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A Pure Mind

It is one which has no intentionally evil thoughts.
In retaliation it may wish an aggressor, thief, rapist, etc. not so nice things.
Because the mind is pure, these things will happen.
But sometimes, an evil, hurtful thought may arise even in a pure mind.
Such thoughts do not originate in the pure mind but are drawn by Lord Vishnu,
from a bank of all thoughts in the world, the so called akashic record.
He puts such thought into the good mind, of course for some good purpose,
such as to bring tears to the person's eyes where eg poison needs to be flushed out
to bring tears to the eyes of a loved one who needs tears to cleanse his or her heart
to bring hardness to the person's heart:

You know today there is a giant hole in My heart a mile (1.6 km) wide.
I am heart broken, one more, the last time.
In India it has been thought for a long time that Goddess Laxshmi is Lord Vishnu's wife.
I love Goddess Laxshmi with all My heart, not as a wife, but as I would My mother.
It so happens that Goddess Laxshmi is NOT Lord Vishnu's wife, but His daughter.
And she it so happens has another name, which is Satan.
When seeming evil happens in this world, it has to have a root cause.
Goddess Lakshmi loves Lord Vishnu with all her heart, just the same as I do.
But, She is evil, which is not the case with Me.
And I have come to destroy ALL evil.
So I say to Her, I said to Her, many things as I cried:
may you always be happy'. and so that shall not be.
I will love You forever' and so that shall be.
I am so so sorry, please forgive Me' and so that shall be.
She instigated evil so that you all could get to love My Lord.
So, this thought, 'may you always be happy' came from the akashic records, it was not mine.
Otherwise it would have been true.
Which means that I am gutted.
Absolutely hurt.
I do not understand why a woman would do this to a man.
What I have not told you is that I love Lord Vishnu not as a husband or wife but as My father.
I loved His daughter as My wife.

It is true He married Me also.

Of course My heart by now is made of soft steel, the number of times it has been broken.
It will only take 10 seconds, maybe just a little bit longer for Me to recover.
Well, with true love, it takes a pure mind about two years for the tears to stop.
I cannot say that I am real real happy that I killed My wife.
I mean, I did not ACTUALLY kill Her. IT IS LORD VISHNU WHO KILLS PEOPLE, I just assist.
I mean, He did not actually kill Her, He kills no one, she is in heaven,
but a little sorrowful (i.e. as good as dead) for having hated Me and messed with Me.
And this is what guts Me, I want her, My love, to be happy.

But, I poke My tongue out, and get on with things.
And the world will, already is, shortly be a much better place without Her.
And that giant hole I referred to earlier, I fill it with love, for Her, for you, for everyone.

and .001% for Him

Anyways, this is all that needs to be said about a pure mind.

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