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Property Rights

In a society, this is perhaps the most important of all its aspects.
I will set out some examples of different situations.

A buddhist is one who wants more than he has got because he is not satisfied with what Lord Vishnu has given him.

1. Icici bank.

When you give them some money, it is then theirs to do with whatever they want.
If they give you some money which of course will never happen, it is theirs to do with whatever they
because they can hire thugs, Indian army or whoever and they have more money than you.
This is the reality of living in a Buddhist society, the Kshatriya ruling class have absolute power.
If they want 'your' wife she is theirs and if they want your hand it is theirs too.
For the last 2800 or so years, virtually everybody in the world outside of Tamil Nadu
has been living in a Buddhist society (also known as a socialist society) ,
because virtually everybody in the world is Buddhist.
Obviously, if you are Buddhist you should live in a Buddhist society.
Well actually, NOT everywhere was Buddhist.

2. Cowboys

A while back, I invented the colt 45 and gave Americans the right to bare arms.
The British were defeated. Because ALL Americans except niggers are allowed to possess a gun,
when John Wayne or Donald Trump want to enforce Buddhist Kshatriya rule,
because of course they are Buddhists, they have to prove their manhood
and this of course only John Wayne, Billy the kid could do.
So freedom happened, and later even black coloured people were allowed to defend themselves.
Country after country copied America to a greater or lesser extent.
Freedom happened because the Kshatriya ruling classes are shit scared of having their balls shot off.
Even in countries where the right to carry a machine gun is not permitted, the ruling classes are even afraid of pop corn.
This is the only reason why they gave up some absolute power.
So, there you are, a Buddhist, descended from a line of Buddhist emigres from Tamil Nadu,
living in a non Buddhist society.
Obviously, you are happier than before but not unhappy enough.
Not as completely shit scared as you are in a true Buddhist society.
So, you take all steps necessary to make yourself as miserable as you can manage.
You cut out your womb, take viagra, sell yourself to the $, poison your food supply,
do anything you can think of to be almost as unhappy as living as a Jew under Hitler
or as warrior under Ghengis Kahn, or as a slave under a Christian missionary, or a lesbian in Kuwait.
With cowboys and girls, you have sold yourself to the devil and so it is not quite as bad as under socialism.

3. Mindful self rule

It gets even better.
Here you have a mind and you have not been to a socialist school.
You are still a Buddhist.
So you say to yourself, I own myself, I am not going to own a gun, I am going to join the Bhakti movement and not have bare arms.
This was India outside Tamil Nadu until recently. You do not kill, not even babies.
Because you did not kill, even though you are Buddhist, Lord Vishnu says
I am going to shower wealth on you to corrupt you.

In India, in the old days, when someone gave you a gift with love, you gave them something
of equal value back, otherwise you are a thief.
If given with hate, you do not accept it because then you would need to give something which would not be good.
So, when God gives you a tree or lake to look at, you accept it and you offer to Him something of equal value back.
If God gives you a girl child you accept this gift and give Him $0.00 back, say.
This is her value at the date of conception.
Then because this girl is now the father's property,
he mistreats her etc. and then as a matter of urgency gives her away together with a large dowry, corresponding to her now negative value.
She is now the property of another man, the father of a boy who she may be inflicted on when he grows old to age 14 or so.
She belongs to the father in this Buddhist society.
She has nothing and cannot surrender her body or mind to anyone because she already is owned.
When a woman is raped, she does not get wet.
Similarly, if you poke a knife into her vagina, even though you own her, she does not get wet.
It is different wetnesses that comes out of her,
this evil bitch.
She wanted more than she was given, a true Buddhist.
The Bhakti movement men of India were not overly happy with their women.
They did not get very much pleasure out of them even though they were vegetarian and did not steal.
Nowadays, theft and killing is the norm in India, even Tamil Nadu and we were back to Icici bank times.

4. Mindful Indian Rule

Well you were in the country and not impacted by Buddhists. Tamil Nadu.
After 835 BC when minds were invented.
You were peaceful, accepted your lot, did not want more, did not kill, steal etc.
So He gave you a girl, say, you said 'I will give her love'.
Happy upbringing of a wanted child.
At about age 9 you chose a boy for her, no dowry, he turns out just right for her,
they have 5 years to adjust to each other and fall in love.
When they reach puberty they marry.
She gave him love, he gave her love and she surrendered her all to him.
Many babies, typically 15.
Could have been much more, but when a woman is pregnant she has other things on her mind and in her heart.
So too does her man.
Child birth in a healthy woman is a dream, she is already in love with her baby and when it sucks she gets ecstasy.
You may say, why only 15 babies?
A healthy woman is able to conceive right up to 14 years and 9 months before her death.
Did they lose interest in one another? No, quite the contrary.
They were happy, content with however many babies Lord Vishnu wanted for them.
Both husband and wife went to heaven, they did not need more lives.
They were wealthy families, not many $, but great food, great location, beautiful surroundings, love, whatever they needed it was theirs.
No Buddhist messed with them.

5. Mindless Indian Rule.

You are a female giraffe or a woman, say. You do not say 'I want to love this man'.
You meet a male giraffe, enjoy him for a minute or two, then obey other instructions
from your Indian ruler, maybe to pick grapes for a while,
or walk around doing nothing much, peacefully, not much sleeping because you are healthy,
meet another man, be happy with him, more grapes,..
When you are pregnant, fat, obviously no man wants you but you remain content as ever, obeying Me.
You looked after your children until age 2 when they are old enough to pick grapes themselves.
And the soul of this giraffe or woman gets masses of orgasms,
just as many as a healthy man or woman or fetus can get today.
And this 'wild' woman or lion gets a little moisture in its eyes when it meets its various dates.
It has no property, but is wealthy too.

Under Indian Rule, every woman or man, giraffe, child etc. is owned, it belongs to someone.
It is wanted.
It is loved, it loves and it is happy as is its proprietor.
Indian rule is happening soon to everyone, even babies and cats.

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