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The Important Prices Act 24 October 2017

This is a capitalist world.
Everything except love has a price.
You pay either in your local currency, or in pain. 1 US$ is approx Rs 65.
Here is a list of some important prices.Any other price is available on request.
Hunger. A days supply of milk, eg 3 litres, costs Rs 147.
Chikki, chocolate, Rs 10 per 100 gms.

Thirst. A days supply of water, eg 0.5 litres, costs Rs 2.50
Dirtyness. One shower, eg 1 litre of water costs Rs 5
Rubbish collection.1 litre Rs 5. You are advised to buy this because if you spread disease, it can be very costly for you.
Accomodation. You are permitted private space of 20 sq m plus 7 sq m per family member at zero cost.
Anything extra has infinite cost: i.e. you cannot afford it.
You are also given free access to as much public space as you like.
All Western goods, eg TV, mobile, watch,...You can pick up second hand goods for free, just walking down the street.
New goods, see Cost of living around the World

Health. Health ranges from 0% to 100%. Each additional 1% health you desire costs Rs 170 per hour
Beauty. Beauty ranges from 0% to 100%. Each additional 1% beauty you desire for yourself or from a spouse costs Rs 170 per hour

Labour. Each hour of work is paid at the rate of Rs 30 per hour.
Tranquility. A mind has between 0% and 100% peacefulness. Each additional 1% tranquility costs Rs 250 per hour.
This is a very important commodity because the only access to God is via tranquility.

Pleasure. The amount of pleasure you can receive varies from 0% (no pleasure) to 100% (full pleasure)
such as you will obtain if you are 100% sexy and being pleasured by a stunningly beautiful vegetarian man or woman.
The cost of receiving 1% additional pleasure for 1 hour is Rs 170.

Pain. This runs on a scale from 0% to infinity per hour.
It is easiest to measure pain with concrete examples rather than per 1%.
Thus, to avoid any crucifiction level pain (8 nails),due to you, you need to pay Rs 3700 lakhs per hour,
that is Rs 103,000 per second. It is a high charge, because crucifiction level pain is rather painful.
Another way of conceptualising pain levels is slit throat equivalents.
Having your throat slit is 7 times less painful than being crucified.
The cost of avoiding slit throat equivalent pain is therefore 7 times less, but of course for any wrong doing by you,
the time spent with having your throat slit is 7 times more.Rs 15000 per hour.

Rudeness. Many people like being rude, impolite. Each such act costs them Rs 19.20.
Disagreeableness. Similarly, many people like being disagreeable. Each such act costs them Rs 19.20
Broken promises. Each break costs Rs 19.20, plus of course any financial or other cost to the recipient.
In fact, all acts of rudeness, disagreeableness, giving pain etc. may have attendant
financial or other costs to the recipient, and these are paid for separately.
Crime. Suppose that you wish to hurt a feeling living being, 2 or 4 legged animal, give him disease or poison..
There is no specific cost attached to this. It depends on exactly how much financial loss,
pain, pleasure loss, loss of liberty and tranquility loss you have given it/him.

Loss of liberty. You are compensated at the rate of Rs 25000 per hour that anyone detains you,
plus for any financial, pleasure loss, pain or tranquility loss...

Sex crimes. There are many different crimes and the amount you pay precisely reflects
how much loss the individual suffers.Everybody is different. The prices for the main crimes
are set out in Call Girls and Hard Men: Prices, details

Disease, poisoning. If you wish to avoid such, or if you give someone such, the cost varies
dramatically from individual to individual. It depends on how much loss of tranquility, pleasure,
how much pain, how healthy is the animal or person,..
If you want to know a specific overall price you need to ask.

Waiting time. Suppose you unreasonably keep someone waiting.
The cost to you depends entirely on how much loss he suffers. Pleasure loss,tranquility loss, financial loss...


This is an enormous cost, because it takes quite some effort to make an intelligent man stupid.
Of course there are no intelligent men so the real need for this is when bringing up children.
It is Rs 4.04 lakhs, being the cost of hiring a school teacher for 11 years for 35 weeks each year
and a teaching schedule of 35 hours per week.


For a human, as for example distinct from a four legged rat, intelligence runs on a scale
from zero (eg typical American) to 0.0001 (eg typical former Kerala policeman).
The cost of giving an American maximum possible inteligence is equal to Rs 1,073, 615.


Mostly a woman wants two of these, and as it happens by coincidence, her owner also wants to buy 2 of these.
The cost depends on size. The bigger the size the more expensive.
Hitherto, the world market price is about $5300 for 1 pound of breast. In the future it will be slightly cheaper, but go by size not weight. The reference is D cup: Rs 3.1 lakhs. E cup, for example, is 5/4 times 3.1 lakhs that is 3.9 lakhs rupees (per breast)
Actual tits are much much cheaper. But these do not go by weight, roughly but not exactly by length.
One nipple of length 0.4 cm (0.16") of standard circumference costs Rs 32,500. For example if you want a 4 cm nipple the cost is Rs 321,000.

Tit removal

This is very cheap. To borrow one pair of scissors for 30 minutes costs 0.03 Rupees, plus labour costs of Rs 15, Rs 15.03 total.

A woman (or man) might want firm breasts, or bigger breasts, or recovery of virginity,
youthfulness, or a longer life..She might want to change her date of birth, her ugliness,weight,..
All of these can be arranged, but the actual price depends on circumstances.
These prices can be negative, you can request to be uglier, have disease, or whatever
and be paid cash or less pain..

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