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The Shock Horror and Battle Beginning Act

A. Today I came up with a very very original idea. It is err E idea.

So therefore by definition it is a
*good idea
Do you agree it is a good idea?
I thought so, I cannot see a single hand raised saying it is a bad idea,
because were that to happen I would immediately shoot it off.

B. Anyways besides coming up with a good idea, really it has to be admitted the Only

good idea of My life of poverty, misery etc. I also
*GIVE every LIVING human being on earth AGED
between about -9 months as at 26 Nov 2017 5.30 am INDIAN standard time and
AGED up to 2017 years old (i.e including 'baby' jesus if now living)
as at 26 Nov 2017 5.30 am INDIAN standard time
*5 units of My love.
Well you may think that is very nice to have 5 units of love from Shyam.
Actually it is.

C. But this is the commencement of WW3 (world war 3)

and you may not possibly have figured out some ram-ifications
(implications, the British word is ramification, where a ram whams it into you):
*you now owe Me 5 units of love.
This is India, and in India, it is a CAPITALIST country.
*no charitable giving, no mercy as the frogs (another, better, name for French 'people') would say.

D. And now I came up

(winging it here, ie thinking at the same time as writing, usually a bad idea) a BAD idea:
*instead of returning to Me ie GIVING Me 5 units of your love back, you can:

*if you are male (one with or potentially with penis as at the date of your birth)
GIVE Lord VISHNU 5 units of your love, whilst you are alive,
and it shall be counted as if it has been given to Me, ie we are quits.

*if you are female (ie not male) you can GIVE 5 units of your love at any time whilst you are alive
after the age of REACHING puberty to any male over the age of puberty
except your father or blood brother of your choosing,
except that if at the time of giving the aforesaid 5 units of love it shall not be given to anyone
other than to the man or men whom you are voluntarily naked (vagina can be seen)
within 3 months of the act of giving, and
such act of giving shall be counted as if you had given 5 units of love to Me.

This last sentance is worthy of an English lawyer which luckily for Me I am not
because I do not want 1007563 hours of crucifiction pain.

Let Me try and set it out so that even you, even if you have black hair can understand it:

*1. you now have 5 units of My love.
*2. once you reach puberty you can return 5 units of your love to any male over the age of puberty
*3. other than your father or your brothers (male children of your father) , but
*4. if you voluntarily choose to show your vagina to a man or men then you can only return this 5 units of love to one or any or all of them, unless
*5. unless 3 months has elapsed, or unless
*6. after giving this 5 units of love to a man you voluntarily show your vagina to
one or more other men within 3 months of giving this love.

I hope it is clear, for most female recipients of My love,
you can repay My gift by giving 5% love to whoever you want other than your father,
including of course Me.

Generally this 5% as is natural can only be given to one man, unless 6 applies.
This does not mean you cannot love your father.

But eg if you are a porn star or striptease artist, or call girl or nudist beach visitor,
if you keep your panties on, you can return the 5 units to any adult male of your choice.
If your client or employer or husband requires you to remove your panties, the same applies,
you can basically return love to whoever you want.

But, if you voluntarily remove your panties then the 5 units of My love is still owed to Me
unless you in your heart determine to love one or more of the men whom
you have removed your panties for.

The legal position is set out in 1 to 6 above.
For an adult male, it is simpler,

*1. you can repay My gift to you either by loving Me or My husband.
*2. For Me, such return can be associated in your mind with evil, dirt, sexual thoughts
I do not mind what you do but of course you will not sex Me.
*3. For Lord Vishnu, all dirt,evil, killing, man on man sexual thoughts etc. need to be
entirely eliminated before you can get to love Him,

so you will still owe Me 5 units of love unless you get rid of dirt and evil or go for 2.
The legal postion for a male is set out in 1 to 3 above.

E. What does 5 units of love mean?

*It means that you love your loved one in the amount of 5% of how much you love yourself.

5% is mathematically the same as 1 in 20.
So as an example, suppose you love Mr X 5%.

Roughly speaking if you are given a choice between
*him losing all his fingers and toes, or
*you losing one finger or toe, you will say
*please kindly do me, not him.

F. It is not really too difficult to love a man or a woman more than this is it?

But it is not so easy to do this if you have not seen him or her,
video will not do, nor will contact lenses covering the eyes.

But, if he has as I have given you 5% of My love
then even if you do not meet Me, it is not too difficult to give Me 5% or more of your love,
even without a meeting.

And of course, it is a given that if you give Me more than 5% of your love,
Lord Vishnu or I will certainly give you something back of at least equivalent value to you.
Cash, love, pleasure, fun, whatever is good for you, not necessarily what you think you want.

G. The price of love.

Well elsewhere on this website I said that love does not have a price.

Today, I say to you, when you see such rubbish, ignore it and replace it with the following:

*5 units of your love is worth Rs 210,000, in proper currency this is $ 3200.

H. You owe Me $3200 as of today as at and from 5.30 am IST.

Very very important for you to know this and immediately look for My bank account number.

J. I will give you one or two examples of what this means in practice.

J.1 Suppose rather than give Me love you would prefer to hate Me with 5 UNITS OF HATE.
This is very very acceptable and quite a good idea, except you will then OWE Me $6400.

J.2. Suppose you would like to hate Me 5% and you are a man,
but you do not wish to depart with your hard earned cash,
and also do not want $6400 worth of pain.
Then your ONLY option is to Love My Lord 10%,
with attendant qualifying conditions set out above, eg no hate, dirt, evil etc. in your heart.
Once these have been disposed of you will only owe Me $3200 because you will not wish to
hate Me but naturally keep a wide distance and so to avoid $3200 of pain etc.
you will have to give only 5% love to Lord Vishnu, half the price.
He will be most happy at this gift and may give you something very very valuable,
or of course if you write to Me nicely I will figure out also what to give you.
WW1.5 NOT WW3, for example.

J.3 Or, suppose you are woman and obviously cannot bare the thought of giving love to a man.
For example, you are a lesbian, or a Mumbai girl.

Really, I have to say your best best option unless you are rich is to love Me.
Roughly speaking, I am 5'10, 37 kg, 34C, waist about 22, and hips about 33
(all in British Imperial measurement units ie, feet and inches),
bluish eyes and maybe blonde hair.

J.4 If you are rich and female and beautiful, J3 applies.

J5. If you are rich and female and damned damned beautiful, but not from Hong Kong,
then I am a man and will maybe be very happy to make you richer.

J6.If you are poor and female and hugely beautiful but obviously then not from Mumbai
I am real sorry babe.
I take pity on you only upon special requesting, ie begging on hands and knees because this is commencement of WW3.
Unless you are hugely hugely beaut. eg 30A -40z.

J7. For a woman, your best bet is to find a man, not a woman like Me.

J8. Anyone can, instead of, giving love worth $3200 give ie deposit this sum in My bank account.
Or they can, if I am not repelled by them give Me $3200 worth of pleasure,
if they have such amount on them.
Or, they can suffer $3200 worth of pain.

K. However since I now love you 5% I feel at liberty to offer you some unasked for and possibly unwanted advice.

K.1 *You are highly advised to opt for giving 5% (and of course leading towards infinite per cent)
love, and
*not to go for the other alternatives of theft, cash transfer to My bank account,
giving Me pleasure or accepting pain.

K.2. These alternatives lead to virtually unending agonizing horrible horrible pain for you.
Love is by far and away your best bet.

K.3. Giving love is real real easy.
Be peaceful.
Resolve you want to do it, ask politely to Lord Vishnu that your wish is that and then it will happen.

Ladies. I am going to, as I always am, be truthful with you.
1. I am happy to give My love to anyone, man or woman, in exchange for cash or love.
2. I am happy to give a woman whom I am attracted to pleasure in exchange for her giving Me cash or love.
3. But, I have decided that I am not going to marry any of you, ie I am not going to release
My semen into your vagina.It does not mean we cannot live together, but if you look at
My article 'Definitions', you would not be My wife and I would not be your husband,
although, I could be what I have called your'illicit' husband.You would sure be damned happy with Me.
4. When a woman loves a man, as you would do Me, you only want Him to be happy, you are not
jealous etc. and so, it might be that I would give pleasure to other women, on the exact
same terms as I set out here. You would not mind, you would be happy for Me.
5. It is not possible for you to give Me sexual pleasure, but of course I admire beauty.
6. In terms of prices, for every 1 unit of love you gave Me I would give you 6 hours of pleasure
7. About pleasuring, I would charge Rs 7000 per hour of pleasure I gave you.
But of course we would also fall in love with each other, unless
8. you scratched My eyes out, argued, quarreled, is common with modern Girl.
9. A woman is able to be good, it is possible. It is possible also for her to give up evil.
10. So before a meeting, or even writing you should decide, resolve firmly, ask Lord Vishnu to help you
"come what may, I promise to be good to Shyam, to not be bad to Shyam, and to honour fully
the terms of any agreement we have mutually ageed upon if such exists".
"Dear Lord Vishnu, please kindly help me and ensure that I am good to Shyam,
that I am not bad to Shyam and if I have made any promises help me and ensure that I keep them". 11. I give no commitments, as I do what My Lord says, other than
12. Lord Vishnu says that "from Shyam you will get precisely what you need on your love journey, what is good for you, pleasure or pain or whatever, but He will also honour whatever agreements you both agree upon."

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