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On the Subject of Rape

I do not know whether you liked My selection of "ENGLISH" NOISE but what I do

is maybe always just have constant noise blaring at Me from a random start point,
today it starts at "Modern Girl",
then "Holding out for a hero"..

Not too loud. It does not matter what you like,
just to get you into the rhythem, and then switch off after eg 1 hour maximum and just
dance for Him, for your future Him or whatever you like.

And Me I am now for a while going to forget about you all, maybe.
Well, actually, I will do whatever He says.
And He says touch Him.
You know, one can lightly stroke oneself or a woman or man, but it is difficult to do that real softly.
However hard one tries to be gentle lightly moving one's finger pad on skin
it is always a little rougher than you want it for him or her.
Touching softly is a better bet.

Best is to lie down and relax. He or she beside you, or you on your own.
So I lie down and start touching My thigh with one finger. And then He says go for 10.
As My fingers approached My thighs I could scarcely bear it, and that is 4 inches (10 cm) away.
And when these 10 fingers hit My body I got electric shock like 250 volts electric cable opened on Me.
Well actually, My head lifted about 6 inches (15 cm).One touch 10 fingers.

Hopefully He will permit Me to dance otherwise I am in real trouble.
And so: lie down and He says 10 fingers.(is this rape?)
I said gimme a minute to pull Myself together before I try and do it.

So, I relax Myself, and do it. And this time no jumping up into the sky, just nice peaceful orgasms tranquilizing My brain, Me becoming even happier (perhaps not, it just seemed that way).
And then wham bang, another 6 inches into sky.

I got Alex Clare 'Addicted to Love' in background now.
What happens to you is not up to you it is what He does to you, on your life journey of love.

Suppose next you got a man or woman by your side.
You go to loo first possibly so you can take some time.
I'll say woman next to you, but obviously if you are a woman it will be a man
(unless you are a woman like Me when it will definitely be her not Him perhaps).

You go for a cuddle first.
You sit up, and stretch and then relax your legs in front of you, legs apart, feet 1 metre (3 ft) apart.
Then she sits in front of you, facing away, near you, and you wrap your arms around her waist.
And now there is Beatles 'All you need is love'.

And then you gently sway your body a little to one side and then the other, and she does same.
And then after a minute, you relax your hands down onto her or your thighs,
and she rests back to lean on you.
If you are not fit, you can take your hands back so you can take her weight.

American Woman, by Guess Who, now this is definitely a British song,
definitely NOT American maybe so you are permitted to listen to it.

So next you both lie down, first both of you on your backs, and relax.
If the bed is big enough, she can be 18 inches away from you, but it does not really matter.
Then you take it in turns to touch. It does not matter, but say, you touch her first.
Actually of course there is skin (actually leather) and there is her. Both are touched.
And of course when you touch her skin, your skin and you too will be touched.
So you need to use your stronger side, usually your right hand ie fingers.

Suppose it is your right hand.
She has to be lying (on her back) to the left of you, by your left side.

Back Street Boys 'As Long As You Love Me'. 'British' of course.
Anyways, you now lie on your left side, and bend your legs a bit, so your knees are just near her
but not touching her and you are real comfortable.
Her left (of course also right) hand is relaxed, with palm side up, facing heaven.
Which if the two of you are in love is what you will be giving her.

Her hand is a little distant from her body, about 18 inches, .5 metres,
anything that is comfortable for her.
Now you have to adjust your distance from her hand.
Your right elbow rests on your right hip, and your forearm dips down so that
your fingers drop down not too far from her hand.
Your left arm is bent to rest your head on or if you prefer you can use a pillow.
And then the two of you rest and pretend to go to sleep.

You of course can see her but definitely are not interested in looking at her.
No touching.
And she of course cannot see you, so she can keep her eyes closed while you do the same.
Of course she has no interest in seeing you. She is under strict instructions to relax.
So then you wait. Obviously between man and woman nothing much happens,
you just lie there near each other NOT touching.
One hour passes by, 2 hours, 16 hours and because you are both Christian
monk and nun nothing happens.

But, just suppose after 4 hours or so, you
(of course it is going to be the man first, this is a game of chicken,
which is what I play on the road every day, maybe you have heard of this game)
touch her.
That is the right time to start touching a woman.
When you gotta (American for 'got her' or English for 'got to go to loo', French for 'got to') .
So, you rest your upper arm up to the elbow now on your right side, and bend it
so your fingers are dangling near your lower rib cage about 2-4 inches off the bed,
just near the middle of her lower arm.
Mostly you will need to wriggle downwards little towards her/your feet.

Blue Sky, The Allman Brothers.
Typical hick American, they do not even know that the sky is grey dark and cloudy.
You just close your ears somehow.
Anyways, kidding it is not too dreadful a band.

Now you go for her arm.
Your arm weight is on your side so you can take time and little effort.

Rape is what you will be doing (you are that sensitive), but of course with her permission.
Little finger pad (ie opposite, under side of the finger other side to the nail).
Touch her skin as light as you possibly can.
It does not work does it, no reaction because of course nowadays love has gone,
down the plug hole (where is that on her?).
So you keep on trying, trying to pry a little love out of a grey dark and cloudy heart.
Does she love you?

Then we skip American trash and go for the French touch.
Boite en Argent, Indila.
What it means I have no idea, possibly about boats and money.
They probably trying to flee France sharpish as WW3 happens.
Why frogs do not use proper language, just gets Me.

And NOW we go for British:
The Beatles: (money) Can't Buy Me Love.

Let us see whether it is true.
You take a proper 1000 US dollar note (green back, no rupee rubbish),
you light a bonfire and make it grey dark and cloudy and
BEFORE it finally disappears in a puff of smoke, you touch your own skin first
(because you are a true British gentle man) and see whether it burns you.
After a while this trash will become cool.
If you are short of cash, you do not necessarily need to light a bonfire, you just screw it
(like a French man does, I dunno whether you been to France I seen what frogs do)
up in your mouth and then wash it so it is nice and soft for her.

If by chance you do not have a $1000 crispy new buck,
you go for the best option, a nice soft cuddly dirty used Rs 20 note (like I got).
And then you wave this over her eyes, she will immediately get orgasm.
whoops sorry.Eyes shut, eyes open it does not matter she can feel it.

And now we got
Centerfold, J Geils Band. I dunno whether you know what Centrefold means
because you maybe are Indian man. You can tell its American band because they do not even
know how to spell 'dirty magazine' let alone use it. Anyway now is your opportunity.

So you touch her upper arm with soft Rs 20 INDIAN note. I tried it on Myself.
It does give Me small orgasm in brain (luckily not 6 inches, I prefer small ones),
but not quite as good as My own fingers.
I think if I used a Rs 2000 note (big big money) it would really get Me going.

Anyway by now with all this waiting your woman might be getting impatient.
She will be thinking 'I am real bored with this, I am going to find a wealthier man'.

Well you know how desperate (INDIAN) men are these days. I do.

So you got now 2 or more options. Give up. Rape. Quit. Or 4 fingers.

So you pretend you can play a piano or you can touch type with 4 fingers.
Gara. Da Ya Think I'm Sexy.
Upper arm of hers, not yours.
And you go real soft, you gonna damn make this 'woman' love you or at least have sex with you.

Actually with a Modern Girl, even modern boy, there is
NOTHING YOU can do to bring feeling into her/him.

True, they want it, everybody wants to be touched.
You can touch their nipples, if they have any, or their vagina, or their toe.
To touch a woman or man, you need to stop killing, no contraception, no meat eating.
It is a start. And to boot him/her into the grey dark cloudy sky where she (and I)
belongs you have to love her.

But all is not lost. Even a Modern Girl has stirrings.
Waiting to be touched, being relaxed means she/he will be ready for a little loving.
And there are plenty of articles on this web site telling you how to give her/him maximum pleasure.
But, again, sad sad fact is that killing, not loving do not go with getting pleasure.

Do That to Me One More Time, Captain and Tennille
is pure Western rubbish, fiction, what a Western man or woman of course wants but never ever gets.

A loving INDIAN man or woman even if he or she loves a Westerner will be repelled by the thought of touching it. NO. Not true.
Love conquers all, is the solution to all. If you want to give love you will be able to give it.
Even French 'people' ie frogs can love and then be loved.
And then, by giving love you can be touched.
And it works the other way too.
If you love a frog, even a yank, you can touch it, even if it does not become INDIAN by giving you love.

BUT the best way to their heart is via a new crispy $1000 note screwed up and shoved in some where.
They do not appreciate Rs 20 notes (30 cents), yet.

You know, in terms of women (umm Lord Vishnu excepted here),
in My life I only been with Western trash.
In 1982 I Hindu married a Hindu 'woman'.
For Me it was love at first sight, I was just crazy happy even though we did not do 'it'
and she decided to stay in Mumbai rather than as promised to cum to London.
What pleasure can a Western woman give a man? None.
He better do it himself or of course 'use' a vibrator (is that Lord Vishnu? a vibration, aum?).
The latter is actually maybe 70 times or so more plessurable than doing it on oneself.
And of course the reason is love. You only have say 100 units of love for yourself.
So you cannot give yourself much pleasure, eg 100 units say.
But suppose you found just perhaps theoretically now a being who loved you say 100.001.
Now you got real hot stuff coming your way.
Ie 100.001%times more pleasure than you can do it to you.

Of course if this woman puts a moth on your door it means tat
(tit for tat is an English expression, something to do with money I think) its love for u is maybe -50.
And if it gives u 2 broken toes then its love for you is maybe -73,000.
I am maybe gonna get a French woman next.

But, the thing is several:
1. your mind is a machine not really focussed on pleasure, more on $ or whatever.
2. your soul is the one built to receive pleasure
3. But, when your heart is broken a few times (17 Me)
it is not really in much mood for receiving pleasure, it more wants to be sad, and occupy itself
doing silly things like being an actuary (insurance financial mathematician, E 30 years) or
writing websites for 15 years (when now with 210 articles) 6 days would do.
4. and for receiving max max pleasure, eg -73000, your soul needs to be alive not 99.73% dead
as in Modern Girl.
And the location of your soul is NOT near the physical heart but in your sex organs as I set out in
My article on the chakras.
5. and killing cows and babies, stealing or breaking a man's heart etc is not what you want to do
if you want life in your soul
6. and even if 5 is not your main desire, sitting on a chair drinking coffee is not going to create
health in your sex organs. Exercise will.
7. Except of course if the (t)it who loves you maybe -73000 units decides that any/all
etc. of 1-6 do not apply.
Maybe to err put the record straight Aum -73000 might just be closer
to 10000000000000b5 or more.
8. But, it is not very reasonable is it if for example I give tit (English expression for a woman)
say 1.01 units of love out of a maximum possible of 10000000000000b5,
for Me to receive anything more pleasure wise than say 1.01 units.
Hence possibly the moth outside My door today (no kidding, it really happened, horrible grey or something) .
And not only that, I have not told you there was also a small ant on My bed today (truth. I cannot remember the colour but possibly orange).
I almost cried. Life might (whoops strike out) IS going to get really very very miserable
when you have not much love in your heart.WW3.
Actually, quite a few more BAD OM ENS today (see article) but I will not bore you with full details,
I prefer really to spread terror slow and easy, one small step for mankind at a time.
A hostile environment the moon, do you remember that story tail about yanks stepping on the moon?
Pure fiction. What yank can step on anything other than yankie stuff.
Are those mines laid in Vietnam?
British Diplomatic corpse impossibly

When you dance to please your man/woman, maybe initially you want some
Western music to get you going.
But, soon you should dance in private without anything, no clothes, no watch to show off,
no sound of course other than birds in the background or the waves of the ocean.
And you need to gradually slow down and bring BLANK to your mind, after peace.

And the following is instructions to a woman on how to rape a man she does not love.
It is not the rape of a woman unless force or torture etc. is involved.
I start off with the man dancing, but of course exactly the same applies for a woman.

Your chest should be very open, with your shoulder blades pinned forward until
you are used to automatically having good posture.

Now that is some chick to be dancing for you in the pic above. First thing you notice is that
her arms are a touch on the high side and her chest is maybe a little slouchy but not too too bad

Real slow, you are not doing dance for yourself but for her.
And you go real real slow, just swaying a little from side to side.
And even though your mind is blank a little moisture may come to your eyes.
You are not thinking of her, in My case it is not possible even for Me to see Him.
And after a while you may touch your arm gently without perhaps thinking about it. Or,

*your heel may touch the other heel
*your calf may touch the other calf
*your hand, thumb side may just gently narrowly touch your thigh
*your ring finger might touch the palm of your hand
*your thumb might brush roughly on your cheek
*or if you are Clint Eastwood you light a match by striking it against your cheek. Fuck.
I wish I could do that. (let E tell you a secret he did not do it)

And you as you go real real slow, might accidentally perhaps touch the back of your thigh
with your four fingers.
Anyway, you Westerner might just find that you get little electric shocks, orgasms, in your brain,

particularly if your 4 fingers hit gently your thigh.
These shocks clear out your brain trash for you to give love if you so wish it.
Western music will not help you. Fast hurried movements will not help you.
You take it slow and quiet and easy, one step at a time and you will get there, peace.
Some women think (well hypothetically speaking) they want a high and excitement and noise
even if in reality they do not. So she might walk out or put music on or whatever.
It is your choice, you let her go, kick her out, or turn the music off and just do your thing,
maybe she will come back. It does not matter. You do your best to give love and even though
you are not looking for a trade, you are not a Delhi boy, you will get something back.
But, you just forget about all such matters, just quietly entertaining her
if you have a girl friend or woman, or just dancing anyway, if you do not.
Obviously you are not pretty like a woman, but you are still giving something of value to her,
peace and quietness and the waves hitting the seashore in the background
will be healing her mind.
You may be handsome, but that is about sex not love.

And then if you want her, why not dance with her. Same thing, real real slow, mind (blank?)
well you may have other thoughts.
First, have your arms placed around her back, gently softly placed.
Maybe kiss her softly on the forhead. No music, except crickets in the background.
And of course, she is a woman, your bodies will touch.
It is not possible to properly see a woman when you are up close.
So next, maybe she can dance for you. Particularly Western women, they are not shy.
All women are Western nowadays.
The only reason why she will not do this is if she wants money or sex.
Of course if you are not genuine in wanting her as a person rather than just to use,
and if the latter it is very reasonable to give her money or to try and give her pleasure
which of course she will never get.
Well, you have danced for her, she for you, and you have been up close.

Why not next try dancing a little distant, feeling gently each other's hands. Eg finger tips.
These blunt instruments of hers are mostly used to ring the necks of chickens,
if she happens to be a chicken slaughterer,
otherwise she is mostly practising her skills at karate
so that she can easily ring the necks of any babies she might be able to produce at age 50.
So, you are not just advised to keep your distance but also to be on your toes with trainers on
so as to run if necessary which it soon will be.
It does not work does it this distance dancing.
It is because when your eyes see evil, naturally they are repelled.
Similarly, if you are evil, and she is evil, all that happens is that the two of you drift apart,
the more you dance like this the more apart you will get.
Distance dancing for Westrrners only works if you each give each other something that you want.
You want it, she wants it so you do your best to pleasure each other, or you go for a 1 minute job.

Because she is more evil than you, she cannot even get a 1 minute job right on her.
Or you give her cash for being naked or your hand exploring her private bits.etc.
So, to avoid the karate chop or loud shouts of 'rape, I am being raped by Mr Mehta of Kerala, email id.. '
you need to be fair and give her cash or if she prefers it, satisfaction. And then you run.
These days it is a badge of honour to have been raped or mostly pretended to
have been raped because she can then go on TV and show everybody where she has been raped
and then make some money as a bollywood model or porn star.
But if you have given her cash beforehand, particularly if you can prove it then
everybody really knows it is just prostitution not rape and so that is ok,
except every 'Indian' man will be jealous if she is pretty.
Anyways, you wanna be a little careful doing things in private with both

a woman who does not love you, or
you do not love her.
And even prostitutes, ie those who openly proclaim they do it for money, are
not perfectly honest these days.
You get what you deserve.
It is the first 3 types of dances that bring a man and woman together,
the 4th only works if you are rich or take viagra.
Close dancing is ok, because you cannot see each other's eyes.
The other 2 work because you are giving not taking.
But, a woman is genuine evil. She will not want to do dance 3 except for cash or sex.
But WW3 is coming soon to every Westerners proud and other possessions
so love will be happening, and then you can safely do all 4 dances.

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