat, he can have as much chalk as he wants,
and a (golden?) cross with (golden?) nails. But no golden coffin for a while.
We will find that most Indians, even women, even in North, will turn brown.
In the rest of the world, people will remain yellow shit scared, for a short while, and then they turn red.
And then they too finally turn brown.And then, puff, they are gone.
But, even chinks have a choice, to become Indian or not.
In this world there is absolute perfect justice.
And coming soon, there will be only goodness, zero evil.


Notice how the emoticon is now smiling?
Today is cockroach day for yellow 'people'.
On their food, in their pillows, pockets, loos, beds, fridges, cookers, cars, everywhere.
Did you know that chinks do not like cockroaches, even though they will be eating them soon?
1100 million chinks. 10,000 times that number 'roaches.
This has actually turned chinks into almost human. Mouths shut so 'roach not get in. No orders to any Indian, American etc.Not going to 'work' because yellowed into inaction. Not picking up phone because too many 'roaches. Not on internet, TV, etc. Not reading. Not making love. Not lying down. Not sitting. If indoors, not going out because of door. If outdoors not going in because of door.
Applies to brown coloured ss in India and yellow coloured ss here too.
My internet now working normally, airtel must have switched it back on.
Soon chinks will get fed up not eating, lying, going to loo etc. When they finally open fridge, chalk is available. And 'roaches.
And then they will carry on as usual, going to loo, eating, lying, but not bothering their worldwide subjects. Loo has water, I arranged that for them.
And then before death, disease. 'roaches are not clean. As in rest of world, no running water.
But then they miraculously recover, disease free. Food, water appear out of nowhere. And then pain.
No Indian, yank etc. need ever again listen to chink. Well should not have in first place.Because they now not talking.
But, most importantly, rich chinks, ie, in socialist party ruling classes still have huge bank balances.
So, 1 in 100,000 have what they most want. I will even give them golden cross AND golden nails.

A9. Well airtel disobeyed their chink bosses yesterday and reinstated both My internet and phone.

Will they keep it up?
Ickyickybank declined My Rs1100 three times today. Obviously chinks do not like what I said?
Or just malice? Or not like people with name beginning with S? To date 7 times declined in 5 months. Absolute criminals.

A10. Just to give you another example of UNREASONABLE behaviour.
When you hear the word 'thief', what is the first thing that comes to mind?
Is it 'Air India' or is it 'Jet' or is it 'Indigo' or is it 'rage'?
The cost+20% of air travel is about Rs 0.14 per km.
Now, suppose you could have been a frequent flier from Cochin to Trivandrum but for the rip-off prices charged.
For example, a return trip every day for 5 days should cost about Rs 350.
Now, they charge you about Rs 4000 one way, ie for the 10 trips
Rs 40,000.
(of course Jet may advertise say Rs 1200 or so discounted, but do you believe a word scum like these say?)
And suppose that you could have travelled nicely for the last 20 years.
If you do the sums, they wanted to steal from you in today's money terms Rs 400 lakhs.
Now suppose that you wanted to steal from them Rs 400 lakhs.
Would I mind? Not in the least.
Now, obviously any money these thieves have is ill-gotten.
So they will choose to give it all to Me.
Hence, they cannot give you Rs 400 lakhs.
But, obviously, you will see later, that Rs 400 lakhs of theft is equivalent in pain terms to about 108 hours on the cross.
So, just suppose you did not like someone trying to steal Rs 400 lakhs from you,
and you wanted Me to give 108 hours (times no. of potential customers) on the cross to Air India executives.
Would I be agreeable?
Or suppose that you wanted to do it yourself, maybe hire a couple of thugs and buy some wood and 10 nails.
Is this a reasonable expense to get your own back? I think it is.
Next, do you think I would allow Air India executives to take evasive action, or hire more of their own kind to stop you? No.
Next, the question arises how many Indigo staff you or I should hang on a cross.
Is it one person for 108 hours (per customer),
or is it all 1000 top executives, each with 108 hours of incredible pain.
My view is that it is the 1000 times 108 times the number of customers.
Number of customers if fare was reasonable, about 15000.
Next is, am I talking theoretically, is this all true?
Have I made a mistake with the mathematics? No.
Or with the assumptions?No.
So, will a top executive of Jet get 108 hours times 15000 on a cross?
Yes. Truth. I do not lie.
By comparison, how much pain will a chink give them? About 19 minutes on a cross equivalent.
Next question. Do you think that soon ALL businesses, taxi drivers,.. will decide that they prefer to be reasonable rather than steal?
I give them freedom to do whatever they want.
If it was up to Me, (which it is) I would advise them to be unreasonable for the next 30 years.
Go ahead (added) punk, make My day (Clint Eastwood). 1983 film, Sudden Impact.

A11. Now, a few comments on British rule

The difference between Modi and Airtel is that Modi typically asks politely, please give me 80% of entire India hotel theft takings.
There is nothing wrong in a polite request.
Nobody refuses his request and so he has done nothing wrong, but made quite some money.
But when the British visa official says give me Rs 4000 for this visa, he is not in a polite request mode,
he means he will NOT give you this visa unless you pay him Rs 4000, and further, if you do not give it to him,
thugs associated with him will prevent you going to the Bahamas.
So, his request is not just theft, why should you pay Rs 4000 at all, but it is also associated potential costs like going to the airport, taxi fare, air fare, being turned away by thugs, and being blacklisted.
His crime is by no means limited to the theft of Rs 4000. Indian consular staff are in for a lot of pain.
This is because they do not just pick on you, but they have other victims also, some of which might be followers of Lord Vishnu.
Oh dear.
I strongly advise them to continue with their thievery and associated crimes for as long as possible.
Anyway, suppose you stick a knife into the eye of this consular staff person, will you be punished?
Suppose, for example, a shortage of food arose in India, and you were hungry.
What are his tastiest parts? These are the facts on this question, in order of tastiness:
1. eyes.
2. cheeks.
3. breast flesh.
4. abdominal (stomach) flesh
5. liver
The rest is not very tasty.
Now, as it happens, a shortage of food will arise in India.
Will you be punished?
Of course not. Or suppose you kill him or her. Does this prevent Me giving this creature its due amount of pain to ensure justice? No.
You are punished for initiating crime, not for reasonable retaliation.
There is in fact no correlation between whether you will be eaten and the amount of pain you will suffer.
Any non vegetarian person should not mind in the slightest whether he or she is eaten.
It is just silly to think like that.
Also, you should know that there is no limit to the number of times you can be eaten.
For example, suppose you have eaten 13000 chickens.
Do you think it reasonable for you to be eaten 23000 times or should it be only 13000 times?
By the way, did you know that hitherto not a single chicken ever has eaten a human?
Nor ever asked for a Rs 2000 bribe?
And that if I so wish it, EVERY chicken will happily eat 23000 humans AND ask in good Chinese to be paid for doing it.
And that if I so wish it, not a single chicken has ever been eaten, and that non-vegetarians can still suffer as if they had been eaten.
Except for the Chinese bit, this is what is going to happen.
As you will see later, it is actually not infinitely painful to have your throat slit, it typically only causes pain to the chicken for 40 seconds.
So, if you do the sums, an average 50 year old will only have about 350 hours of experiencing his/her throat being slit.

See How much pain will you and your country's leaders endure?

B. From now on I would like ALL businesses, individuals, professionals etc. to have reasonable honest fair nice dealings with each other.

This article applies to ANY service or product bought or sold, except when hiring labour directly or in regard to marriage.

Of course, you should also be reasonable, honest, fair and nice when hiring directly, and in regard to acquiring a wife or husband.

Thus, for example, it covers dealings such as renting a car, hiring a taxi, airport services, buying drugs (now legalised),

buying food, hairdressers,..ALL.

1. There are now no governments to tell you what to do, no taxes levied on you, no bribes, no worries about the police or special forces.

2. You should be honest in your dealings with each other. If you are wanting to charge 5 times cost price, you should on your website,

before any dealings with your customer tell him (her) 'I am going to charge 5 times cost' so that he can quickly walk away and go elsewhere.

If you mess him around, wasting his time and then he has to go elsewhere, you should compensate him for any transport or other costs plus his time at Rs 30 per hour wasted.

As a guide you should charge about cost plus 20% profit margin or less, and if you want to charge more you should say so.

Of course, this is mutual, your customer should also be reasonable in dealing with you.

See My article Cost of living around the World

3. You should not attempt to take the law into your own hands. Thus there is no need for any security staff etc, armed or otherwise.

If you decide you want one, of course it is up to you, but it is unreasonable for you to charge for unnecessary services.

If they use force and you have hired them then of course both of you have committed a crime and will be punished.

And if you do not authorize them to use force, they serve no purpose whatsoever.

4. When dealing with each other, it is best to minimize asking unnecessary questions.

Why waste time, why be nosy, why keep unnecessary records? Of course both of you can have nice polite chit chat.

5. You should both respect each other's privacy. If your customer wishes to carry an atom bomb in his bag or a big knife on his shoulder, that is his business, not yours.

In the past, many army, police, security people have carried guns, this is no crime and I do not punish them for carrying whatever they want.

Of course, it is a crime to open someone else's bag or ask them to take off a belt, for example.

If I wish your airplane to be blown up, it will happen and there is nothing whatsoever you can do about it. Similarly, a shop should not ask a customer to leave his bag behind.

Of course, you are welcome to put in all security cameras, unarmed peaceful security guards etc. at your own cost.

Silly, but of course permitted. Suppose someone in your shop steals an apple.

You are not permitted to use force to take it away from him.

All justice applies and any theft results in the victim being recompensed by Me, and the thief being penalised. Do not take the law, My law, into your own hands.

6. It is always better to be polite, keep promises, not be disagreeable, not keep people waiting, answer promptly, serve on a first come first served basis, tell the truth.

For each impoliteness, broken promise, disagreeableness, I suggest the aggressor pay compensation of Rs 20.

If a customer keeps you waiting or you keep him waiting, I suggest compensation of Rs 30 per hour.

If you or he causes unnecessary costs, private detective costs, travel costs or whatever, then compensation should be made, eg an adjustment to price.

7. It is not nice to charge extra just because you happen to be the only provider in the customers near distance.

Similarly no one minds working at night,or on Tuesdays, so you should not charge extra weekends etc.

8. Your website should include phone numbers and email addresses of customer service personnel and your business owners, together with bank details,

so any aggrieved party can recover his money from you if you do not answer his emails on 3 occassions or if you do not respond to the actual questions or complaints that he has.

If he unreasonably deducts money from your account, then you are equally able after 3 emails etc, to deduct from his account.

You are of course at liberty to at the outset of your mutual dealings suggest an independent third party mediator or adjudicator to disputes, which can be final if the two of you agree it.

9. Special message to all banks: if someone has the name and bank account number of one of your customers,

and asks for a refund in respect of some service or good provided by an entity with a website which provides the service or good being claimed for, you should give him the required sum.

I will ensure that no-one sues or takes action against you in regard to such debits.

Similarly, if an entity with a website which shows his bank and account number writes to you confirming that his account has been fraudulently debited,

and he gives you the name and bank account number of this person, you should make the necessary debit and credit.

Obviously, you should levy a reasonable no more than cost +20% charge to the initiator of the transaction.

10. You should not hire any women to run, manage or staff your business except if reasonably paid for prostitution services.

All current women should be sacked.

Women are not able by design to be nice, polite, keep promises, etc. and are created to give pleasure to their husband, not to create misery for other men.

FINALLY, as examples, I gave written to the hotel and mobile operator industries, below, and you
are advised to look at these letters and include all that is applicable to your business.

C. Letter to mobile phone operators

Dear sirs

From now on you are required to be fair and reasonable:

1. All prices to be cost plus no more than 20% profit markup, with guide prices being those available in UK.

2. There are no more governments so eg, no tracking devices, no reporting private information to third parties, no charging for taxes, bribes, license fees, etc.

3. Anyone who wants a connection, sim, etc., all your services, shall be given one if he or she is prepared to pay.

4. No unreasonable terms and conditions.

5. See My general letter to hotels about fairness etc., some of this does apply to you, eg website information about owners, about prices charged,

about offerings, about compensation for rudeness, etc,, contact phone numbers for your services, and email addresses for same clearly set out.

6. Compensation for waiting on phone while unreasonable phone bills rack up, a thing of past. Rs 30 per hour reduction

in your charges for waiting on phone while your operators sleep or whatever they do.

Yours faithfully


D. Letter to hotels

Dear sirs

The following are My instructions to you.

I will be writing to other hotels, associations soon, other businesses also, I am not just assisting you.

Please kindly foward this email to all your managers, owners, etc. and also it would be kind if you also gave Me the emails of any hotel association bodies or government departments etc. that you deal with.

About your past crimes, it is of course better for you to attempt recompense with all you have crimed against, rather than to wait and be punished.

But that is up to you and the hotel owners.

1. All female staff members, managers, directors etc. to be fired, unless for there for specific services like genuine massage, sexual services.

2. All prices to be reasonable, with no more than 20% profit markup for next 2 months and then whatever you wish,

but disclosed to guests before booking, eg on website, promotional material, at hotel lobby, clearly displayed,.etc.

3. See My website page:

4. There is no more government so you do not add sales taxes, extortion momey, gst, bribes, taxes, etc. to the bill.

5. Every person who wants a room in your hotel gets one if the room is free.

6. You ask questions of credit or debit card pin etc., if payment is in advance, plus if you wish questions as in 8.

7. You do not ask irrelevant questions eg no. of occupants, passport, sex..

8. You can ask also for tel, email, address, name, name of bank, bank account number, whether he wants breakfast, gym, massage,..

9. You do not share any information about your guest with anyone

10. If guest has complaint, you respond appropriately, with apology, firing of staff member responsible, full/partial refund as guest wants, provided that you agree this is reasonable.

11. If guest who has not paid in advance defaults, you can if you wish hire private security staff to visit him (only if you asked for his address),

if necessary only, break down door and remove appropriate goods to cover cost of default plus cost of security man.

12. If you prefer, you can write to bank asking them to debit his account with amount due, if you asked for his bank detail.

13. However, before taking actions 11 and 12, you need to attempt reasonable agreement with guest,

write to him 3 times requesting amount due, or telephone him 3 times, and obtain his view on how much if any he owes.

Only if he is being unreasonable do you proceed to actions 11 or 12. If you did not ask for his contact details and he has left, then you cannot take actions 11 or 12.

14. On your website, and on your visiting card, you should have owner AND hotel tel, email, name, name of bank, bank account number,

so if guest believes you have overcharged, he can take exact same steps 11 to 13. against you.

15. Similarly, if you have complaint against guest, he/she should respond in exact same manner as set out in 10 above.

16. All accomodation you should provide should be clean, unless you specify on your visiting card and website that it is not necessarily clean.

17. All claims should be accurate: give free wifi means it is given free 24 hours per day. If eg no wifi for say 1 hour,

you can agree with guest appropriate compensation, for his inconvenience of having to visit local internet store: Rs 30 per hour plus internet store charges.

18. Similarly, his claims, eg of name, bank account number etc. should be accurate.

If not, you can debit him reasonable costs of hiring private detective, as can he if your claims about name etc. are inaccurate.

19. It is obviously better to be accurate, not say 'near' beach or airport, but say number of metres/km.

Guest is free to require reasonable compensation, time cost, alternative accomodation, having to get another flight, ask his employer for 1 week additional holiday,..if you are lying or in his reasonable judgement your claim is not accurate.

Rather than 'single' room say 10 sq m, rather than '5 star' give price you would like. If massage means massage offered say 'massage offered at Rs 50 per hour'. If sex offered, say 'blow job at Rs 100'..

If you are prepared to negotiate on prices, say 'ono' for ' or near offer' or give minimum- maximum range: '10 sq m room,

with wifi, double bed, fan, balcony included, running water, Rs 100-150 negotiable for 24 hours stay'.

20. All staff are expected to be polite, acting promptly, serving customers on a first come first served basis, not entering room unless permitted,

not disturbing guest, etc. unless clearly marked on your website and promotional material that eg ' staff are not required to be polite'.

Guest can deduct from the hotel bill reasonable amounts eg Rs 20 for each impolitenes, Rs 20 for each broken promise ('I will bring water within 3 minutes.., ),

Rs 20 for each act of disagreeableness (eg answering phone while serving customer or serving another first), Rs 30 per hour for waiting time, Rs 50 for entering room when guest is not there,

Rs 1000 for entering room when guest is inside, Rs 20 for disturbances like knocking on door, phoning him during hours 9 am to 9 pm,

Rs 200 for knocking on door or phoning him between 9pm and 9am, of course if any prior other agreement is made then this will overide.

21. Similarly, guest can be charged extra amounts for similar actions, being impolite unless in retaliation,..

22. If guest asks for additional help, like booking tour or taxi or rickshaw or airport shuttle..hotel is expected to book reasonable tours, ...

with reasonable prices..unless hotel says eg 'we do not wish to book this' or 'we book but price may not be reasonable'.

23. Telephone availability to be clearly set out, eg with reasonable cost plus 20 % prices for next 2 months,

specifying exactly what is or is not offered (international/national/front desk number/restaurant number/room service number.., all relevant access numbers also) and cost if not free.

If no telephone, this should be clearly stated on website.

Yours faithfully



E1. You will have one category of business, eg 'bank' or 'courier' or 'taxi'
E2.One email address of a (male) person with power to make decisions without referring upwards.
E3. His website name, see below.

All bank assets of EVERY employee, director, subsidiary, legal entity etc. if resident in India
of this business will be transferred to the bank account of this reasonable person if they wish to
remain employed if male, all subsidiaries etc. closed.

E4. One website for each such reasonable person ('X'), all others closed, with only this data:
1. Bank account number of Mr X, and name of bank, his email and home address.
2. List of cities in alphabetical order where business operates, with exact address each, landmarks etc.
one line per outlet, branch, etc.
plus email address and phone no. of any (male) people working in that outlet authorised to negotiate prices.
3. List of ALL prices of products on offer in any one outlet the business chooses, eg
chai, flight chennai to trivandrum, interest rate on deposit account %pa compound, 11 sq m room per night
4. All such prices non negotiable applicable to all with validity for [xx] days from [date]
5. Such prices to be separated for each product offered eg room, breakfast price separate
6. Terms of any and every eg individually negotiated deal for additional product disclosed separately

7. Website to also list mutual crime redress terms for broken promises, lateness, rudeness,..see suggestions to mobile operators below. Obviously, each business will take a little time to set all above up.

The males mentioned above will be pain free for time needed to do their job, obviously proportionately
additional pain at other times

F. List of Reasonable Businesses

These are the ones who have decided to be reasonable so far:
1. Tata Hell dings, never in 1 million tears street, cockroach road, Hell fire state, USe u call 999 police if u dare
lease help me i never meant to do wrong it was my wifes fault
2. Too too money others to list
3. Lord Vishnu hotel chain. Super prices. Clean. Godly service. Great location.
From when this website goes live, you have 24 hours to register or shut.

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