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The glancing blows act

It applies to terrorizing family members and ones you love.
These days, I mean always, all ways, women are very lazy.
The glancing blows act deals with this problem.
It also covers sons, daughters over age people if over 5.5.
Of course it does not cover men.
Peoples under age 5.5 and also men are ugly, dirty, horrible minds etc. and need beauty sleep.
So, anyways you set the alarm for 3 am.
And then at this time the Glancing Blows Act applies and can be launched.
You take two hands, and select two fingers, more specifically the left little and also the right little finger.
And then you launch them, the pads of your fingers, little fingers, on her its nipples.
And you just have glancing blows and of course if she is a woman rather than an it, glancing looks.
And for example one glancing blow is like a fly landing on the right nipple and then departing,
not departing permanently, but departing to gather strength to launch another blow.
immediately after.
And while you sit above her/its head or side, the left hand little fingers are ALSO
launching glancing blows, on her/its left nipple.
Swift attacks, on, off, on, off, etc. like the whole Chinese nation of yellow people will be doing to their leaders soon. One, then the next then the next, all 1400 million of them.
700 million on right, 700 million on left.
Now it so happens, that 3 am is a sensitive time for nipples.
And this sensitivity it grows, becomes bigger and bigger, with each glancing blow.
For example, just imagine Mr Xi or Xoo or whatever his name was receiving a glancing blow with a sledge hammer (your finger tip) on a sensitive part of his anatomy (X),
and then another and it happens 700 million times. A little swelling happens.
Mr Xi or Xoo or whatever his name was wakes up, even if he is dead he will wake up after 700 million chinks go after X.
And then fortunately there are another 700 milion of them.
So anyways, she/it wakes up after say 205 million glancing blows. Or 700 million or whatever it takes.
Just for the sake of brevity I will call this sexless being 'it' rather than 'she/it'.
You might just find it does not actually take 295 million blows.
But you just keep on blowing those glancing blows.
It may use its hands, but you are bigger than it. Stronger, nicer, fatter etc.
So its hands are of not too much avail to it.
Bites. You just ignore all evil and keep on with your determination to launch glancing blows every second.
And eventually it will start to rhythe and to jerk, etc. like being poisoned with rat poison
which is the strategy you should use next in respect of any aggression bites anger, fury,
malice, crying, defence, running away, weeping, hollering..
Running away. You just run faster and grab it and pin it down and throw it on bed and keep on launching
glancing blows.
Strength, handsomeness, bigness, valour, kindness..These are all properties of adult males
given by Lord Vishnu for subjagating it, particularly having regard to your needs in regard to the Glancing Blows Act as applied particularly in China and in the rest of the world against Xis and its.
Anyways, at some point you will want dinner and so you may wish to stop until the next day.
But, you have not finished with it.
It are dirty, even if smaller than you.
So you grab adult it and dunk it in shower. Clean it properly, even under arms, between legs, etc.
Use your hands to touch and scrub filth off.
Next instruct adult it if female to clean dunk etc. female little it.
Next you do boy it.
Then you lie on your bed exhausted and go to sleep. Peaceful. Happy.
Just lie there and surrender to the forces of evil. Give up.
Actually, the optimal time for the Glancing Blows Act to be applied is NOT 3 AM but 4 am up to 5.30 am.
This is when female and it members are most sensitive, and of course male members too.
(In England, a male member is known by the term penis.
But actually nowadays, penises have mostly withered away as a result of disuse.
So God created the nipple. But there is certainly no harm in seeing whether a penis still has any life. Females of course do not have members as you may notice.
So really there is possibly nothing much that can be done to female its.
But, a male should not bother a female child little it, and an adult female it should not hassle a small withered child boy it, it is too small to bother about).
Really you need Viagra to get excited I think.

After you have finished with your peaceful sleep, you will be READY for exercise, peeking etc.
With exercise, it is best not to touch anywhere except anywhere.
So you should not assist man or woman or child in going down further, stretching more etc.
They should do this themselves. Also, you should not stop them from coming out of a posture.
Looking, exploring, parting, peeling, opening, pressing, pinching, pulling, twisting, licking, kissing.. is permitted but not male adult on little girl, female adult in little boy.
Entering, well not into little one, if she is yours you do what you want, but both of you should be careful.
It is easy to tear muscles etc when excited.
Anuses are out of bounds, except if you wish for looking.
But there is no reason why a little loving encouragement should not be applied, touching nipple,
feeling etc. male member tickling toes.
Actually after the Glancing Blows Act has been enforced and showering done,
it is a good time to touch softly gently with love really anywhere, on the ankle etc.
But private parts (located near tops of small legs) of little ones 2.5 to 99 girl on little girl,
boy on little boy, not adult male on little girl etc.
Exercise by a little one should be gentle relaxed, is not necessary and only max 30 mins any one day.
But there is no reason why they cannot watch, touch etc. while you or your woman exercise.
They might like to do something.
Best is to do the woman first, then the man and kids to copy the actions of the adults because
they are too thick to understand what to do.
1. Lie on bed. If you have not already done maximum, offer yourself to Lord Vishnu (men),
or your man 'ladies'. Kids they already belong. Ignore glancing blows etc. of family members,
focus...Throughout exercising you need to focus on exercise, not resist etc. glancing
and other activities on you of your family 'members'.
2. Spread your legs wide, ie feet apart, as much as possible. Stay until you cannot bear it.
If you are on your own stay 2 minutes, same below, all postures, stay as long as you can bear it,
if you are on your own eg 2 minutes unless you are in training and want to do more.
Poison, as it surfaces towards the skin in your body, makes you want to scratch.
Scratch away those parts of your body where you can reach while still doing the posture.
3. Next sit up. Take deep breath in and be determined and sit.
If you are a disabled person, wounded in battle, without legs etc. you can reach out
your hands and seek assistance in sitting.
4. Then drop back without using your hands, back onto your back.
You do not need hand on hand assistance for this.
When your back falls onto the bed, do not bang your head onto the bed, keep it lifted a little.
Sit up and go down 4 times.
5. After the 4, rest on your back and relax.
Do not worry about family members attacking you.
Be peaceful and forgive them temporarily, unless you are Christian when you need to
(n) ever ever tickle a family member. Your legs are still apart.
6. The praying to Allah for forgiveness Pose. All Christians should do this pose.
You cannot believe how horrid you were back in 1053 AD to a poor defenceless Muslim boy.
Take a deep breath in, be determined, be peaceful and calm and happy, and sit up, then do not
stay sitting up but lower your body and head down to the bed in between your legs.
Relax.Be peaceful, stay a while, ask for forgiveness to whoever you wish, offer love. Easy quiet breathing.
Family members may want to give you a little bit of peace and lack of tickling etc. while you stay.
7. Then, sit up, open your chest and sit straight, and offer to kiss and hug any family member who wishes it.
They do what they want but you open your arms and wrap them around family member, and kiss them on the cheek.
Maybe you would like to do this gently, softly, and then the other cheek, maybe even their forehead, hair on top of their head, their chin.
But not boy kissing lips of boy, girl kissing lips of girl. You do as much kissing as you can bear.
Your cheek touching softly their cheek. And your arms
soft on them, may even move a little.
8. The pure and simple further agony act.
You plead with family member to shift away from front while you go forward and back with your legs wide apart.
Lie back, sit up, go forward,..As you loosen up, when you sit forward, your whole body,
navel, chest etc. should rest on bed in front of you with your legs spread wide apart.
7 times up, back, up, forward etc.
9. The giving in and up act.
Lie back, still with legs apart, and again bring peace, etc, to your mind, relax everywhere.
If you are single, you might want to wank with your left hand, slow easy relaxed.
Who knows if you have family they may like to help you.
But not kids, this is just over 14 only, but of course little people might do other things to you,
or you to them in this posture. They may not be quite as stupid as they think they are.
Who knows what a woman will do to a man in this posture, who indeed knows what a man will do
to a woman. But, unless you own the woman, when he or she cannot take it anymore you come off their legs, etc. and stop wanking or whatever them.
If I were you, I would not reach at this stage, so before you do, stop, and ask man or woman
doing it to you also not to let you reach.
You keep going in this posture for as long as you can bear it, as long as you are not
screwing up your eyes etc. in agony.
All the while stopping before reaching, waiting 10 seconds and then again, slow easy wanking.
10. The Mr and Mrs Quitter family
Now, it may be that you are aged, infirm, African military, a baby, hungry because you have
not yet eaten since 3 am and it is now 8 pm. Or you may be a backward scheduled caste person.
You should now go to the local deed poll office and register yourselves under the name
(new surname, family name, tribe grouping): Quitter.
So far exercise has been pure joy, ecstasy. Next it is going to be pure horror, agony, PAIN.
So really everybody should quit while they can still walk.
Mother Earth will have one big happy family all named Mr Quitter, Mrs Quitter, Baby Quitter,
Boy Quitter, and also Girl Quitter. 7.6 billion Quitters.
So having decided to Quit, go and have some milk, chocolate and wee wee.
11. The Mr Shyam Mehta on his own Crippling Exercises
Well since in this world it is only Me who does not belong to the Quitter extended family,
you do not look further down this page, since you are a Quitter. You will see NOTHING.
Love and happiness to the Quitter family.
Oh My God this was pure agony. I may join the Quitter family.
As it says in the Christian bible, 'the meek they shall suffer, the proud they shall conquer'.
I am going to head up and in and on top and conquer the Quitter family.
Doing it proud.

I do NOT accept your act of quitting.
Just because you are African, ie a boy, or Jewish, you do not quit. You accept the PUNISHMENT you deserve for being wrong colour, and being cut.
Of course, women, girls etc. they can quit and be SUBJUGATED.
So same as above, family members can just watch and do not need to unpeel, peel, enter, tickle, wank, open, twist, pull, be entered,..
Take it in turns. Women of course first.
1. You lie down and sincerely hope to die soon.
2. You relax, arms a little apart, legs a little apart so every one can see.
3. Now, you glancing blow your own two nipples. You get your on back on them.
4. You do not stop. No quitting this time.
5. Eternity she shall cum and go, but you just keep up glancing blows, way way past eternity dying.
6. And if by any chance you think of quitting, you immediately regret and you press your abdomen
down, towards the bed and just
7. keep on giving yourself Glancing Blows, for ever and ever. You do not touch yourself
anywhere else, what the family members do is up to them, but I suggest they take pity on you,
hands etc off. You just keep on going, gancing blow after glancing blow on your two nipples.
8. After a couple of days you may be inclined to quit, yet again. Do not do it, instead,
not only your abdomen down but also legs squeezed tight together. This time be relaxed,
quietly just be determined to keep your legs squeezed together. Focus on keeping your legs
pressed together. Thighs tight together.
9. At some point you will not be able to keep the thighs together, it is natural. Relax completely, and
10. Slow quiet steady, on and on wanking. Eventually you will get tired and so
11. Keep your hand there to keep the vagina lips open or the penis head exposed.
Relax completely and recovery your forces. Obviously pour out your love to your loved ones.
You may start falling asleep. When your family members get bored they do what they want
with you, but one of them glancing blows to your nipples. If you are single, keep one hand
fingers to keep your penis/vagina open and other hand glancing blows to whichever nipple you
want.If you are single, eventually your hand will get tired and then swap over
and other hand on vagina/penis and other fingers on other nipple. Same for family members
if they get tired other family member can glancing blow your nipples.
12. Eventually your nipples will get sore. Ask the family member to stop the glancing blows
and instead to just press your nipples downward towards your chest/breast.
He/she/it (I will just say 'it') should find a comfortable position so it can easily keep up the downward pressure.
You should just relax completely, just keeping your vagina/penis open.
13. Stay there and bring peace to your mind, relax. Now it is the turn of the next family member.
I do hope you are satisfied.Sometimes one does not get all that one wants. Do you think that that is a good thing?
The children should not touch the penis/vagina, nor should you touch theirs, but otherwise you can each do whatever you want with each other.


You know the above is all Goddess Vishnu's fault. I nagged at her and nagged at her non stop for
I do not know how many minutes and She finally agreed to give Me some secrets.
Why She did not keep Her secrets to Herself I really wish I had not nagged Her so.
Me you know, maybe I am going to get satisfaction when I finally enter Her ( or is She He?) in about 4000 years time.
What I will find on entry I have no idea, I suppose I will just have to wait patiently to find out.
Me I can take disappointment after disappointment after disappointment, 4000 years is a mere nothing.
I do believe My disapointment may last well into Her and all eternity.
Anyways I did not want to disappoint fetus murderers and such so thought,
let Me see if I can give satisfaction to at least a small section of the Quitter family.

So the following obscene video is only to be watched etc. by babies,
specifically those whose female egg count in their ovaries is greater than 6.3 million.
Roughly one in 7 females between age 13 years 11 months and 14 years and 2 days qualify.
Let Me tell you that there is very very considerable expertise displayed in this video,
if you qualify you will be in the presence of a real expert, a woman who knows
how to satisfy herself and does it most appropriately.
Every woman should possibly copy her, when you reach the above qualifying age.

Further expert guidance to 1:7 women aged between 13 and 11 months and 14 and 2 days.
Listen all American men. This vid is NOT for you. It is obscene. Forbidden.

When the woman is really enjoying herself, you pull your nipples out hard between
the nails of your index finger and thumb. One nipple at a time.
I mean of course maybe I did not watch because I am not qualified and am waiting.
When the woman's nipples can be seen you wank, slow and easy.

Man woman fun

When she is enjoying herself and you can see nipple (hers not yours, hers are far more beautiful),
you go fast.
And just before you are going to be satisfied, you stop.
You do this for Me.
Because, NEW DEFINITION OF VIRGIN. One who has not reached.
NEW definition of adult virgin. A 1: 7 woman over the age of puberty who has not reached.
i.e. a fertile woman who has never reached.
New definition of Girl. One who has below fertility level egg count.
New definition of Girl Virgin, An American man.
So adult virgins, you just hang on in there and wait. For Me, a long long time.
So, girl virgins, you just holed tight and prevent any spillage.
Listen American man, I maybe am not good for you. I eat chocolate for breakfast.
Mine is too too big for you.You pick on someone your own size, eg 7 foot 6 ins or under.
And American MEN. You watch this vid and all others. That is an order. And I am not for you.
Mine is too too big for you. Take a look (I mean not at Me) and if it is not there,
with permission love her. You pick on someone your own size, eg 7 foot 6 ins or under.
Unfortunately, you may NEED to go for a girl virgin.

Video for American Men Only, or Japanese Men

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