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The Important Promises Act of 580 million BC

A little while before marriage (entry into a woman and semen being released)
your two souls make Lord Vishnu two promises.
And that is that they each will make best efforts to love this man or this woman with all their heart
for the rest of time.
And further they will make best efforts to sexually satisfy this man or woman for the duration of their
joint lives.

Their two souls communicate these 2 promises to their respective minds.
In the case of a woman, these promises are to love and pleasure this man, come what may.
If she breaks these promises, it does not mean she cannot love another man or have another
adulterous marriage.
And, of course, this second or 50th marriage carries with it the exact same promises.
What she does is up to her.
In the case of a man, these 2 promises are to make best efforts to love this woman and give her whatever pleasure she wants.
This does not mean he cannot also make best efforts to love/pleasure another woman, maybe also to marry such.
What he does is up to him.
Obviously, if either person hurts the other, for example by breaking their promises
or marrying another woman when eg he has not made best efforts to love etc. the first, they will suffer.

There are no other important promises.
You can send your child to school, it is yours to kill or torture or whatever, for example.

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