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Actually, you may be interested to know that today one of Lord Vishnu's pets visited Me.

It was 3.40 am, just before I started to review this article.

I am on the first floor, there is no balcony. The windows were closed.
A cat came through the closed windows, looked at Me for 1 minute and then went back out through
the closed windows.

Me, I love all animals and it does not bother Me at all.
Do you like animals with poisonous claws? Are you able to defend your self against a cat if
there was a shortage of food? Is your cat a potential human being eater?
Have you been feeding it poisined cat food, ie all cat food?
Have you ever had it neutered or vaccinated?
Do you think that your crimes against your cat go unnoticed, that Lord Vishnu will not
Can cats to come back and haunt you?

Five of My Commandments (see Twelve Commandments) refer to pets.
Specifically, I note that a feeling being is any two or four legged living being,
including of course humans but also for example cats and dogs.
I note also that a family includes includes all two or four legged animals
(and their children, grandchildren..) that the family members look after.

This also includes animals with keepers, farmers etc. in zoos and farms.
These are the Commandments relating to two or four legged animals:

1. You shall not give them pain
4. You are allowed to deprive them of their liberty if they would now struggle on their own.
5. You are permitted to have sexual activity with them since they have no objection.
6. You are not permitted to use, for example, drugs, on them if this would cause them pain
(which of course all modern drugs do,
since for example they are typically acid based and such acid pours onto the nerves etc.)
7. You are required to look after them.

The term 'pain' in Commandment 1 includes causing future pain, for example by having cooked
food, or giving them poor quality food.
The phrase 'look after' means ensuring that this family member (farm animal, cat, dog etc.)
is not hungry, thirsty or dirty and that their sexual needs are catered for.

I mention elsewhere on this website that I rule with perfect justice.
If you keep chicken and you do not keep them clean, you will have an
equivalent amount of dirtiness (or pain, hunger etc. as appropriate.)
You need to ensure that if you have cats or dogs, for example, you give them full freedom to
mess with other cats or dogs.

You may be interested to know that Lord Vishnu also has dogs as pets.
You will almost certainly have seen many of His dogs, they live in ALL cities (I define a city as an area with a concentration of people
of in excess of 40,000) across the world and have the following characteristics:

1. They have no human owner, they are 'stray' dogs.
2. Although no human owner, these dogs are loved by Lord Vishnu and are therefore content.
3. They do not eat, at present, there is no food for them in a city.
4. Lord Vishnu commands them not to be hungry, at present.
5. They do not have sex, although they have no objection, but are perfectly contented.
6. They do not wee-wee, nor shit.
7. They do not bark, play etc.
8. They were not born, they just appeared at Lord Vishnu's Command.
9. They are well trained. They will do ANYTHING that Lord Vishnu wishes.
10. They have a purpose, He did NOT create them to do nothing all day as they currently do.

In the world, in these about 7000 cities, there are about 100 million of these dogs.
When Lord Vishnu commands them to be hungry, they are able to bite, and also able to pass on disease (rabies).
When hungry, these dogs bite and are able to bite a significant meal sized chunk every 6 hours or so for 3 meals per day.
In a typical street in the world, there are about 15 such dogs, and on an average street, 600 humans.
The dogs prefer uninfected meat, and so if you do the maths, will have finished their job
in about 2 weeks (600 humans/15 dogs/3 meals per day)
Actually, it will be less than 2 weeks because the population of the cities of the world
is set to decline from the current about 4000 million
to about 2000 million in the course of the next year or so.
Hence the dogs will become hungry again in about 1 week after Lord Vishnu has told them to be hungry.
Once they have finished in their street and city, they will then move to the towns
and to the countryside in search of food.
Because they are obedient dogs, they will do PRECISELY what Lord Vishnu instructs them
and hence they will have no difficulty in speedily finding food.
So after about 2 weeks, these dogs will die a peaceful happy death in their sleep,
their purpose accomplished.

Now, a question arises, what about my own pets, tigers, cats, dogs or whatever.

Suppose they get hungry, and they bite someone.

Do they suffer for this crime, or do I as the owner suffer?

It is NOT a silly question, because a cat, tiger, dog etc. can do a lot of damage to someone who is not well,
perhaps dying of starvation or hunger. Even a hungry cat can do a lot of damage to a fit person.

The answer is of course that these pets if they belong to you are your responsibility.
It is your job to properly train them to not feel hungry or not bite or scratch etc.
You will suffer for any wrong doing by your pet, child, etc.
It so happens that in some countries there are lots of pets but few children, and in some there
are lots of children and not many pets.

And in some countries like China and Kerala,for example, there are not many pets and not many children, because
the parents have murdered their children.

Do you think you suffer more if your child eats someone or if you murder your child?

The fact of the matter is that mostly, the pet or child is not really yours because you

acquired it through dishonest means.

Do you think that stealing someone elses pet or child and then not properly training it to not feel hungry etc.

and it then bites someone who then bleeds to death slowly

warrants more punishment than if it were your own pet?

because this is all the reality of the world today.

By the way, if you own a pet, how many of their babies, fetuses etc. have you murdered?

('Hindus', muslims and Christians) murder only ALL their baby girls, with few escaping with
their lives, and only murder 85% or so of baby boys.

Pets:do no evil, so very bad murdering them.

Boys:not too much evil, so not too bad murdering them.

Girls: do a lot of evil, so good murdering them.

Is this your thinking or do you have other thoughts about how much you would like to be punished?

Now, I love My cats and dogs and cows and horses, to bits.

How many times per day does a cat or a dog, for example, want to make love?

How serious is the offense of putting them on a lead or confining them to 'your' home?
How many babies do My loves wish to have, bring up, love and nurture?

Do they feed them cat food or pizza?
Do they train them and look after them well?
Do they send them away to school to learn mathematics?
Do they instruct them to become accountants so they can be looked after in old age?
Do they teach them by example the art of theft?
Do they instruct them by example that love making is bad?
Do they eat cows, dogs or pigs or chicken, or only animals without feelings?
Are their children miserable as hell?

Or have you murdered them?

Did you know that in the old days, Tiranasaurus Rex dinasaur, one of My pets, whom I love for ever,
only went for humans who did wrong?
and that being ripped apart by a Tiranasaurus Rex is a not too too bad way to go?
and that he never touched any of My four legged pets
but did eat animals without feelings.

Did you know that in the old days, lions and tigers never ever harmed or ate cows, horses, giraffes, etc.? They did not even harm people, good or bad.
They ate beings without feelings.
Do you know the exact names and addresses of all the souls who have made them hungry enough to eat a horse? I do.
Did you know that no horse of Mine does any wrong and will therefore never be ripped open by a lion?

Did you know that the only babies, pigs, chicken, cows, etc, killed or harmed by 'men' or lions are reincarnated bad people?

Do you know the name and address of the soul who 507 million years ago abandoned one of his babies to die
and has not yet been punished? I do.

Did you know that no follower of Mine has ever done anything wrong?

In terms of humans, there are 57 million of them, all with souls now merged into Me and with happy
independent minds forever at peace.
All of these humans were from Tamil Nadu.

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