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How Receiving Pleasure Can Reduce Pain

A. Western 'marriage'

Aside from in Tamil Nadu, prostitution has been the norm for the last more than 2800 years.
Mostly called Western marriage, the woman provides limited sexual services in exchange
for example stealing 50% of a man's stolen wealth.
Let us examine why proper prostitution, with delivery of actual not just promised sexual activity,
at a reasonable price, not 50% of the value of a home WILL become the norm.
You know, as I have mentioned on this website, these days virtually everybody is EVIL. There are 147 exceptions.
They do not stop being evil until they finally surrender in despair.

B. Termination of evil acts

But I am terminating their evil acts, not minds by the simple device of PAIN.
They are predesposed to do evil, but avoid it only because they dislike pain, not because they are good.
Even pain from exercise is not really desirable pain, one puts up with it because one knows that associated with it is beneficial.
With both these things, evil acts and 'desirable' pain, there is a tradeoff, a price, capitalism applies.

C. How Capitalism works in regard to HORRIBLE HORRIBLE PAIN

Capitalism is needed where evil is.
Let us also consider how capitalism works in regard to the other type of pain,
INCONCEIVABLY HORRIBLE VIRTUALLY EVERLASTING DEVASTATING ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE PAIN ('BAD PAIN') that you the evil reader will be suffering from at the latest one year from now.
And, the secret is that such BAD PAIN can be made partly or fully bearable using two devices:
1. Giving pleasure, eg by a husband to a wife, or by a prostitute to her client. Of course, nowadays no-one will give anything, so I have determined that for every unit or Rs equivalent pleasure you give, you will receive the same amount back, and
2. Buying pleasure, eg by using a prostitute or acquiring a husband if you are rich or in exchange for more pain.
Both methods mean that you end up receiving pleasure.
Now, as you all have experienced, for almost everyone in this world, sexual activity is actually not
very pleasurable for reasons I discuss elsewhere. In fact most people do not do it, they just do IT.
You do IT (these days only eg once in 8 months) because you are an animal, programmed to do IT, and if you have read this website, because
your evil mind tells you that it is good for you.

D. Orgasm destroys your evil mind

But, receiving pleasure has a benefit. The multiple orgasms if properly done to you, blow away your mind and the evil in it, for a short while until you decide to be evil again.It is not possible to do it to yourself, you need a second party, ie nowadays a prostitute.
Actually you receive the pain, this is your due for being evil, but a non existent mind cannot process it and notice that it is painful.
To make your mind 100% non-existent for 1 hour costs Rs 7000, the price of the perfect prostitute.

E. Example of how orgasm reduces or eliminates pain

Let Me give you two examples of how it WILL work:
1. Suppose as is typical you are due 5 minutes of crucifiction level pain per day, that is 35 minutes per week. You may be able to suffer remorse in heaven in place of suffering on earth.
Suppose, for example, that you cannot find a prostitute good enough to remove 100% of your mind,
and only find one who is worth Rs 1000 per hour, that is gives you 14.3% relief (1000/7000*100).
The following table sets out the mathematics.
It assumes as is normal that you have no honestly acquired money to purchase prostitution services:

Pain Calculation: Minutes of pain Cost per hr (Rs 000) Total Cost (Rs 000)

Crucifiction pain due, per week: 35 370000 215833.333333333
Purchase of pleasure: 35 1 0.583333333333333
Additional pain due to you because you have no money: .000095 0.583333333333333
Total pain due to you: 35.000095 215833.916666667
Reduction in pain felt from purchase: 5 30833.3333333333
Total pain felt on earth: 30.000095 185000.583333333
Amount of suffering/remorse when in heaven: 30833.3333333333
Total pain and suffering: 215833.916666667

Perhaps it would be helpful if I summarize:

1. You are due huge amounts of pain.
2. If you are receiving 100% pleasure through orgasm, you will not feel this pain,
but rather suffer remorse in heaven.
3. If as is likely, you cannot find a perfect prostitute or date or wife, you will get not
100% relief from the pain due to youm but say 14% or whatever.
4. In order to receive the pleasure needed, you either need to give it or buy it through additional pain
5. It is more efficient to give pleasure, and so many people will decide to become male or female prostitutes
in addition to getting married or having a girl or boy friend

Of course, everybody will opt for less pain now and more suffering in heaven.
The mathematics works identically if you do private dating or have a wife.
The more expensive the wife or husband you can find, the less pain you have on earth,
but this is offset by more suffering in heaven.
And of course if you find an expensive date or wife or husband, then unless you have money,
you will suffer additional pain. It makes absolutely no difference whether you use a prostitute,
a date or a wife.
If you found a man or woman worth Rs 7000 per hour, then you could achieve 100% reduction in pain, at a cost of a lot of remorse when you reach heaven.

F. Why prostitution is so desirable a profession

Everyone will want to work as a prostitute, if they do not have a partner/girl or boyfriend date,
if they have the fitness to pleasure clients which is not utilized by their spouse or date.
For example, suppose that you are married to someone who requires 2 hours of pleasuring per day.
Suppose that you are able, because of fitness, to give pleasure for 4 hours per day.
Suppose your price is Rs 500 per hour. You can then make up to Rs 1000 per day,
depending on how many clients you can find.
It has a double benefit to you. This is because if you give clients (or a husband or wife or date) pleasure, you will receive pleasure back. And, as discussed in example 1 above,
this means you get BAD PAIN reduction (in this example 7%, being your price of Rs 500 divided by the Rs 7000 for a best person) which every single person in the world wants,
leave aside the cash which is next priority for everyone in this world.

G. Why evil people, eg you, will become vegetarian

So you will see, that there is a huge incentive for evil people to reform, to slim,
to become vegetarian and to exercise..

And because they are evil, they will do these things with motive rather than on account of being good.
And finally, after enough suffering, they will decide to become good.
You will also see from this that everybody will seek the highest price man or woman they can find to marry or date and use. Equally, they will want the highest price prostitute, male or female,
and further they will not just want servicing from the prostitute, wife etc.
but will also want to pleasure them.
And because pain starts no later than 1 year from now, everybody in the world will want well established personal wife/date or prostitute relationships.

H. For a man, from 3 11 2017, there is no downside to marriage.

He no longer needs to look after a woman after marriage if they separate.
I have changed the Twelve Commandments

Neither person in marriage has long term commitments other than sexual.
As long as you are good for each other you can stay together, and there is an incentive for
the man and woman to increase their market value by exercising etc.

And as I discuss on the home page, here,a woman has huge incentive to settle with a man.
This is what she is built for, to service the one man I select for her.
Of course servicing other men is also beneficial for her.
Pleasuring a person is not easy. There is magic in it.
You cannot do it to yourself, it is just pretense.
Similarly, a lesbian or gay man is not able to pleasure a woman or man, the price is zero.
With desire lesbians and gays will become normal, as will perverts and others.
And even perverts, lesbians and gays want pain reduction.
They can never have the sensitivity, delicateness, rhythm, focus or beauty to properly wank a man or woman.
Everyone really wants and needs a Rs 7000 man or woman.
But, it is not a crime to want gloves etc., and they are free to continue if they so wish and suffer
Kidding. That is not the penalty for wanting a glove.
But, it takes time to build desire, slim, get fit, find a suitable sexual partner etc. and My advice to you is:

I do not normally give unasked for advice. The rest of this website is for your information.
Unlike all of you, I hold no secrets and I do not lie.

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