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Pictures for Downloading


To download these files, all you do is click on the link.
They are ".zip" files which means they are files which contain lots of individual files which have been compressed to a smaller size for ease of downloading.
To unzip them, there are many free unzip/zip programs, the one I like best is "7-Zip" and you can visit, then select in the second set of boxes labelled "Download 7-Zip 16.04 (2016-10-04) for Windows:" the 64 bit or 32 bit ".exe." file and download it onto your computer. My article Computer programmes you may need tells you exactly what to do.

Viewing the photos

When you wish to view the photos, once you have downloaded the files, right click on one of the following four files, select from the menu "7-Zip" and then for example,
select from the next menu "Extract to "Breasts - Beautiful\"" and it will then uncompress them and save them into that folder for you to see.
A photo viewer I like is called 'Photos' and is standard with Windows. Right click on the first photo you see, and select from the menu 'Open with'
, go to where it says 'Photos' and click on that.
The picture will open, and on the top left of the screen it will say 'View all photos' and on the top right it says for example, 'Slideshow'.
Select whatever you want.

If you do not have photos viewer on your computer, go to Computer programmes you may need

Four zip files containg pictures you can download

Breasts -

Pictures of women-Sexy

I include in the following file, the pictures
Shyam_Bhujangasana.jpg and Shyam.png, being photos of Me doing two yoga postures.
One year, the Indian government Postal Service held a competition for the best yoga postures, selected Me and My sister, and then put these photos on 4
Indian postage stamps (I was on the 5 Rupee and 2 Rupee stamps).
They look perhaps simple to do, but there is actually not just flexibility involved in this, the best system of yoga ("Iyengar Yoga")
but actually a lot of very precise accurate work involved. I was number two in the world.
Yoga Postures -

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